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Homeport Co., Ltd. LCS -Life Creators STUDIO-Community Insight Survey conducted! LCS 2024 White Paper announced! The first part is lifestyle

Homeport Co., Ltd.
LCS -Life Creators STUDIO-Community Insight Survey conducted! LCS 2024 White Paper announced! The first part is lifestyle
~Family Strength Improvement Project (R)︎ Alumni Community that will dramatically change your home and yourself in 45 days~
Homeport Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Ayatomo Nishizaki, hereinafter Homeport), which trains people who can clean up on their own and lead happy lives for their families, has the motto “Only mothers don’t try too hard.” We are pleased to inform you that we have investigated the insights of community members of the Life Creators STUDIO (hereinafter referred to as LCS), a community of alumni of the Family Power Up Project (R)︎, and published it as an LCS white paper.
[Image 1:×466.jpg] [Concept] We created a symbol mark with a “sprout” motif embedded with the words “Sprout”, “Fresh”, “Life”, “Life” and “Change” LCS. The sprout symbol symbolizes being reborn, the beginning of change, and life. Being in a community with this logo gives it the meaning of constantly changing and being reborn, and unifies the consciousness of community members. Using gradations that include a variety of colors, it evokes the idea of ​​creating various things that color life. At Homport, we provide services that help the whole family live a happy life every day, including the Family Power Up Project (R)︎. As of June 15, 2024, the Family Strength Up Project (R)︎, which allows you to clean up in 45 days, has produced over 2,200 graduates. It is a place where those who participated in the project with the thoughts of “I want to stop living a life where I am the only one working hard as a mother” or “I want to be able to clean up and meet a partner” can maintain the reborn version of themselves with their friends. Community LCS. And Sachi Lab, a self-improvement research institute that aims to shine even more. In February 2022, a community where you can connect with friends even after the project ends was born. The number of subscribers at that time was 490. Now, after just under two and a half years, the number of community members has reached 1,195. 《Voices from over 240 community members in their 20s to 60s from all over the country! 》We started an LCS awareness survey from February 1st to 9th, 2024, and received feedback from over 240 people. The survey focused on five themes: lifestyle, career, money, tidying up, children and education, and social contribution. As a first step, we will introduce items that are characteristic of the lifestyle themes of community members. [About the environment where you live] – What type of house do you live in?
[Image 2:×410.png ]
・What is the environment of your home?
[Image 3:×402.png ]
There was a tendency for more people to live in detached houses or condominiums. The value of valuing family is also reflected in the choice of a home. [About your family] – Who do you live with?
[Image 4:×394.png ]
・How many children do you have?
[Image 5:×392.png ]
Although Japan has a declining birthrate, nearly 60% of households have two or more children. The women who gather at LCS are families raising children who will lead the next generation, and it can be said that they are responsible for Japan’s future. 《About the area where you live》・Please tell us about the prefecture where you live.
[Image 6:×412.png ]
26% of the respondents were from the Kanto area, followed by Kanagawa and Saitama, but the next most common areas were Osaka and Hyogo, and 5% of the members lived in Fukuoka, where Homeport, which operates the LCS community, was founded. I’m here. Although trends can be seen, another characteristic of the LCS community is that it has members from all over the country. [About how you spend your private time] – What do you value in your private life?
[Image 7:×416.png ]
・What do you do for yourself in your private time on weekdays? 1st place: Reading, watching movies, listening to music 2nd place: Exercise for health 3rd place: Education for children 4th place: Studying for qualifications 5th place: When do you have time for career advancement, side jobs, and yourself? ? 1st place: Weekday night 2nd place: Holiday night 3rd place: Holiday morning 4th place: Weekday morning 5th place: Weekday afternoon Enriching their lives is a big theme for the members who enrich their lives through tidying up. Following the answer that family and children are most important, health was second and time for hobbies and learning was third. Among them, I am trying my best to take time for myself. Following reading and watching movies, many respondents said they take time to exercise for their health.
[Image 8:×416.png ]
As for frequency, 52.5% said they would make good use of their free time and do it whenever they wanted. 25.4% of respondents attend lessons regularly, and 18.9% attend lessons on their own. Precisely because they value their families and children, they tend to sublimate their free time into time for themselves. 《Values ​​regarding disseminating information and voicing opinions》・Please tell us about your relationship with SNS.
[Image 9:×366.png ]
[Image 10:×370.png ]
The results show that community members’ involvement in SNS is basically on the side of gathering information. On the other hand, 79.1% of people are interested in roundtable discussions, interviews, and monitoring, indicating a strong desire to contribute to society through the community.
[Image 11:×756.png ]
In this way, in 2024, we will also focus on collaboration with companies so that the wonderful voices, personalities and skills gathered in the community can be utilized. In the future, we will continue to create an environment where women can face themselves and their nearest and dearest family through tidying up through Sachiup (Family Power Up Project (R)︎), and create a habit of maintaining the relationship between home and family. , I will continue to support you. Our representative director, Nishizaki, will take on the role of leading the company, and we will continue to actively work on collaborations with companies and local communities in order to further grow together with women in the community and deliver a better future and happiness to society. We look forward to hearing from companies and local governments who would like to consider
collaborative projects with the community. Email address:
HP: Person in charge: Suzuki

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