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Kai-katsu Frontier Co., Ltd. Aiming to become a key place for Toki consumption

Kaikatsu Frontier Co., Ltd.
Aiming to become a key place for Toki consumption
Kaikatsu CLUB’s new concept store (KEY PLACE) opens July 11th Kaikatsu CLUB Shibuya Center Street store
KAIKATSU CLUB, a sharing space operated by KAIKATSU FRONTIER Co., Ltd. (President: Fumiaki Takeshima), will open a Shibuya Center Street store on July 11th of this year with the concept of “KEY PLACE for free time.” As the company aims to grow its business by expanding its customer base, this store will be the first to open in Shibuya Ward, and at the same time it will be a new project that captures the “change from consumption of things and experiences to consumption of special events.”
Our company plans to open approximately 60 stores with this concept over the next three years, mainly in downtown urban areas.
Aiming to create new value that responds to consumption
Up until now, our company has been providing services primarily to people who want to spend their leisure time leisurely each day, but in creating new value to expand our customer base, we have focused on “free time.” Gap time, defined as a short period of free time between schedules or a small amount of free time to work on small tasks, is due to various factors such as the spread of online tools, the evolution of technology, and changes in lifestyles due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, we are seeing changes in how we use and spend our time. This change can also be seen in our stores located in downtown areas, where businessmen are increasingly using their private rooms with locks to ensure privacy during their spare time during the day.
Based on these backgrounds, we conducted research on places to spend free time, and as a result, we set a benchmark for cafes that are used by a wide range of customers regardless of gender and age, and decided on the logo, interior and exterior design, and facilities. has been revamped. We aim to be a store that contributes to increasing the value of Toki consumption by serving as a key place (way point) for preparing for the next schedule, refreshing your mind, and switching over during the gap between schedules. I shall go.
*Reference material 1: In-house survey regarding slack time
New value provided by KEY PLACE
According to our own research, the criteria for selecting a cafe, which is a typical facility used during free time, is that in addition to the direct requirements of taste and price of food and drinks, customers are also looking for a place where they can spend a quiet time and stay for a long time. I understand the importance of added value. I also realized that there was a certain level of
dissatisfaction with not being able to achieve that added value. In response, our company has the advantage of not only being able to use a completely private room with a lock to ensure privacy and a lounge with a sense of freedom equipped with comics and magazines on an hourly basis, but also being open 24 hours a day and not being subject to time constraints. We see this as something that can create new demand.
We aim to become a key place for a rich lifestyle by enriching free time. *Reference material 2: In-house survey on the actual usage of cafes Enrich your “RE” time with KEY PLACE
The new usage scenarios envisioned for the store are as follows. ・RE:LAX A time away from the hustle and bustle of the city where you can relax your mind and body by taking a break while drinking coffee. ・RE:FRESH A moment after work to immerse yourself in something you like and regain your energy.
RE:SET A time to improve results by sorting out previous business negotiations and preparing for the next one.
RE:SKILLING A moment to use your free time for learning that leads to self-growth.
In addition to these, we will create various usage scenes as a key place for Toki consumption.
[Image 1:×2247.jpg] Kaikkatsu Club Shibuya Center Street store exterior
[Image 2:×2250.jpg] Private room area aisle
[Image 3:×1627.jpg] Inside the ROOM (completely private room with lock)
[Image 4:×1524.jpg] Inside CAFE LOUNGE
[Image 5:×1798.jpg] Self-checkout
Origin of the KEY PLACE logo
KEY PLACE, which was born from Kaikkatsu Club whose main area is enriching leisure time, has the mission of enriching free time and creating new value in toki consumption. The dot ● at the bottom left of KEY PLACE represents the total amount of free time in a day and the expandability of the richness that can be expanded by utilizing it.
[Image 6:×602.jpg] Kaikatsu CLUB Shibuya Center Street store
Address: 24-10 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Yokota Building, 2nd to 4th floors
Business hours: Open 24 hours
Facilities: ROOM (completely private room with lock) 45 seats / CAFE LOUNGE 24 seats
   FREE Wi-Fi, charging, drink bar, shower, comics/magazines, printer (multifunction device), etc.
Special site:
*Reference Material 1 Survey on gap time
-Survey overview-
Survey date: June 20, 2024
Survey target: Men and women aged 15 and over (nationwide)
Number of people surveyed: 1,000 men and women (total 2,000), 5% trimmed average of 1,778 excluding invalid responses
Research method: Internet research
Q: How much free time do you have per day on weekdays?
[Image 7:×399.png ]
The current average free time per day on weekdays is 143.7 minutes. This is a decrease of 26.3 minutes compared to the coronavirus pandemic, when people spent a lot of time at home due to movement restrictions, but the average, excluding free time at home, is 70.3 minutes, which is an increase compared to the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, the free time between Tokyo and three prefectures is 79 minutes, which is higher than the national average. The expansion of free time away from home, especially in urban areas, is seen as a positive element for KEY PLACE.
*Reference material 2: Survey on actual usage of cafes
-Survey overview-
Survey date: June 20, 2024
Survey target: Men and women aged 15 and over (nationwide)
Number of people surveyed: 1,000 men and women (2,000 total) Research method: Internet research
[Image 8:×997.png ]
[Image 9:×997.png ]
[Image 10:×997.png ]
[Image 11:×707.png ]
[Image 12:×900.png ]

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