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Direct sales shop at Fukuoka Airport “Export challenge service by farmers”

Fukuoka Sonoriku Co., Ltd.
Direct sales shop at Fukuoka Airport “Export challenge service by farmers” For three months from July to September, a portion of the “Wafood” sales floor on the 4th floor of the departure lobby will be provided free of charge to one farmer every day.
We will begin recruiting up to 90 farmers who wish to test sell to foreign tourists on June 27th (Thursday), in order of application. Fukuoka Sonorik Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tosu City, Saga Prefecture, Representative: Hisatoshi Sonoda) will open a part of the “Premium Farmers’ Direct Sales Shop, Wafood Airport” sales floor that will open in the international departure lobby of Fukuoka Airport on Monday, July 1st. We started recruiting participants on June 27th (Thursday) for the “Export Challenge Service,” which will be released free of charge to local farmers and support Kyushu farmers to participate in exports and increase their income.
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Although there are many world-class farmers in Japan, there are few contacts with overseas countries, and only a few percent of the farmers participate in exports. The reason for not participating is simple: “It’s not profitable.”
The concept of “Wafood Airport” is to set up a farmers’ direct sales store at an airport where there are many foreigners, cut out the middlemen, and let the farmers decide the price and sell.
Due to limited space, this service will only start with one farmer per day and 90 people for three months, but we are confident that by taking the first step, we will be able to turn exports into something profitable and exciting. doing.
5 fruits eligible for export challenge:
Grapes, melons, cherry tomatoes, peaches, mandarin oranges
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Mr. Iwashita Muscat
Note: Participating in the export challenge, 3 conditions
・Be interested in exporting overseas.
・We can provide one day’s worth of products free of charge.
・Be able to participate in test sales.
Three values ​​provided by Wafood Airport
・You can directly hear foreign travelers’ evaluations of products. ・You can figure out what country you can sell to and at what price. – Understand the next steps you should take to earn money through exports. Fukuoka Sonorik will support farmers’ participation in exports and increase their income by deploying “Wafood Airport” to airports across the country. Going forward, we will continue to develop hospitality staff and establish unmanned sales that allow sales early in the morning and at night, contributing to the national goal of 5 trillion yen in exports of agricultural, forestry, and fishery products by 2030.
We aim to build infrastructure, which is the first step for Kyushu farmers to continue winning on the world stage for the next 100 years. If you are a farmer who would like to participate in the service, please contact us through Wafood Airport’s official Facebook and Instagram. facebook
We are also looking forward to inquiries from media personnel who would like to introduce this service announcement and the “grape gift limited to 10 people a day” campaign, which will be held for 10 days from July 1st, from the sales floor.
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What is Wafood? “Wafood” is a food brand that aims to share “Japanese quality” such as Japanese ingredients, climate, natural features, technology, and diverse varieties with the world. With the brand theme of “unexpected encounters/encounters,” we aim to provide new worldviews and experiences through food.
What is Wafood Airport? Under the theme of “Feel Fresh Magic,” we provide fruit to foreign travelers with a “magical aroma and freshness from the fields,” while building a profitable and exciting stage at the airport where farmers play the leading role. I’ll go.
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