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Home » The science x mystery novel “Kasouken no Fortress” by Keiya Iwai, a Naoki Prize nominee and notable author, will be released on June 28th!

The science x mystery novel “Kasouken no Fortress” by Keiya Iwai, a Naoki Prize nominee and notable author, will be released on June 28th!

The science x mystery novel “Kasouken no Fortress” by Keiya Iwai, a Naoki Prize nominee and notable author, will be released on June 28th! Recommended by Miyuki Miyabe! “A new hero has appeared in the world of professional detectives.”
KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will release the latest novel “Kasouken no Fortress” by Keiya Iwai, the author who is attracting attention as a candidate for the 171st Naoki Prize for “I am Kumagusu” (Bungei Shunju), in 2024. It was released on Friday, June 28th.
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This work is a prequel to “The Last Appraiser” (published in July 2022 by KADOKAWA), which was also a candidate for the 76th Japan Mystery Writers Association Award in the feature and short story collection categories. A short mystery that explores the past of Makoto Domon, a solitary expert witness, who was active as a young ace in the forensic science research lab. Domon, who is always calm like a robot, shows for the first time the anguish and conflict he has in uncovering the truth, and it is a work that will move your heart until the last sentence. Please pay attention!
About the latest novel “Kasouken no Fortress”
Even if God abandons him, science will not betray him.
Makoto Domon is famous within the police force for his forensic skills and wide-ranging knowledge, which is said to be the top of the forensic science lab, and for his unbelievable lack of friendliness. Domon, who is known as the “last stronghold of forensic research” and is extremely passionate about investigating causes of death, does not overlook the slightest discomfort when it comes to evidence left on a corpse. No matter how cruel the truth is hidden there, Domon will always pursue the truth.
◆Bibliographic information
Title of work: Fortress of Kasouken
Author name: Keiya Iwai
Release: Friday, June 28, 2024 *E-book delivered on the same day List price: 1980 yen (1800 yen + tax)
Number of pages: 272 pages
Format: 46 paperback
Binding: Kanae Sakazume
ISBN: 9784041150313
From: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.
Work information page: [From the editor]
Among the works of Keiya Iwai, who is very prolific, this work is a collection of mystery short stories with plenty of entertainment elements!
When Domon stops a case that is about to be treated as an accident or suicide by asking, “Don’t you think it’s strange?”, you are immediately drawn into the world of the story, and your heart is filled with the heartbreaking truth that is revealed from trivial evidence. became……. The moment when Domon’s honest words, which do not lie, save the hearts of those involved in a case that is difficult to understand, is a heart-stopping read!
Author introduction: Keiya Iwai
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Born in 1987. Born in Osaka. He made his debut in 2018 by winning the 9th Wild Age Frontier Literary Award for “Proof of Eternity.” His books include “Summer Shadow,” “Prison Doctor,” “Bunshin,” “The Last Appraiser,” “Perfect Silver,” “Water Dance,” and “A Dog of Paradise,” as well as “I am Kumagusu,” which was nominated for the 171st Naoki Prize. , and the “Yokohama Neighbors” series.
Previously published introduction “The Last Appraiser”
[Image 3:×2199.jpg] Science x mystery!
“Science doesn’t lie. It’s always humans who lie.”
Makoto Domon is known as the “last expert witness,” and as the ace of the crime lab, he is said to have said, “If he can’t appraise evidence, no one else can.” After a certain incident, Domon quits the crime lab and opens a private appraisal office. Although he is an eccentric person who hates waste and doesn’t talk about unnecessary things, he uses his outstanding ability to solve mysterious cases brought to him using the power of science. The case file of the lone expert witness, Makoto Domon.
◆Recorded works
Traces left behind / Fool’s flame / Ask the dead / Weathered night ・Traces left behind
Two types of DNA tests are brought in that investigated the suspect in the murder case. One showed that the suspect was the culprit, the other revealed that he was not the culprit.
・Fool’s Flame
A fire breaks out in the house where seven Vietnamese people working as technical interns at a garment factory live. The culprit was one of the residents, and he reported the incident himself immediately after the fire broke out. What is his motive for maintaining complete silence?
・Ask the dead
Skeletal remains are found in a car pulled from the sea. At the request of the police, Domon makes progress in the stalled
investigation and involves the National Police Research Institute in order to obtain more clues, but…
・Weathered night
Domon is uncharacteristically shaken when his deceased daughter’s belongings are appraised. His daughter, Haruka, is a former detective who retired from the police force after “a certain incident” that Domon was involved with during his time at the Criminal Investigation Center.
◆Bibliographic information
Title: The Last Appraiser
Author name: Keiya Iwai
Release: Friday, July 29, 2022 *E-book now available
List price: 1,700 yen + tax
Number of pages: 280 pages
Format: Paperback, paperback
Cover art: Ski slope
Binding: Kanae Sakazume
ISBN: 9784041111673
From: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.
First published: “Novel Wild Age” December 2020 issue (“Traces left behind”), “Novel Wild Age” April 2021 issue (“Fool’s Flame”), others are newly written.
Work information page: [Trial reading available on e-book store BOOK☆WALKER] More details about this release: