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Reichi Co., Ltd. A “watery feeling” that makes you want to touch it! INTO U now releases a new type of wat er-retaining juicy pumping gloss

Reichi Co., Ltd.
The “watery feeling” that makes you want to touch it! INTO U now releases a new type of water-retaining juicy pumping gloss
“DOROLIP/Mud Lip” = Reichi Co., Ltd., which plans and sells the popular cosmetic brand “INTO U” from China, which has sold over 42 million units of super matte lip and cheek mud worldwide.
Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Akane Yang) will be releasing the latest lip gloss “Juicy Pumping Gloss” (available in 5 colors) on Friday, July 5th, which creates an attractive pout with a fresh shine and outstanding moisturizing power. ) will be on sale in advance at Loft Plaza *1. *2
*1 Excluding some stores.
*2 The release date is the manufacturer’s shipping date, and the purchase date varies depending on each store.
[Official website:]
[Image 1:×279.png ]
[Image 2:×1333.jpg] From the moment you put it on your lips! The moisture and shine of water The “Water in Oil” formula allows you to reproduce both water-like transparency and deep color, achieving the ideal “lurpness”! We have created an excellent water-retaining lip gloss that gives your lips a moist luster and fresh cuteness at the same time. The moisturizing color blends easily into your lips, hiding lip wrinkles and creating a shiny, fresh-looking mouth with just one swipe. It has a texture that makes you want to touch it.
[Image 3:×667.jpg] High moisturizing density and moisturizing effect for about 8 hours! Gloss, luster, transparency, freshness… Underlying all the points that women will enjoy, it also has a particularly high moisturizing effect. Although it has a rich honey-like texture, it is not sticky, and when you apply it on your lips, it instantly transforms into smooth, plump, and water-retaining lips. The fresh, shiny feeling and moisture last for a long time, and the moisturizing effect lasts for about 8 hours (*).
*Tested by a third-party institution. The shape resembles water surrounded by oil, so the moment it touches your skin, it feels thick and rich. After that, when water penetrates, high moisturizing properties occur. Contains purslane extract as a moisturizing ingredient.
5 sophisticated color variations to suit any occasion
We researched the saturation of colors to achieve high transparency. Available in 5 sophisticated colors, from fresh bright colors to subdued nuanced colors that blend well with your skin, and can be used in a variety of ways, no matter your fashion mood. You can control the color development by changing the number of coats, creating a sheer finish that maintains its transparency no matter how many coats you apply. You can put it on your lips as is, or layer it over your usual lip color to enjoy its unique color and texture.
[Image 4:×308.png ]
juicy pumping gloss
Contents 3g/ Sales price ¥1,400+tax
[Image 5:×307.png ]
juicy pumping gloss
Contents 3g/ Sales price ¥1,400+tax
[Image 6:×306.png ]
juicy pumping gloss
Contents 3g/ Sales price ¥1,400+tax
[Image 7:×305.png ]
juicy pumping gloss
Contents 3g/ Sales price ¥1,400+tax
[Image 8:×304.png ]
juicy pumping gloss
Contents 3g/ Sales price ¥1,400+tax
○The angled soft tip brush makes it easy to paint even the corners of the mouth and the finer details of the contours!
Special advance sale at Shibuya Scramble Square
Juicy Pumping Gloss is currently on special pre-sale at the “INTO U Pop-up Store” being held at Shibuya Scramble Square from June 24th to July 3rd. Various events and benefits will be available during the period. Please see the official website for details.
[Image 9:×1500.jpg] Company Profile
[Image 10:×667.jpg] Trade name: Reichi Co., Ltd.
Representative: Akane Yang
Address: Polar Kudan 4-3-4 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: May 2021
Capital: 9 million yen
Business details: Planning, development, and sales of
cosmetics/operation management of web advertising.
■Contact information for inquiries from customers regarding this product Reichi Co., Ltd.
TEL: 03-6910-5739
Official website:
Instagram: @intou_new_official_jp
X: @intou_official  ★See QR code for Instagram and LINE
[Image 11:×464.png ]

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