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Home » IVS Headline Japan/Kyoto Prefecture/Kyoto City held a joint press conference at Nijo Castle/Kountei in prepara tion for “IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO”

IVS Headline Japan/Kyoto Prefecture/Kyoto City held a joint press conference at Nijo Castle/Kountei in prepara tion for “IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO”

[IVS] Headline Japan/Kyoto Prefecture/Kyoto City “IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024
A joint press conference was held at Nijo Castle and Kountei in preparation for the “KYOTO” event.

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Press release: June 26, 2024
Headline Japan・Kyoto Prefecture・Kyoto City “IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024 A joint press conference was held at Nijo Castle and Kountei in preparation for the “KYOTO” event.
*~Announcing the 15 finalists for “IVS2024 LAUNCPAD KYOTO”~* IVS KYOTO Executive Committee (Headline Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City) will be held from Thursday, July 4, 2024.
“IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO” will be held at Kyoto Pulse Plaza for three days on the 6th (Saturday).

For the event, Headline, the IVS KYOTO Executive Committee
Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, and Kyoto City held a joint press conference regarding this event on Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at Nijo Castle Kountei (541 Nijo Castle-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto

From left: Kyoto Prefecture Governor Nishiwaki, Headline Japan Shimakawa, Kyoto City Mayor Matsui

This year’s press conference venue is Kountei, a private venue in Nijo Castle, Kyoto.
*About the background and update of this implementation*
First of all, Toshiaki Shimakawa, Chairman of the IVS KYOTO Executive Committee (Representative Director of Headline Japan), will talk about “IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS
We explained the implementation background and updates of “Crypto 2024 KYOTO”.

『IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024
KYOTO has been held for the 31st time, 18 years since it was first held, and is currently in its third phase.

“Phase 1” started as an invitation-only event for managers only. “Phase 2″, where we expanded the scale of our volunteer system and overseas expansion, and many entrepreneurs and investors were born from volunteer staff; we abolished the invitation system and created a zone where only investors and managers could participate. In addition to this, we defined the “3rd phase” as a new zone to increase the number of people involved in startups and a focus on Web3, crypto, etc.

This year’s theme is “Cross the
Boundaries”. By transcending various boundaries and providing people, goods, and money through content, opportunities, and information, we would like to further expand the startup-related population and increase the mobility of startup personnel. ” he explained.

Regarding IVS’s first Saturday event, he revealed his intentions, saying, “We have received requests from students and working adults who find it difficult to attend on weekdays, so we decided to take on a new challenge by holding the event on a Saturday.”

Furthermore, we have set a goal for this year of “overseas
participation ratio of 40%,” “
In order to achieve a 30% female participation rate, she said that she is expanding content and sessions for people from overseas, creating an environment that makes it easier for women to participate, and preparing many session themes.
* Efforts to achieve the goal of achieving a female participation rate of 30% or more*
We also introduced three specific measures aimed at achieving the goal of achieving a female participation rate of 30% or more.

We are working on “operating a daycare center,” “enhancing content,” and “implementing pre-meetups.”
Regarding “operating a daycare center”, “It has become standard at conferences overseas for families to participate together, but in Japan there is no such culture. This time, we will be collaborating with Josan-she’s to operate a daycare center.”
Regarding “enriching content”, “This time, for the first time, we are preparing a stage dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs called “EmpowerHER LOUNGE”*.
The main topic was how female entrepreneurs are active, and we provided opportunities for networking.”
Finally, she expressed her enthusiasm by saying, “IVS would like to create a place where it is easier for female entrepreneurs to be born and thrive in Japanese startups, based on multifaceted measures.”

*What is EmpowerHER LOUNGE?
A lounge that promotes the formation of a more inclusive startup ecosystem by allowing participants from diverse backgrounds to meet and collaborate. It is aimed not only at female entrepreneurs and business leaders, but also at anyone thinking about DE&I in the startup ecosystem.
EmpowerHER LOUNGE Press Release:

*Comment from Takatoshi Nishiwaki, Governor of Kyoto Prefecture* Next, Governor Nishiwaki spoke about the IVS2024 LAUNCHPAD, which will be held on Friday, July 5th.
Regarding “KYOTO”, “The finalists selected after a rigorous selection process will
This is a pitch contest where you present your company’s product and the passion you have for it in 6 minutes in front of judges selected from investors, managers, and companies to compete for victory. The total number of applications this time was over 300.
Among them, 15 companies that made it through the preliminary screening will be on stage as finalists.”

Regarding the final speakers, “The number of women taking the stage is the highest ever, and three of the 15 companies are overseas companies. In addition, there are companies that have been conducting joint research with Kyoto University, and companies that are proposing new business models in line with the themes that Kyoto is focusing on, such as the environment, life sciences, and film-related fields. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of announcement will be made.

The KYOTO winner will receive the “Startup Kyoto International Award” and a business support fund of 10 million yen as a supplementary prize. We believe that you can use it for a wide range of necessary expenses such as business expansion. aba Co., Ltd., which won the award last year,
The money will be used for new product announcement events, etc., which will help us expand our sales channels.” and “IVS2024 LAUNCHPAD.”
We received comments about our expectations and thoughts on “KYOTO”.

*Comment from Koji Matsui, Mayor of Kyoto City*
* IVS will continue to be in Kyoto. Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City will work as a pair to support the prefecture and city as one * “Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City are working as a pair, working together as one. One symbol is “IVS”.

I feel that Kyoto should be a startup city.
If Tokyo is a traditional establishment base, Kyoto is a city that creates new things.
It is a city where young people and students make up more than 10% of the population. It is Kyoto’s tradition to create businesses that represent Japan or even globally in this location. We would like to accelerate this further. In Kyoto, Governor Nishiwaki and I, as well as the young staff at the prefectural and Kyoto city halls, are all working together to bring together the prefecture and the city with such enthusiasm that we can work together to provide support. “Cross the
As per the theme of “Boundaries,” we want to create new business opportunities by transcending boundaries and interacting with a wide variety of people in the city of Kyoto, as well as startup personnel from all over Japan and around the world. We think.
Kyoto is a city of culture, but rather than a closed-off culture, we hope that the three days will be an opportunity for new fusion and creation, and that the city of Kyoto will be dyed in the color of startups. Furthermore, I sincerely hope that the wave of startups will spread throughout the country.
We will continue to do our best to continue to set the stage in Kyoto as much as possible, including providing even more unique Kyoto-like locations.
I would like to work together with city officials, the governor, and prefectural staff to make this event a success.”

* We expect to hold over 250 side events this year. I want you to fully enjoy Kyoto, which is steeped in startups. *
Mayor Matsui spoke about the “side events” that participants hold independently in various locations inside and outside of Kyoto during and before the IVS period.
“Side events were popular last year, and we have many side events planned for this year as well. Last year, as many as 150 side events were held, and they were well-received as they allowed for very close communication in an atmosphere that was a little different from the main event. This year, we have received more than 200 applications so far, and we anticipate that ultimately more than 250 side events will be held.”

First of all, we were introduced to two official networking parties, “IVS START BAR” and “IVS HOUSE.”

“IVS START BAR” will be located in Rissei Hiroba and will function as a side event information center and a social space. “IVS
HOUSE” will hold a special networking party where all the speakers can interact with each other.

Other events include “PASSION JACK KYOTO” and “Entertainment CVC Casual Meetup in
KYOTO” and “Keihanna Tour” were introduced to us.

Led by student entrepreneurs and student organizations in Kyoto, pitch contests, workshops, projection mapping, etc. were held at Kyoto City Hall.

* Entertainment CVC casual meetup in KYOTO *
We invited CVC department representatives from Japan’s leading entertainment companies to Campus Plaza Kyoto to hold talk sessions and exchange events.

*Tour from Keihanna*
Keihanna’s first startup technology tour was held as an exchange event exclusively for entrepreneurs, researchers, and tourism promoters.
“We would like everyone to participate in the various side events and fully enjoy Kyoto, which is full of startups during the IVS period,” and “We will continue to hold IVS in Kyoto in the future.” We are now secretly consulting with Governor Nishiwaki so that we can offer even more different events and different locations next year. We hope you enjoyed IVS, which is different from last year, and we will continue to work hard to attract you next year,” he said, drawing laughter and expressing his enthusiasm for next year’s event.

* The 15 finalists for “IVS2024 LAUNCPAD KYOTO” who won out of over 300 applicants have finally been announced! *
At this press conference, “IVS2024 LAUNCPAD
KYOTO” 15 final speakers were also announced. The 15 final speakers selected from over 300 companies will be on 1F NEXT on Friday, July 5, 2024.
A passionate pitch will be held on the main stage of CITY.
* “IVS2024 LAUNCHPAD KYOTO” finalists*
*Honorific titles omitted, company names in alphabetical order

esa Co., Ltd. Shuko Kurokawa
AI VOLT Co., Ltd. War God Mirai
emole Co., Ltd. Naomichi Sawamura
Elevatefoods Mazing Lee
komham Co., Ltd. Suno Nishiyama
Solafune Co., Ltd. Ren Ueji
DMKTZ Jac Hsieh
Valtec John Keh
Family Tech Co., Ltd. Kiichi Nakamura
BoostDraft Co., Ltd. Yohei Fujii
Penetrator Co., Ltd. Takeo Akutsu
Yuimedi Co., Ltd. Emiri Grimes
Landit Co., Ltd. Kenta Fujibayashi
Remedies Co., Ltd. Maki Higashi

* “IVS2024 LAUNCHPAD KYOTO” final speaker announcement release: * **

* “IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO” joint press conference summary * [Date and time] June 26, 2024 (Wednesday) 13:10-13:40sa
[Venue] Nijo Castle, Kountei (541 Nijo Castle-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8301)
[Sponsor] IVS KYOTO Executive Committee (Headline Japan/Kyoto Prefecture/Kyoto City)
・IVS KYOTO Executive Committee Chairman (Headline Japan Representative Director) Toshiaki Shimakawa
・Kyoto Prefecture Governor Takatoshi Nishiwaki
・Kyoto City Mayor Koji Matsui

* “IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS CRYPTO 2024 KYOTO” event overview *
From July 4th to 6th, 2024, IVS2024 KYOTO will be held in Kyoto, where tradition and innovation combine.
IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO will be held simultaneously.
KYOTO is a conference aimed at entrepreneurs, investors,
entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers, and anyone interested in startups and open innovation. For business owners and investors seeking financing and business growth opportunities, as well as those interested in new business ideas, we provide a valuable opportunity to build a new future.
IVS Crypto 2024
KYOTO is a conference specializing in crypto and blockchain. Pioneers in the field take a deep dive into the evolution of the digital economy and the potential of Web3. Both conferences will be held at the same location, and attendees are free to attend either event. Name: IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO
Sponsored by: IVS KYOTO Executive Committee (Headline Japan/Kyoto Prefecture/Kyoto City)
Date and time: July 4th (Thursday) to July 6th (Saturday), 2024 Venue: Kyoto Pulse Plaza, etc.

*About the IVS KYOTO Executive Committee*
To hold IVS in Kyoto, Headline Co., Ltd. aims to further develop the startup ecosystem and further promote local industry.
Japan was established together with Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City. We will promote the integration of startups with companies,
universities, research institutes, cultural resources, etc.
concentrated in Kyoto, leading to the creation of new industries and the production of world-class startup companies.

-Constituent organizations-
Headline Japan・IVC, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City

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