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Air Closet Co., Ltd. New characters and summer bound coordination are now available in the Disney item fashion rental “Disney FASHION CLOSET”!

[Air Closet Co., Ltd.] Fashion rental of Disney items “Disney FASHION CLOSET” has new characters and summer bound coordination!

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Press release: June 27, 2024
New characters and summer bound coordination are now available in the Disney item fashion rental “Disney FASHION CLOSET”!
*Line up of summer bound outfits designed by Winnie the Pooh, Rapunzel, Anna & Elsa, and Mickey & Friends*
“Disney” is a fashion rental service for Disney items operated by Air Closet Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Satoshi Amanuma).
CLOSET (Disney Fashion Closet) has started offering summer bound outfits designed by Winnie the Pooh, Rapunzel, Anna & Elsa, and Mickey & Friends.
This service is operated under a license agreement with Walt Disney Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo). The theme of the fashion we handle is not cosplay or costumes, but “bound
coordination,” which is coordination that incorporates a character’s character into casual clothes.
* ■You can also enjoy summer bound coordination! Popular Disney character designs are appearing one after another*
Since October 2023, “CLOSET” has been handling bound coordination designed by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, and Ariel. This time, in addition to new characters designed by Winnie the Pooh, Rapunzel, Anna & Elsa, we have added a summer bound outfit designed by Mickey & Friends. As a result, you can not only enjoy a wide range of character designs, but also enjoy going out in bound outfits in all seasons.
This lineup is a collection of special limited items that express the worldview of each character, and can be worn at Disney-related events or everyday outings, and all items are completely original. We will continue to expand the lineup by adding new characters.

* -Details of each bound coordination-*
-Winnie the Pooh- A dress and cardigan coordination that expresses the cute silhouette of Winnie the Pooh. Can be buttoned closed, open in the front, or worn over the shoulder. This is a versatile outfit that can be worn in multiple ways! The dress has a high switching position and the cardigan has a short length, so it will perfectly enhance your style.
-Rapunzel (Summer Bound Coordination) – A coloring coordination that is typical of Rapunzel, with a generous lace skirt and a clean top. These are original designed clothes with great attention to detail, including the knitting and cutting.
-Anna (Summer Bound Coordination)-A coordination featuring an original checkered skirt inspired by Anna’s colors. The trademark cape is finished in a sheer, summery style, and the light style is perfect for future outings!
-Elsa (Summer Bound Coordination) – A mature I-line dress style coordination with a deep slit. Pair it with a sheer cami blouse inspired by Elsa’s cloak and an inner layer made of sparkling material inspired by snowflakes for an even more stylish look!
-Mickey Mouse (Summer Bound Coordination) – Coordination that boldly incorporates Mickey Mouse’s coloring. Create a trendy summer style by combining a short-sleeved shirt with bold lantern sleeves and oversized pants with suspenders. There is also a Minnie Mouse design and matching embroidery on the cuffs!
-Minnie Mouse (Summer Bound Coordination) – A catchy outfit with Minnie Mouse’s trademark red polka dot skirt. The body of the top is made of material with a textured surface, adding a trendy feel! In addition to the ribbon on the cuffs, there is embroidery that matches the Mickey Mouse design. Adding volume to the skirt makes it even more cute!
-Donald Duck (Summer Bound Coordination) – Create a refreshing coordination that expresses Donald Duck’s cute silhouette with trendy parachute pants! A top with a voluminous sleeve shirt docked on a marine-like knit vest creates a summer style.
– Daisy Duck (Summer Bound Coordination) – Coordination that expresses the cute silhouette of Daisy Duck with a balloon skirt. A gorgeous top with large frills. This style that shows off your healthy skin is perfect for summer outings! The skirt has a lace-up back design to make it even cuter!

* ▼List of available lineup*

* ■Enjoy special outings “easily and sustainably” by renting “Bound Coordination”*
CLOSET’ is available for rental as a coordination set, so even those who are busy and don’t have time to look for it can easily enjoy a special outing with bound coordination. What’s more, since you can simply return your rental clothes after using them, you won’t have to throw away your clothes because you no longer wear them after use, so you can enjoy them in a sustainable manner without any waste. * Key points of “Disney FASHION CLOSET” *
1. You can rent for as long as you like (from 2 nights and 3 days to 7 nights and 8 days)
2. You can receive it by specifying the date and time according to your schedule.
3. When going out in a group, you can order up to 4 outfits at once. 4. Orders of 2 or more coordinates will be delivered together. 5. When you finish using it, you can easily return it from a convenience store using the QR code, no need to wash it.

Air Closet Co., Ltd.
We are the operating company of airCloset, Japan’s first and largest monthly fashion rental service specializing in everyday wear for women. Through “Personal Styling,” where our stylists choose clothes that suit you, we offer women all over the country the experience of discovering new fashion. In addition, by leveraging our proprietary circulation platform, we have opened airCloset, a
manufacturer-approved monthly rental mall where you can try out products before purchasing.
We operate multiple services such as “Mall”.
Air Closet delivers “encounters with sustainable, exciting and good things” centered on sharing and recycling of things.
-Air closet service-
Monthly fashion rental service “airCloset”: Manufacturer-approved monthly rental mall “airCloset Mall”:
Fashion rental of Disney items “Disney FASHION CLOSET”:
-Company Profile-
Company name: airCloset, Inc.
Established: July 15, 2014
Representative: Satoshi Amanuma, President and CEO
Officers: Yusuke Maekawa, Executive Vice President / Shoichi Kotani, Director Outside Director Kentaro Sakakibara / Outside Director Masanori Tsukimori / Outside Director Tomoyuki Takeichi
Location: KD Minami Aoyama Building 5F, 3-1-31 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

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