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Home » The long-awaited body soap has been released! Double care for odor and skin troubles, with two active ingredients that wash away all your troubles and leave you with clear skin.

The long-awaited body soap has been released! Double care for odor and skin troubles, with two active ingredients that wash away all your troubles and leave you with clear skin.

Global Style Japan Co., Ltd.
The long-awaited body soap has been released! Double care for odor and skin troubles, with two active ingredients that wash away all your troubles and leave you with clear skin.
Released on July 1, 2024. A medicated premium body soap that washes away skin concerns with a rich scent.
Global Style Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hyogo Prefecture), which develops cosmetics, will release “TESARAN Medicinal Premium Body Soap” from TESARAN, a brand that solves people’s “worries”, on July 1, 2024. Masu.
[Image 1:×670.jpg] The long-awaited body soap is now available!
The long-awaited body soap is now available from Tesaran, which has been helping people with various physical problems!
“Tesaran Medicated Premium Body Soap” is the first in-bath item in the Tesaran series.
The existing Tesaran series has been focused on local concerns, but we focused on the fact that many people, regardless of gender or age, have physical concerns such as back acne and sweat odor and body odor. , we have released a body soap to help you with all your body problems.
The Tesaran series provides items that solve the problems of sweaty hands, sweaty faces, and sweaty armpits, and has received a lot of support. The latest addition to the Tesaran series is a body soap that contains active ingredients that not only “wash away dirt” but also address two of the most common body care concerns: “odor” and “back acne.” This body soap washes away both your body’s fatigue from a hard day’s work as well as your other worries.
High-quality solutions for skin concerns
[Image 2:×670.jpg] [Release your worries and get clear skin]
Tesaran body soap that addresses skin problems caused by sweat odor and sebum. By incorporating it into your daily bath time, you can feel the Tesaran series’ mission of “solving all the troubles caused by sweat” more daily.
■W active ingredient combination
A double approach with antibacterial action*2 that suppresses odor and anti-inflammatory action*3 that relieves skin problems.
A super excellent body soap that solves two problems in one. ■Weakly acidic, same as bare skin
“4.5≦pH≦6.5” on the bottle label means weak acidity.
As it is slightly acidic like bare skin, it is gentle on sensitive skin and allergic skin, minimizing irritation*4. It can be safely used by both adults and children, so we recommend sharing it with your family.
■Relaxing herbal floral scent
A calming herbal floral scent that combines gorgeous lavender and rose with bergamot and kabosu for a herbal feel. In addition to being easy to clean, it also has a refreshing scent. A refreshing finish that calms your mind.
[Top notes] Bergamot, Kabosu
[Middle notes] Geranium, lavender
[Last notes] Rosewood, patchouli
■Contains ingredients that address your concerns
In addition to active ingredients, it also contains tea extract (moisturizing ingredient), which is expected to have
anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and deodorizing effects, and persimmon tannin (moisturizing ingredient), which is expected to suppress body odor and sweat odor.
Contains excellent ingredients to address your concerns, including natural moisturizing ingredients* that prevent skin problems caused by dryness.
■Seven additive-free products that are gentle on your skin
・Paraben free
・Silicone free
・Mineral oil free
・Sulfate free
・Ethanol free
・Menthol free
・Tar pigment
—Recommended for those who have these problems—
◎Odor concerns◎
“I’m concerned about the smell of sweat…”
“My feet stink no matter the season…”
“I want to take care of the odor of my armpits and sensitive areas.” “I’ve reached the age where I’m concerned about the odor of aging.” ◎Skin concerns◎
“My back acne won’t go away…”
“My skin keeps getting rough…”
“I’m concerned about sebum stains…”
“The body soap stings and itches.”
“Redness and pigmentation are noticeable”
Do you think that solving the many problems that coexist requires many items and costs money?
With Tesaran’s body soap, you can solve all your body problems with just one bottle. Just incorporate it into your daily bath time and your skin will become noticeably clearer.
・Direct approach to skin troubles with double active ingredients
[Image 3:×670.jpg] [W active ingredients for attack and defense]
In order to thoroughly solve your body’s problems from the root, it contains serious “W active ingredients” that can only be achieved as a quasi-drug.
It has an aggressive antibacterial effect that acts on the causative bacteria, and a protective anti-inflammatory effect that suppresses the source of the problem. Tesaran’s special formula that takes care of odor and skin problems with just one body soap.
◎Antibacterial action◎
isopropyl methylphenol
Antibacterial ingredients that can keep your skin cleaner by using it daily. Prevents skin problems such as acne and eczema by acting on bacteria that cause skin problems. Furthermore, it sterilizes odor-causing bacteria before they interact with sweat and produce odors, preventing the source of odors.
◎Inflammation alleviation effect◎
Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate
Anti-inflammatory ingredients that can alleviate skin problems in daily body care. This ingredient can be used with confidence even by those with sensitive or dry skin. It has the effect of alleviating skin inflammation, so it reduces skin problems such as redness, itching, and acne. Recommended for caring for delicate areas and elbows and knees that are prone to darkening due to dryness. \Do you know? /
Actually, the causative bacteria of “acne on the face” and “acne on the back” are different!
Have you ever experienced that the same cream or face wash you use for acne on your face doesn’t go away when you use it on your back? The majority of acne on the face is caused by P. acnes, but the main cause of back acne is Malassezia. Skin problems caused by different bacteria have different prevention and care methods. It is important to treat back acne based on the cause, so it is not possible to prevent and care for back acne using the same care methods as for facial acne.
The key to this is the “isopropyl methylphenol” contained in Tesaran Body Soap. This ingredient has antibacterial effects against a wide range of bacteria, so it acts not only on acne bacteria but also on Malassezia bacteria. It is also suitable for treating back acne as it targets the cause of back acne, which is often thought to be difficult to cure.
Product Details
[Image 4:×2560.jpg] ■Tesaran Medicated Premium Body Soap
Price: 3,996 yen (excluding tax)
Contents: 500mL

Sales information
【release date】
July 1, 2024: Rakuten Market, Amazon, and other EC malls
\Limited time until June 30th/
Now accepting advance reservations on Rakuten Market!
1,000 yen off for advance reservations only! We are also running a 20% point back campaign.
About Tesaran
[Image 5:×670.jpg] A lifestyle brand whose brand mission is “to solve all the problems caused by Japanese sweat.”
We offer products that help with various physical concerns such as hand sweat prevention cream, armpit sweat, facial sweat, and more. [Inquiries regarding products]
Email address:
Phone number: 06-6423-8114
[TESARAN official website]

*Sebum stains
*3 Glycyrrhizic acid 2K
*4 This does not mean that inflammation does not occur in everyone. Please read the precautions carefully before use.
*Yuzu ceramide, soybean extract, rice bran extract, Hypericum perforatum extract, chamomilla extract, linden extract, calendula extract, cornflower extract, Roman chamomile extract, royal jelly extract, squalane (all moisturizing ingredients)
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