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Human Human Academy – Subscription type training course for corporations – One-stop management of training progress and subsidy applications

[Human] Human Academy – Subscription type training course for corporations – One-stop management of training progress and subsidy applications

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Press release: June 28, 2024
Human Academy Subscription-type training course for corporations One-stop management of training progress and subsidy applications *New features added to Human Academy assist*
“For corporations” provided by Human Academy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kenji Imahori,
hereinafter “the Company”), which develops the education business. For the “Subscription-type Training Course,” we have added a new function to the learning management system “Human Academy Assist” developed by our company that supports applications for human resource development support grants. This new feature makes it possible to automatically create the training report required when applying for subsidy payments online, significantly reducing the effort required to apply.

* [Key points of this case] *
● Added subsidy application support function to “Subscription-type training course for corporations”
●Automatically create a training report for the human resources development support subsidy “Business development, etc. reskilling support course”
●Since the course history of each student is automatically created, the time and effort required for application is greatly reduced. * [Summary of the matter] *
“For corporations
“Subscription-type training course” provides 200 courses and more than 1,200 videos mainly on IT/DX skills training through e-learning, and is eligible for the human resources development support subsidy “Business development reskilling support course”. It has become. Companies that take advantage of this course will be able to improve the skills of their employees and make effective use of their subsidies.

While this course allows students to proceed with their studies freely, it has been difficult to track course progress and manage history. With this new feature, administrators can now check the attendance history, and at the same time it is automatically reflected in the training report, so you can use it as an official training report just by signing the downloaded version. Is possible. This saves company administrators effort and time and allows them to apply for grants more efficiently.

Confirming training progress, reducing costs, and simplifying application procedures play a major role in promoting reskilling in companies. We will continue to strive to further improve our services in order to support the growth of companies and the skill improvement of employees.

* [Service overview] *
■Subscription-type e-learning training service
Products eligible for human resources development support subsidies

・Number of courses available: 200 courses
・Number of videos that can be viewed: Approximately 1,200 videos ・Number of confirmation test questions: Approximately 500 questions ■Fields you can study
PC basics/Data analysis/AI/Machine
learning/Management/Marketing/Programming/System development/Web/video production/Office
* 【the next deployment】 *

In the future, we will increase the number of courses that allow deeper study in new fields and existing fields in response to changes in DX trends from the current 200 course lineup. First, we plan to offer courses in new fields such as “Design Thinking,” “UX,” and “Product Management,” and then we will work to further increase content in fields that are becoming increasingly important, such as data science.

* ■About Human Academy *
Established in 1985 as an “Edutainment Company” that makes learning fun. Since its founding in 2007, it has organized over 800 courses in line with changes in the times and society. We support STEAM education, reskilling, and relearning at all life stages, from preschool children to middle and high school students, university students, working adults, and seniors.

Furthermore, we are promoting our unique “Human Academy GIGA School Concept” and developing the learning support platform “assist.” SELFing support counselors and instructors will provide learning support such as progress management and consultation tailored to individual learning objectives and goals. We will always incorporate cutting-edge educational methods and technology, pursue the joy of learning, and provide the highest standard of educational services.

* ■About Human Group *
The Human Group operates a wide range of businesses including human resources, nursing care, childcare, beauty, sports, and IT, with education as its core. Since our founding in 1985, we have adopted the management philosophy of “Iseijin,” and through our unique business model that leverages the strengths of each business and maximizes synergies through collaboration, we have established more than 330 locations in Japan. We provide high-quality services to our customers through a network of 6 companies in 5 countries overseas.

Human Holdings is a sponsoring partner of the Japan Reskilling Consortium. ●Human Holdings website

Company Profile
Human Academy Co., Ltd.
●Representative: Representative Director Kenji Imahori
●Location: 1st floor, Nishi-Shinjuku Prime Square, 7-5-25
Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
●Capital: 10 million yen
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