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Home » High-skilled auto mechanics from South Asia will solve Japan’s serious mechanic shortage

High-skilled auto mechanics from South Asia will solve Japan’s serious mechanic shortage

High-skilled auto mechanics from South Asia will solve Japan’s serious mechanic shortage

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Press release: June 27, 2024
High-skilled auto mechanics from South Asia will solve Japan’s serious mechanic shortage
*Producing 1,000-odd South Asian mechanics who will provide advanced technology and reliability to the Japanese automobile industry* *Forth Valley Concierge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yohei Shibasaki, hereafter
Fourth Valley) collaborates with government-related organizations in South Asia and specialized institutions that train automobile mechanics to produce 1,000 foreign personnel who can immediately work in the automobile maintenance field. Through this initiative, we will contribute to resolving the serious shortage of mechanic personnel in the Japanese automobile industry. *

* Background to the shortage of auto mechanics *
The shortage of auto mechanics is becoming increasingly serious in Japan, and this is a common issue in all fields, including commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, and taxis. According to a survey (*1) by the Japan Automobile Mechanics Promotion Association (hereinafter referred to as JASPA), the number of mechanics has been on the decline from 2017 to 2020, and the industry as a whole is facing serious manpower shortages. We are facing a shortage. In addition, the average age of maintenance personnel is 46.7 years old as of 2020, an increase of 0.3 years from the previous year, and the aging process is progressing. *1 JASPA “Summary of the results of a survey on the actual state of automobile maintenance industry” (2024.06.26)

*Where do high-skilled auto mechanics come from?*
Up until now, Force Valley has developed and produced human resources with specific skills who can immediately work in the restaurant and accommodation fields in collaboration with local government-related organizations in Nepal and India, as well as educational institutions such as universities (*2). . Through the partnerships we have cultivated over the years with government agencies and educational institutions such as universities in South Asia, we have secured and produced approximately 1,000 ready-to-work human resources
specializing in automobile maintenance.
*2 Reference press release
Established [Fourth Valley Academy (restaurant/accommodation)] in Nepal

* Securing human resources with highly specialized skills and knowledge in automobile maintenance*
All of the human resources that Forth Valley secures are bachelor’s degree holders and have professional degrees specializing in automobile maintenance. The candidate is expected to have specialized knowledge in a variety of fields, including engine systems, electrical systems, transmissions, brake systems, and suspensions, and
demonstrate excellent ability in both theory and practice. In addition, many of these people hold the Indian auto mechanic certification, which certifies the same skill set as the Japanese auto mechanic certification.

* Cooperation with Indian national institutions and implementation of Japanese language classes *
Forth Valley is a partnership between India’s Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) and
National Skill Development Corporation of India
(National Skill Development Corporation, hereinafter referred to as We partner with NSDC*3) to secure excellent human resources. Furthermore, in partnership with NSDC, we will provide Japanese language classes before entering Japan, allowing for a smoother adjustment to the field. This makes it possible to provide human resources who can immediately work in the Japanese automobile industry.
*3 Reference press release
First in Japan: Business partnership with NSDC International (Subsidiary of National Skill Development Corporation of India) Fourth Valley Concierge Co., Ltd.
“Connect” is a cross-border recruitment and retention support business for high-skilled human resources that connects human resources and companies around the world.
Developed under the brand name “Job”. A total of approximately 460,000 human resources from 186 countries and regions are registered in our in-house developed database, and approximately 400 people, including major Japanese global companies and IT companies, as well as regional and small and medium-sized enterprises, are registered.
We have a track record of doing business with companies. From 2021 onwards, the online matching platform for specific skills “Connect Job WORKERS” and “Fourth Valley,” which provides on-site Japanese language education and job training to overseas personnel and introduces them to companies.
We are expanding our human resources support services in a wide range of areas, such as by expanding our Academy. We also receive business contracts from ministries and local governments, including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Okinawa Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, and Nagano Prefecture. We welcome talented people from countries with employment shortages to Japan, where there is a serious shortage of human resources, and use the power of business to contribute to solving social problems around the world.
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