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Home » yui is #MARATAN at home | Appointed as official Maratan ambassador (public relations officer) @OUCHIDE_MARATAN

yui is #MARATAN at home | Appointed as official Maratan ambassador (public relations officer) @OUCHIDE_MARATAN

Nexstar Co., Ltd.
yui is #MARATAN at home | Appointed as official Maratan ambassador (public relations officer) @OUCHIDE_MARATAN
[delicious & beauty komachi] Together with our official brand ambassadors, we will deliver the charm of “Mala Tan at Home”, which “delivers health and beauty” to all over the country.
A group company of Nexstar Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President and CEO: Yukio Hosoda), which conducts SNS marketing business, Ouchide Malatan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, “Maratan at Home”
(, a D2C brand operated by co-representative Yu Saito, allows you to easily enjoy the taste of “Cho Maratan Shin-Okubo Main Store”, which has its main store in Shin-Okubo, at home. A healthy D2C brand of frozen Mala tongue. We would like to inform you that yui has been appointed as its official ambassador (public relations officer) and has signed a Nexstar Official Partnership Agreement.
What is Malatan at home?
[Image 1:×720.jpg] What is Maratan at home ( “Cho Maratan Shin-Okubo main store” taste of this famous restaurant A D2C brand of frozen Mala tongue that makes it easy to enjoy at home. Ouchi Malatan, an exquisite authentic spiced Malatan that is familiar to the Japanese palate, can be prepared easily and quickly by anyone, and has become a hot topic throughout the country, especially in Tokyo, as a delicious, healthy and beauty food. Collaborative products with influencers and celebrities have also become a hot topic on social networking sites such as Instagram. The charm of Malatan at home
[Image 2:×1055.jpg] There are four charms of making Malatan at home: [delicious], [healthy], [safe], and [easy]. On our homepage
(, we are introducing four charms born from the commitment of our craftsmen. [Delicious] Make Malatan at home with authentic spices tailored to Japanese tastes. The base soup is a double soup of light chicken soup with concentrated chicken flavor and Japanese soup stock with the aroma and richness of grilled chin. [Healthy] One cup of spicy Malatan is 192kcal, low in sugar, low in fat, and gluten-free. [Safe and secure] Ingredients are carefully selected including domestic chicken, yuzu from Tokushima prefecture, flying fish (grilled chin) from Kagoshima prefecture, and Chinese herbs (spices). Original noodles. [Easy] Anyone can easily prepare this carefully prepared Mala tongue at home in just 3 minutes. Even leftover vegetables in the refrigerator can be transformed into authentic spiced malatan. For more information, please check our homepage and each SNS.
Official website:
Official Instagram: Official X:
Background and overview of the appointment as ambassador
[Image 3:×1075.jpg] “Mala Tan at Home” is a D2C brand of frozen soup vermicelli food that mainly uses Mala Tang. Malatang (mala tang) is a soup that is popular in China and is made with stewed spinach and vegetables, and is characterized by the numbing sensation of the Chinese pepper and the spiciness of the chili pepper. It is attracting attention all over the world as people become more health-conscious.
Malatan is still not well known in Japan.
We wanted to spread the appeal of Malatan, a low-calorie, low-sugar, and gluten-free food in Japan, so we have entered into a partnership with Malatan as an official ambassador.
We will continue to focus on developing new products and improving quality, and will work with yui to disseminate information so that we can deliver it to everyone nationwide.

Comment from yui
[Image 4:×1300.jpg] My name is ������������������ and I gave birth to my daughter at the end of last year and am struggling to raise my daughter for the first time. I’ve always loved noodles (especially ramen), but I’m always concerned about carbohydrates and fat, maintaining my body shape, and being healthy, especially since I can’t go to a ramen restaurant with my young daughter in tow. It is not eaten often. So, Malatan is truly divine as it is easy to make at home, delicious and healthy! ! (lol) Favorite toppings (I’ve tried a lot of things, but there really isn’t a topping that doesn’t go well with me…?! It goes perfectly with anything I put in it!! My favorite is especially mushrooms. It’s made with bok choy, bean sprouts, onions, and pork or chicken (heart), so you can eat it every day (heart).For a while, I actually ate it every day (lol).I love hotpot so much that I want to eat it even in the summer. I also like that you can eat plenty of vegetables in a hotpot-like way! ! I think the most important thing is the taste, but I don’t really like strong flavors such as medicinal dishes, so Malatan is a type of food that I normally don’t eat and dislike at home. However, I am so glad that I was able to meet Malatang that I tried it a few years ago and can even praise myself for trying it! ! In particular, I love the spiciness with the yuzu flavor as the perfect accent, so I keep repeating it endlessly (heart).The taste is very easy to eat for Japanese people, so my family has become big fans of Malatan at home. ! ! My husband says this is delicious, healthy, and good for dieting! ! (lol) You can rest assured that they are particular about the ingredients, and the taste of the soup is really good (I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!) Every time I eat it, it’s the first time I’ve eaten it. I feel the same excitement as when I ate it. The extra-thick and chewy Harusame is very satisfying, and it tastes like a gourmet treat, with only 1/3 of the calories of ramen. I really love it! It may sound a bit shady, but once I started talking about my love for Malatan, I couldn’t stop…! (LOL) Malatan is still not well-known in Japan, but I want everyone to try it! !
yui official Instagram
[Image 5:×1535.jpg] About Nexstar Holdings
[Image 6:×434.jpg]
[Image 7:×430.jpg] Nexter is an SNS marketing company that is in its 13th year. In addition, our group companies are developing UGC media, IP production, D2C/P2C brand businesses, etc. from the system consulting field. Business company name: Home Malatan Co., Ltd. (D2C | P2C brand business)
Name of person in charge: Co-representative directors Yukio Hosoda, Yu Saito Directors Hiroshi Nihei, Takahiro Miyata
Holding company name: Nexter Holdings Co., Ltd. English name: Nexter Inc.|Nexter Holdings.Head office location: LaTour SHINJUKU Garden 29F, Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Garden Tower, 3-8-3 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Representative name: Representative Director, President and CEO Yu Hosoda Huge
Number of staff: 42 people (group total, including outsourcing and part-time jobs) Capital: 124,284,842 yen (group total, including capital reserves Official website: Official X: @nexter_tokyo Official Instagram: @nexter_tokyo brand business: #Malatan at home “komachi” released on February 12, 2021 https:/
/ brand business: #Malatan at home “komachi” sales start on February 19, 2021 /p/000000035.000029866.htmlD2C brand business: Keiko Maruyama x Akuri Miura develops a collaboration product of “Maala tongue at
home” Inc., Keiko Maruyama ×Akuri Miura’s “Mala Tan at Home” collaboration products are now on sale!, Bachelor 1 Queen Ai Aokawa’s “Mala Tan at Home” Tan” collaboration products are now on sale! is now selling “Mala Tan at Home” collaboration products with popular TikToker Honopisu!
// starts selling popular Instagrammer Hiyoko Senpai’s “Mala Tan at Home” collaboration product
rd/p/000000054.000029866.htmlNexstar starts selling collaboration products of “Terrace House” core member Hana Imai x Malatan at home!, Ebisu★Muscats core member Yuki Yoshizawa x Malatan collaboration products are now on sale at home! Malatan x Imai Hana collaboration “Spicy Malatan” now on sale at home! Over 10,000 meals sold in 3 weeks from the start of sales! A rush of orders for the collaboration “Spicy Mala Tan” by Hana Imai at home! Malatan has renewed his homepage at home!
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NEXSTAR | At-home Marataan signs sponsorship contract with Mirei Kimura, who will be participating in “BreakingDown7.5” by
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