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Home » Nile will be on stage at “AI Conference” sponsored by NTT Data | Held online on July 12th (Friday) 11:15-15:00

Nile will be on stage at “AI Conference” sponsored by NTT Data | Held online on July 12th (Friday) 11:15-15:00

Nile Co., Ltd.
Nile will be on stage at “AI Conference” sponsored by NTT Data | Held online on July 12th (Friday) 11:15-15:00
Nile Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hito Takahashi), which develops DX & marketing business, will be on stage at the “AI Conference” sponsored by NTT Data Corporation, to be held on Friday, July 12th. Masu.
In addition, seven companies, including Persol Innovation Co., Ltd., SIGNATE Co., Ltd., Human Resocia Co., Ltd., LegalOn Technologies Co., Ltd., and ExaWizards Co., Ltd., will be on stage and will share the “real world” that will lead to business reform at their companies from the actual state of using generative AI. To do.
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time schedule
11:15- Opening
11:25- ExaWizards Co., Ltd.: Make the use of generative AI a regular part of your organization! Explanation of multiple advanced case studies from large companies
12:00- Nile Co., Ltd.: Steps and basic technology to fully utilize generative AI in business
12:25- LegalOn Technologies Co., Ltd.: Impact of generative AI on back office operations
13:00- Human Resocia Co., Ltd.: Human Resocia has seen it. Current status of generative AI utilization ~ Back office edition ~
13:25- NTT Data Corporation
14:00- SIGNATE Co., Ltd.: “Four axes” of human resources strategy to realize with AI
14:25- Persol Innovation Co., Ltd.: Securing IT human resources and organizational reform realized through reskilling and reassignment (tentative)
14:50- Information
Conference overview
Title: Work Shift for Resilience How can companies face generative AI? Date and time: July 12, 2024 (Friday) 11:15-15:00
Location: Online (webEX)
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Participation fee: Free
Sponsor: NTT Data Corporation
Supporting companies: Nile Co., Ltd., Persol Innovation Co., Ltd., SIGNATE Co., Ltd., Human Resocia Co., Ltd., LegalOn Technologies Co., Ltd., ExaWizards Co., Ltd.
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Speaker profile
Hidetaka Kakinouchi | Persol Innovation Co., Ltd.
Representative of Reskilling Camp Company
As a business development manager for learning-related businesses at Persol Innovation, he planned and launched the reskilling support service “Reskilling Camp” for corporations. He himself experienced reskilling in the process of working as a sales manager for a recruitment business, starting an open innovation promotion
department, planning and promoting DX projects, and being responsible for new business development. Author of “Reskilling creates the strongest team”
Takuma Itoga | SIGNATE Co., Ltd. (
EaaS Business Group VP
As a new graduate, I got a job in the planning department of a comprehensive human resources services company. Engaged in creative and new business planning and development for 5 years. Joined SIGNATE shortly after its launch in May 2017. Responsible for all operations other than coding, including sales, planning, marketing, and administrative department operations. While mainly responsible for sales of “SIGNATE Cloud”, he also manages 15 team members.
Kanade Azuma|Human Resocia Co., Ltd. (
DX Business Solution Sales Department
Joined Human Resocia Co., Ltd. in 2019. After working in the human resources department for about 4 years in a human resources service sales position, transferred to the DX department. Currently in charge of proposing SaaS products such as generative AI and supporting their introduction and utilization.
Susumu Yoshida | LegalOn Technologies Co., Ltd. ( Executive Officer/Head of Lead & SDR
Graduated from Meiji Gakuin University, Faculty of Economics. Joined the company in November 2022 after working in inside sales and marketing management at Persol Group, Lux, etc. Current position from April 2024.
Ikoma Oue | Managing Director, ExaWizards, Inc. ( Also Representative Director of Exa Enterprise AI Co., Ltd.
Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering. Completed Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering (urban planning, AI/data science). In 2013, joined Boston Consulting Group. Joined ExaWizards in 2018 after working on numerous projects such as business growth strategy, planning reform, DX promotion, and new business launches. Since April 2019, he has been responsible for hundreds of AI introductions and DX realizations annually as executive officer in charge of AI business. Appointed as Managing Director in June 2023. Visiting associate professor at the University of Hyogo. His books include “AI Strategy in the Web3 Era” and “Next Generation AI Strategy 2025: 20 Rapidly Changing Fields, 128 Transformation Scenarios” Shotaro Ishihara | Nile Co., Ltd.
DX&Marketing Division DX&AI Business Promotion Division
At a consulting company whose main area is organizational development, he engaged in solution sales focused on organizational culture transformation, new business field development, and operational reform. After that, he joined Nile Corporation. Currently in charge of launching a generative AI consulting service, he provides support for the introduction of generative AI, consulting, and related seminars at various companies.
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