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Toyokumo Co., Ltd. Toyokumo receives “Customer Voice Leaders 2024”

[Toyokumo Co., Ltd.] Toyokumo receives “Customer Voice Leaders 2024”
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Press release: June 28, 2024
Toyokumo receives “Customer Voice Leaders 2024”
TOYOKUMO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and President: Yuji Yamamoto, hereinafter referred to as “Toyokumo”, is a “Customer” selected by IT Cloud Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Genta Kurono, hereinafter referred to as “IT Cloud”). We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Voice Leaders 2024 (Content Utilization Category).
At TOYOKUMO, we reflect user feedback in our products and services. We strive to provide products and services that support our users’ businesses by leveraging not only the opinions we receive through customer support, but also the reviews and word of mouth we receive on “ITreview.”
* ⚫︎Reason for award (from IT Cloud)*
The LINE linkage feature, which was mentioned as a desired feature in the reviews and word of mouth for “Safety Confirmation Service 2”, has been “implemented to reflect customer feedback” and “customer feedback has been posted” on the product site. This award will be given in the “Content Utilization Category” because of the advanced content utilization.

▶︎Safety confirmation service 2 review page
⚫︎What is Safety Confirmation Service 2?
Toyokumo’s “Safety Confirmation Service 2” is a safety confirmation system for corporations that is used by more than 3,600 companies (as of May 2024).
We place emphasis on the early recovery of business after a disaster, which is the foundation of a company’s survival and the livelihood of its employees, and is equipped not only with a function to confirm the safety of a company, but also with a bulletin board and message function to provide instructions on countermeasures and share information. .

Product website:
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* ⚫︎What are Customer Voice Leaders?*
“Customer Voice
“Leaders” is an initiative by ITCloud, which operates Japan’s largest IT product/SaaS review site “ITreview,” to widely share with the world the companies that listen to customer feedback and accelerate business together with customers, and their initiatives.

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* [About Toyokumo Co., Ltd.] *
TOYOKUMO is a company that provides cloud services for businesses. We provide a safety confirmation service, a cloud service linked to Cybozu’s kintone, and a group scheduler that makes it easy to adjust schedules.
On September 24, 2020, TOYOKUMO was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market (currently the TSE Growth Market).
Company Profile
Trade name: Toyokumo, Inc.
Representative: Yuji Yamamoto
Established: August 2010
URL: **
Facebook: **

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“Everyone’s BCP”, a media that helps you understand disaster prevention, BCP, and risk management: **
“kintoneapp BLOG” is a media where you can learn how to use kintone conveniently: **

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