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Aeon Chugoku-Shikoku Area June 28th (Friday) “Aeon Hofu Store” Reopening

[Aeon Chugoku-Shikoku Area] June 28th (Friday) “Aeon Hofu Store” Reopening
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Press release: June 28, 2024
[Aeon Chugoku-Shikoku Area] June 28th (Friday) “Aeon Hofu Store” Reopening *Evolving into a commercial facility where all generations can gather! * Aeon Hofu Store will open on Friday, June 28th, with the directly managed “Aeon Hofu Store” and some specialty stores renovated. Aeon Hofu store opened in April 1982* as “Nichii Hofu store”*, then changed its business format to “Hofu Saty”* in March 1999*, and in March 2011*
“Aeon Hofu store”*
It was renamed to . Since then, we have been supported by the local community for over 42 years. In order to respond to changes in the lifestyles of local customers, the facility will be reborn as a commercial facility that will provide a sales floor and products that will further satisfy customers.
Hofu City, Prefecture, where our store is located, has a population of approximately 114,000 people and approximately 58,000 households, and is an area where the population is expected to decline slightly in the future compared to the rate of population decline in Prefecture. . Although there are more residents in their 70s than the national average, there are many families with children, and the population in the future is expected to exceed the national average in their 30s to 40s. Another characteristic is that there are more young people under the age of 20 than the national average. Under these circumstances, our store will coexist with the local community and support a more convenient and enriched lifestyle by providing the latest sales floor, products, and shopping experience in line with the characteristics of the area, where there are many families with children.

* [Aeon Hofu Store Renewal Topics] *
▶In addition to expanding the local produce corner, we will expand our lineup of domestic fruits.
▶In addition to conducting face-to-face fresh fish sales every day, we are also launching a new fish delicacy called “Totoen.”
▶Expanding the sales floor for TOPVALU Green Eye Natural “Tasmanian Beef” and “Natural Pork”!
▶Expanding the lineup of frozen foods!
▶New in-store pizza “Pizza Solidera” established
▶ Craft beer and local sake from local Prefecture, as well as wines directly imported from around the world are available. ▶ Newly opened “Aeon Pharmacy Hofu Store” to support your daily health! ▶ Expanding “Daily Casual” fashion that suits your lifestyle! ▶ Expanding kids fashion from baby apparel and kindergarteners to teens! ▶A small raised family space has been opened in the food court on the 1st floor!
-In addition to expanding the local produce corner, we will expand our lineup of domestic fruits. –
In the vegetable and fruit section, we will expand our
direct-from-the-farm corner, focusing on agricultural products grown and shipped in the suburbs of Hofu City and the Tokuji area of ​​ City. In addition, we will expand the tomato section and* We carry products such as “ City Akiho Tomatoes”* and “Shimonoseki City Okuda Tomatoes”*.
In the fruit section, we will expand our selection of domestically produced seasonal fruits. “Aijima watermelon” in Hagi City, Prefecture, and “Akiyori” in Mine City in autumn. In addition to fruits from Prefecture, such as grapes and peaches from Fukuoka Prefecture, and in autumn, pears from Kumamoto, we also carry seasonal fruits from Kyushu. (*Depending on the season, some products may not be in stock.)
We are also expanding our lineup of cut fruits and local seasonal fruit gift products, providing seasonal fruits throughout the year. -In addition to conducting face-to-face fresh fish sales every day, we are also launching a new fish deli called “Totoen”-
At the fish department, we offer mainly fresh local fish to our customers daily. Also, local fresh fish * “Hamo” *
We will have a corner selling “mackerel” and “mackerel,” as well as processed products such as dried fish and fried chicken.
In the fish side dish area, we will be launching a new restaurant called “Totoen,” which uses local fresh fish and other fish purchased at the store and processes them in-store and serves them as grilled or boiled fish.
At the fish shop’s sushi corner, we will be introducing a new dish called “Blanched Hamo Nigiri Sushi,” which uses local thighs. – Expand the sales floor for TOPVALU Green Eye Natural “Tasmanian Beef” and “Natural Pork”! –
In the meat department, * “ prefecture crossbred beef” * , * “ prefecture produced Choshu chicken” * , * “Saga beef” *
In addition, we will expand TOPVALU Green Eye Natural* and “Natural Pork”*. * “Natural Pork” *
is delicious meat raised at Aeon-designated farms using feed containing domestically produced rice (separated from genetically modified products and free of antibiotics and synthetic antibacterial agents). In addition, we have a section with jumbo packs of pork and chicken, and Top Valu, so that families with children can eat a lot of meat at a reasonable price.
Green Eye Nature* “Tasmanian Beef”*
In addition to a permanent steak corner, all products are “Topvalu Takumi Wagyu Beef”*, all of which are grade 4 or higher, strictly selected by Aeon, and raised on designated domestic farms.
We have a selection of steaks made with rare cuts of meat.
-Expanding the lineup of frozen foods! –
Demand for frozen foods is increasing because they can be prepared in a short time and without any hassle, and we offer more than 700 items, including frozen foods for pets that are convenient to store. We will open a new frozen sweets corner and expand our product lineup to include Western-style sweets such as Takamizawa’s “cheesecake,” Japanese-style sweets, and Asian sweets.
We also offer “Special Pork Roast Cutlet”* from “Shikano Farm”* in Shunan City, Prefecture*, and “Very Serious Pork Cutlet”* from “Akikawa Bokuen”* in City*.
We will have a new selection of locally branded frozen foods such as “Chicken Nuggets”*.
-Newly established in-store pizza “Pizza Solidera”-
At Pizza Solidera, we are particular about the chewy texture of our dough, which is carefully rolled out one by one and baked at high temperatures and in a short time. In addition to offering quattro pizza and focaccia that can be enjoyed in four different flavors, our signature product, Margherita, uses tomato sauce that blends well with the carefully selected dough, Italian mozzarella cheese, Parmesan, and refreshing fresh basil for an authentic taste. Offers.
-A wide selection of local Prefecture craft beer and local sake, as well as directly imported wines from around the world- In the liquor department, which stocks wine, Western spirits, Japanese sake, etc. directly imported by Aeon, we have expanded the Chu-Hi department. Craft beers that are popular among the younger generation are *
We have a selection of local craft beers, including “Chonmage Beer (Hagi City, Prefecture)”* and “ Local Beer ( City, Prefecture)”*. For sake, local Hofu city * We carry a wide selection of local sake, mainly from , such as Takeuchi Sake Brewery*, Shimonoseki Sake Brewery* in Shimonoseki City*, and Okazaki Sake Brewery* in Hagi City*.
-Café Lante, a store specializing in carefully selected coffee beans and foods from around the world-
Cafe Rante is a “food select shop” that collects approximately 2,500 types of food from approximately 60 countries around the world, including Japan. With this renewal, we have expanded our lineup of frozen foods, including Korean products such as sweets and ice cream, and New Zealand ice cream. In the coffee bean corner, in addition to blended coffee, there are also straight coffees such as Kilimanjaro and Ethiopian coffee beans.
We carry about 30 types of original ground coffee beans, including single-origin coffee beans such as Gereza Geisha.
-Renovated drugstore with the theme of “beauty” and “health” to make daily life more convenient! –
* ◆[Dispensing Pharmacy] Aeon Pharmacy Hofu store newly opened* “Aeon Pharmacy Hofu Store” accepts prescriptions from medical institutions nationwide 365 days a year. If you hand in your prescription when you visit our store, you can make the most of your time by shopping or enjoying a meal while you wait for your medication to be ready.
In addition, there is a “Saru Station” in the sales floor where customers can measure their own physical condition*
will be installed. You can easily check your health status with a body composition monitor, blood pressure monitor, and vascular age monitor. The electronic medication notebook app* “Pocket Pharmacy”* is a service that notifies customers on their smartphones when their medications are ready. New this time*
“Pocket Pharmacy”*
We provide a service that grants “health points” to habits and actions necessary for maintaining health. Health points will be awarded based on the daily step count and blood pressure measurement at Saroo Station. The accumulated health points can be used as discount coupons starting from 100 points when purchasing health foods, hygiene products, etc.
* ◆Expansion of Asian cosmetics and affordable cosmetics for Generation Z* In the beauty corner, for the Z generation, * “TIRTIR” * and * “Rom&” * In addition to offering Asian cosmetics such as “Quality x Cute x Price,” all products are mini-sized cosmetics that fit in the palm of your hand, *
“Minum” is a low-cost cosmetics brand that makes makeup and skin care more greedy, more free, and easier to fulfill your wishes.* We will newly introduce “Kirei&co.”*. The self-make-up corner is expanding, with products such as false eyelashes and nails set up next to the sales floor*
We will expand our skin care corner, focusing on face masks such as “beauty”*. – Expanding “Daily Casual” fashion that suits your lifestyle! – * ◆New Aeon Retail clothing SPA brand “TVC” *
Aeon Retail’s new clothing SPA brand * “TVC” * will be available in the family-oriented daily casual section.
* “TVC” * is “clothes that fit every day,” not just for special occasions, but for any day.
This is a brand that values ​​fit.
* ◆“Double Focus” *
* “Double Focus” *
is a specialty store that uses unconventional ideas to provide total coordination from clothing to fashion goods. Targeting Generation Z, we offer novelty and fun by mixing trends with casual items. – Expanding kids fashion from baby apparel and kindergarteners to teens! – ◆In the kindergarten corner, * “Topvalu Peace Fit Cool” T-shirts * We offer products that are simple and can be mixed and matched as kindergarten wear, and are easy to put on and take off by yourself and move around in. In addition, we offer carefully selected brand children’s clothing and Yumekawa fashion.
◆In the baby goods corner, we have expanded the range of baby clothes. Classified by taste of “American Casual”, “Character”, and “Natural & POP”, American Casual*
“BuddyLee”* and character corners include popular characters such as Monpoke and Anpanman.
-Newly established children’s play area and family space-
◆A new “Children’s Play Area”* has been established in the kids corner on the 3rd floor. It is an exciting space where even small children can play safely.
◆We have opened a raised family space called “Wakiaiai” in the food court on the first floor. Coined with the words “wakiaiai” and “aiai,” it is a space where you can relax not only with your family but also with friends.

* [“Aeon Hofu store” store overview] *
Name: Aeon Hofu store
Location: 1-3 Chuocho, Hofu City, Prefecture
Manager: Tsutomu Hamada
Opening date: April 1, 1982
Renewal date: Friday, June 28, 2024
Store area: Approximately 14,200 square meters
Site area: Approximately 26,900 square meters
Parking lot: Approximately 1,320 spaces
business hours:
1st floor (food) 8:00-23:00
1st floor (Beauty and Health) 8:00-22:00
1st floor (pharmacy) 9:00-19:00
2nd floor (fashion floor) 9:00-21:00
3rd floor (kids and living floor) 9:00-21:00
*Items may differ depending on some sales areas.
Closed: Open all year round
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