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Home » “Ninja DAO” will be exhibited at “XANA SUMMIT 2024”, a cutting-edge tech x entertainment festival!

“Ninja DAO” will be exhibited at “XANA SUMMIT 2024”, a cutting-edge tech x entertainment festival!

“Ninja DAO” will be exhibited at “XANA SUMMIT 2024”, a cutting-edge tech x entertainment festival!

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Press release: June 27, 2024
“Ninja DAO” will be exhibited at “XANA SUMMIT 2024”, a cutting-edge tech x entertainment festival!
*Web3.0, AI, and entertainment festival held in Metaverse*
Ninja DAO × XANA SUMMIT 2024
AIxWeb3.0 Metaverse’s XANA (CEO: XANARIO) is a next-generation festival where cutting-edge projects, companies, DAOs, celebrities, artists, creators, and communities gather for two weeks on the Metaverse.
We announced that “Ninja DAO” will be exhibited at “SUMMIT 2024”. Ikehaya’s comment
Ninja DAO and XANA have a long relationship and have shared each other’s early days.
We are confident that XANA SUMMIT will be a meaningful move for XANA. As Ninja DAO, we will do our best to support you!
About Ninja DAO
Ninja DAO is a community for creators and fans of the next-generation character brand “Crypto Ninja”, which is free for commercial use. A large amount of content has been created, including TV animation, games, illustrations, events, etc., and is enjoyed by many members every day.

* Official X: *
XANA SUMMIT 2024 Event Overview
*Official website*
Sponsored by XANA
Meeting place XANA Metaverse
Period Scheduled for mid-September 2024
Through this media and SNS, we will announce participating projects, companies, celebrities, creators, and communities from time to time.

*Official SNS:*
XANA official website:
X (Global):
X (Japanese):

2024 is an event that uses entertainment as a hook to convey to as many people as possible the cutting-edge technologies that will shape the future of humanity, such as Web3.0, AI, Metaverse, and space. Leading DAOs and companies from various fields, centered on the digital native generation, will co-create unique pavilions on the Metaverse.

In addition, a festival venue will be prepared to provide an unprecedented experience, and the event will be an unprecedented event for tens of thousands of people, with the highest level of
entertainment everywhere.

This event will feature a wide variety of content, including booth exhibitions on Metaverse, talk sessions, panel discussions,
presentations, and festivals.

In addition to speakers from around the world sharing the latest knowledge and topics, there will also be performances and shows by artists, and many exhibiting companies are expected to participate. Booths will be set up for companies and creators to display their latest products and services, and interactive experiences on the Metaverse will also be provided.

A matching area for participants to connect with each other and exhibitors and participants, as well as a dedicated space for direct business negotiations, will be prepared, creating new business opportunities and opportunities for interaction.

A variety of participation methods are available so that people from all walks of life can have the best experience, and the festival, created by each participant, will provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience of excitement and excitement.
* Currently recruiting exhibitors for XANA SUMMIT 2024 *
XANA SUMMIT is currently recruiting “*exhibiting companies*”, “*speakers*”, and “*pre-registration*”.

* We are looking for companies to exhibit at the Metaverse venue * If you are a company interested in this event, please contact us using the form below.
Exhibitor application form:

*Looking for speakers*
If you are interested in speaking at this event, please contact us using the form below.
Speaker application form:

*If you are considering participating, please register in advance. * If you are considering participating in this event, please apply using the form below.
Pre-participation registration form: *What is XANA*
* Providing everyone with “another me” and “another place to belong”* XANA is the No. 1 Web 3.0 metaverse in Japan and No. 3 in the world that utilizes AI. Anyone can easily create avatars, spaces, and games, and buy and sell assets, providing another world where you can become who you want to be and realize your dreams. There are already over 100 implementation examples in various sectors such as listed companies, local governments, and educational institutions.

*Main implementation examples and achievements*
・Metaverse the Koto Heartful Museum in Koto Ward, Tokyo for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics
・XANA adopted as Web3.0 class at China’s art university “Central Art Academy International Academy”
・Created a virtual human for the Milan Fashion Week “Unicorn Fashion Award” ・Tottori Prefecture establishes Metaverse Division with XANA and officially hires AI avatar staff
・J&J Business Creation, a joint venture between JTB and JCB, acquires the land of XANA and develops the Metaverse
・Three Fuji Sankei Group companies acquire XANA land and develop Metaverse ・Developed Metaverse by turning Fuji TV’s popular program “Fugitive” into an NFT game on XANA
・Noritake Kinashi acquires land on the XANA Metaverse and holds an art exhibition
・Simultaneous development of Metaverse Avatar T-shirts such as Calbee and Sumo and real sales at AEON nationwide
・Metaverse development with martial arts entertainment “BreakingDown” ・Turn ULTRAMAN into Metaverse NFT and Web3.0 game (20000 NFT completed in 10 seconds)
・Astro Boy Metaverse NFT and Web3.0 game (25,000 NFTs available for advance reservation)
– 600 million yen worth of land sold in XANA Metaverse sold out in just a few hours
・XANA’s own public blockchain “XANA Chain” has been introduced to three major exchanges in the world
~Many others~
Entrepreneur and entertainment producer.
Born in Nara Prefecture, Japan. After living in Los Angeles, Beijing, and Indonesia, he currently resides in Dubai.
After signing an artist contract with Avex and working on famous songs such as Initial D and TRF, he started his own business.
After producing fashion shows at XJAPAN Tokyo Dome and Taiwan Stadium, as well as shows at NY Fashion Week, he formed a DJ group with members from Japan, South Korea, and China.
They provide songs for Chinese TV programs, movies, etc., and go on a world tour to over 200 cities around the world. They also perform at large festivals such as Summer Sonic Shanghai.
Inspired by his encounter with blockchain and virtual reality, he incorporated the group and developed XANA.
The company will be listed on five of the world’s major exchanges in 2022. He currently leads an organization with over 120 employees in 7 locations around the world. Trilingual in Japanese, Chinese and English.
3rd place at CES2024 Web3.0 Pitch Competition, ICC Startup Catapult 2023, Tokyo Dome EnXross, ICC Catapult Grand Prix 2024, Tokyo Venture Company Championship 2024 finalist.
* Official LINE where you can get the latest information on XANA Click here to add friends ↓ *
*Click here to download the XANA Metaverse app↓*
Android WEB
X (old Twitter)
*About NOBORDER.z*
A next-generation entertainment technology company with a vision of “a world without borders” and operating in five countries around the world, centered on New York and Dubai. The company operates businesses that combine entertainment and technology, such as Metaverse and NFT platforms based on blockchain technology.
Address Office 414, Building 4, Emaar Business Park, Dubai, UAE Business content Development and service management of blockchain technology, VR, XR, AI, NFT
Representative Rio Takeshi Kubo
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Representative X account
Representative VOICY
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