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You can use it now! Online study room “Tomogaku” has started a 1-day free trial service!

[You can use it now! ] Online study room “Tomogaku” has started a 1-day free trial service!

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Press release: June 28, 2024
[You can use it now! ] Online study room “Tomogaku” has started a 1-day free trial service!
*Online study room “Tomogaku” 1-day free trial service started* In April of this year, Shingakusha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City/President: Yamamoto
“Online study room “Tomogaku”, which started its service at Nobuo), will now start a “1-day free trial service”. With this one-day free trial, you don’t need to register, and you can try “Tomogaku” right away!

“Tomogaku” is an online study room for elementary school students that recreates the learning environment of a cram school or library at home. By “learning together” with peers from all over the country, we will motivate your child and make it a daily learning habit.

* ■“Tomogaku” evolves with customer feedback *

The online study room “Tomogaku” has evolved its services along with customer feedback. Since launching the service in April of this year, we have implemented more than 10 service improvements and various plans to help customers make home learning a habit.

We also conducted a survey of over 500 people who do not use Tomogaku. As a result, we found that more than half of the people were interested in Togaku, and more than 1/3 of them were looking forward to using the “features that allow them to easily experience it for one day.” Specifically, they said, “I want a feature that allows me to try it whenever I want, rather than a 7-day free trial after registering.” In order to respond to customer feedback, we are now starting a new one-day free trial service. The one-day free trial does not require any troublesome registration, and you can start using it by entering only a few pieces of information displayed in the study room.

* ■What is the 1-day free trial for struggling *
With the newly launched 1-day free trial, you can feel free to try out the atmosphere and service content of “Online Study Room “Tomogaku” directly at any time.

-1-day free trial process-
1.Register your email address
2. Study room experience
3. Review of today’s learning
4. Receiving review emails
-Experience in the study room-

The 1-day free trial starts with a fun opening video by the Tomogaku Support Team, just like the regular “Tomogaku” program, and allows you to experience the atmosphere of learning with friends from all over the country. In the study room, the cat Tomo-nyan, a popular character from Tomogaku, will also be there to support your learning.

After that, after 15 minutes of learning, the struggling cheer squad appears again and everyone praises each other for today’s hard work. The “Matane Stamp” that everyone sends to each other before leaving is a very popular feature in the actual service.

In “Reflecting on today’s learning,” you can experience “Ganbari Photo,” which is also popular in the actual service. Choose from over 10 different frames to capture today’s hard work in a photo. The photos you took will be sent to you via email, so you can keep them as a memento of your day. Please take this opportunity to experience the world of the online study room “Tomogaku” with your child and parent.

[Online study room “Tomogaku”]
■Official website:
■Target: Elementary school students
■Monthly membership fee: 500 yen (tax included)

[1 day free trial service]
■1-day free trial website:
■Trial application:

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