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Immerse Japan Co., Ltd. Announcement of general sale of new type of nail clipper “Silky Clipper”

immerse japan Co., Ltd.
Announcement of general sale of new sensation nail clipper “Silky Clipper” ……
Immerse Japan Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have officially launched the new product “Silky Clipper” on Amazon. Furthermore, we will begin recruiting new business partners for “Silky Clipper” through general distribution.
[Image 1:×900.png ]
[Smooth like silk] A new type of silky clipper that cuts as softly as after taking a bath.
Silky Clipper’s innovative design and outstanding functionality allow you to perform nail care that is difficult to do with regular nail clippers. The biggest feature is that you can cut nails quickly without scattering them, preventing burrs from forming.
[Image 2:×1094.png ]
Why “Silky Clipper”?
It was developed to solve problems that cannot be solved with regular nail clippers, such as thick nails that are difficult to cut, double nails, and burrs. This allows for comfortable nail care.
[Image 3:×3088.jpg] [Just like after a bath] Cuts quickly and leaves no burrs
The sharp blade gives a sharp, mirror-like finish to the cross section with just one push. You can cut it quickly with a soft feel that feels like you just got out of a bath.
[Image 4:] The exquisite blade width allows you to easily change the angle along the curve of the nail and shape the nail into a round shape.
[Image 5:×1440.jpg] Furthermore, by using a special nail file to create a smooth cross-section, you can prevent double nails.
[Image 6:×1571.png ]
[Sharp blade] Can cut thick nails with little force
Boasting high hardness and strength, it can cut thick nails with less force as long as the gap between the blade edges is less than 5mm.
[Image 7:×1679.jpg] In addition, the width is designed to be 13mm to match the average nail width, and the clearance is 5mm, making it difficult to nail deeply.
[Image 8:] The grip is made of PP material that is easy to grip and non-slip. It is safe to use.
[Image 9:×1025.jpg] [No cover required] Sleeve design that remains inside without flying away The sharp blade cuts nails like dirt, and even without a cover, the cut nails remain inside the body and are specially designed to prevent them from scattering. Stress-free nail care is possible. The blade is 5mm wide so it doesn’t open too much, so it won’t get pinched unnecessarily.
[Image 10:×2700.jpg]
[Image 11: ]
[High hardness and strength] Made of high quality 420J2 stainless steel Made of high-quality 420J2 stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and has a high carbon content, which is also used in medical equipment. It retains its sharpness for a long time. If it gets dirty, you can wash it with water and it is very easy to maintain.
[Image 12:×1644.png ]
In addition, a blackening treatment is applied to the base material surface to prevent rust.
[Image 13:×2700.jpg] [High durability] Offset processing that prevents the blade from colliding Offset machining that shifts the upper and lower blades by 0.02 mm, which do not make them two-sided blades, prevents damage to the cutting blade and maintains high durability.
[Image 14:×1885.png ]
Comes with a compact dedicated case! It’s easy to carry, so you can use it while traveling or on the go.
[Image 15:×2133.jpg] Silky Clipper is recommended for the following people
・Those who cannot cut their nails properly with the nail clipper they use. ・Those whose nails are thick and difficult to cut
・Those who often have double nails
・Those who find it troublesome to file
・Those who often get caught in burrs
【Product Summary】
Product name: Silky Clipper
List price: 2,480 yen (tax included)
Weight: 26g
Material: SUS420J2/PP
Accessories: Main unit, nail file, special case
Contact: immerse japan Co., Ltd. Phone: 03-6821-1954 Email: Website: Sales page: /product/B0D297RF1W
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