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Heiwado Co., Ltd. Heiwado Heiwado’s special brand E-WA! New product! “E-WA! Premium Black Coffee”

Heiwado Co., Ltd.
[Heiwado] Heiwado’s special brand E-WA! New product! “E-WA! Premium Black Coffee”
~Coffee for coffee lovers with richness and bitterness~
Heiwado Co., Ltd. (Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, President and CEO: Masatsugu Hiramatsu) will release “E-WA! Premium Black Coffee” as a new product of Heiwado’s specialty brand E-WA! on Wednesday, June 26th. ) and is sold at all 159 Heiwado/Ale stores.
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] “E-WA! Premium Black Coffee” uses Heiwado’s own carefully selected high-quality beans to create a rich and bitter coffee for coffee lovers. In addition, no fragrances are used, and the original scent of the ingredients is packed tightly into the bottle.
Please try “E-WA! Premium Black Coffee”, which can be enjoyed in various situations such as at home or on the go.
[Image 2:×547.png ]
【Product Summary】
■Product name: E-WA! Premium black coffee
■Contents: 390g
■Sales price: Base price 98 yen (reference tax included price 106 yen) *Sales prices may change depending on flyers, promotions, area, period, etc. ■Sales date: Wednesday, June 26, 2024
■Stores available: Heiwado Group 159 stores
・Heiwado 157 stores in total
     ・Ale 2 stores in total
*The number of stores is the number of stores as of Thursday, June 27, 2024. *It may not be available depending on the store. Thank you for your understanding.
※The photograph is an image. Product design may differ from actual specifications.
[Image 3:×119.png ]
[Heiwado brand E-WA!]
Brand site
Since April 2014, we have been developing E-WA!, focusing on processed foods and daily delivery items, and our customers have recognized us as the Heiwado brand. Aiming to further strengthen our brand power, we have renewed Heiwado’s most recommended and carefully selected products to the E-WA! brand, and from June 25, 2021, we will introduce new fresh foods as “New E-WA!” in the same year. We started selling clothing and lifestyle items on August 28th.
・Key phrase: Giving form to a lifestyle you are particular about. ・Main Message: This is a Heiwado brand that responds to customers’ requests for “I wish I had a product like this!”
We support our customers’ lives with carefully selected products from all over the world and products we have developed ourselves!
[Image 4:×211.jpg] [Notes regarding this release]
– All contents listed are based on information at the time of release. ・The perspectives, illustrations, photographs, logos, signs, maps, etc. used are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual ones.
・Please note that the content and schedule may change without notice due to circumstances.
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