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Home » iDOOR will hold “iAC CONFERENCE 2024”, one of the largest conference events for professional firms in Japan, on July 10th (Friday)

iDOOR will hold “iAC CONFERENCE 2024”, one of the largest conference events for professional firms in Japan, on July 10th (Friday)

iDOOR Co., Ltd.
iDOOR will hold “iAC CONFERENCE 2024”, one of the largest conference events for professional firms in Japan, on July 10th (Friday) Delivering the latest state-of-the-art “Professionals and Generative AI/DX” to accountants, tax accountants, social labor consultants, and judicial scriveners.
iDOOR Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Yuma Okada, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), which provides various solutions specialized for professional offices, is hosting the iAC event, one of Japan’s largest conference events for professional offices. CONFERENCE2024”
( will be held at CITY HALL & GALLERY Gotanda on Wednesday, July 10, 2024.
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“iAC CONFERENCE2024” event page: This event is one of the largest professional conferences in Japan, bringing together leading professional firms from all over Japan and companies that provide services specialized in the professional industry. Continuing from last year, the event will be held offline, and we will introduce examples of productivity improvement using generative AI, office digital transformation (DX) initiatives, and use cases of the latest IT tools exclusively for this event.
Furthermore, in addition to accounting firms, tax accountant corporations, and social labor consultant corporations that continue to grow their business through advanced initiatives, we also offer services such as “TaxDome,” a business management tool for
professional professionals used in 25 countries around the world, and “Catchy,” an AI writing assistant service. , representatives of companies that provide notable tools will be on stage. We will deliver the current state of “professional and generative AI/DX” that can be put into practice immediately.
Background and aims of “iAC CONFERENCE2024”
With the recent evolution of AI technology, it is said that
professional jobs will disappear, but while simple tasks will be replaced, the highly specialized skills of professionals are becoming more important day by day. Additionally, with the use of AI, we are entering an era in which the specialized knowledge possessed by professional firms can be used more effectively.
At “iAC CONFERENCE 2024,” which will be held for the fourth time, we will not be broadcasting archives, but will be delivering special offline-only sessions. By providing the latest information on the professional industry and generative AI/DX through limited sessions that can only be obtained here, we will implement the latest technology for the professional industry as a whole, grow each office’s business, and improve added value. We will continue to support you.
We look forward to your participation.
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・We are suffering from a shortage of human resources. Not enough manpower “iAC CONFERENCE2024” overview

iAC CONFERENCE2024, Japan’s largest conference for professional firms ~Know the current state of cutting-edge “Professionals and Generative AI/DX” and put it into practice starting tomorrow~

Date and time: July 10, 2024 (Wednesday) 12:00-19:30 (doors open 11:30) Venue: CITY HALL&GALLERY (5 minutes walk from Gotanda Station) 3rd floor, Gotanda JP Building, 8-4-13 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
Capacity: 200 people
Participation fee: General 7,000 yen (excluding tax) *Members 3,000 yen (excluding tax)
*For those using our services such as L-MagaZine, L-ONE, L-Chat, etc. Last year’s situation
[Video 4:] Featured sessions
●Deployed to 25 countries around the world! The future of DX in Japanese tax accountant offices as seen by TaxDome, a business management tool for professionals
(TaxDome Japan Country Manager Mr. Ito)
Japan’s professional industries, including tax and accounting, are facing various operational issues that need to be resolved
immediately, such as the increasing complexity of client case processing, a lack of resources due to chronic overload, and delays in overall DX transformation. It is said that he is holding it. In this session, we will deliver a talk session format from TaxDome, which has expanded to 25 countries around the world, from the DX situation of accounting firms in the United States and overseas to issues and solutions for the Japanese accounting industry.
●Will generative AI bring innovation to the professional industry? Generative AI and the possibility of professional occupations from the perspective of the AI ​​industry
(Shinnosuke Ito, Representative Director and CEO of Digital Recipe Co., Ltd.) It has been said for a long time that AI will eliminate professional jobs, but in reality, we are now in an era where the high level of expertise possessed by professionals is increasingly required. Currently, discussions are progressing from the perspective of utilizing AI as a tool.
In this session, our guest will be Mr. Ito, CEO of Digital Recipe Co., Ltd., which has been working on product and system development centered on generative AI since before ChatGPT gained attention. Together with Mr. Ito, we will deliver a talk session about the impact of the generative AI industry on the professional industry and the possibilities for the professional industry through the use of generative AI.
●Transition to the practical phase of generative AI! Concept of introducing generative AI and points of use in daily work
(Mr. Masaya Hanashiro, CBO and CPO of Early Cross Tax Accountant Corporation/Representative Director of Early Cross Co., Ltd.) As stated in the theme of this conference, as the practical
application of generative AI accelerates, the use of generative AI is gradually increasing in professional offices as well. In this session, we will explain the concepts and points for introducing AI into daily work, starting with incorporating the unique data of professional offices into AI. In a talk session format, we will explain to you everything from the concept of using cutting-edge AI to the steps to implementation.
●Explanations by over 50 social and labor consultant corporation representatives! Measures to add value and improve productivity at social and labor consultant offices in the AI ​​era
(Mr. Katsuya Kuno, Representative of Toukai Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Corporation)
Since ChatGPT attracted widespread attention in 2023, there have been voices saying that “social and labor consultant services will be replaced by AI,” but in reality, more and more experts are being hired to deal with increasingly complex labor issues. The role of a social worker and labor consultant is becoming increasingly important. In this session, we will talk to Mr. Kuno, the representative of Toukai, a social insurance and labor consultant corporation that is constantly growing and has over 50 staff based in the Tokai area, as AI is changing the structure of various industries. We will invite you to talk about the value required of social and labor consultants in the AI ​​era and how to achieve both growth and productivity improvement for your firm.
●Providing high-quality services with DX! Creating an office with high profits and high salary levels through overwhelming efficiency (Mr. Yaki Naka, Representative Partner of Link & Partners Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Corporation)
There may be many offices that understand the necessity of DX but fail to implement it or end up half-heartedly introducing tools. This session will cover everything from selecting the latest digital tools, how to introduce them, and techniques for effective utilization, and will provide strategies for aiming to become a high-quality firm that is known in the industry as the “Hermes of the social and labor consultant industry.” . We will also explain how automation and efficiency in operations contribute to recruitment and retention of human resources, and how they are the foundation for supporting sustainable high salary levels.
-Other notable seminars-
・Make inexperienced people ready to work! Converting specialized information into assets and standardizing customer service using generative AI, a medium-sized firm is working on
・Using L-Chat to handle consultations with clients ・Use of AI assistant for proposal work
・AI x analog hybrid sales! Information provision system that increases the cost per client and attracts new customers
・Enablement mechanism that connects generative AI utilization and DX initiatives from execution to results
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Comments from iDOOR CEO Yuma Okada
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We are honored to be able to provide a learning opportunity to everyone in the professional industry by holding “iAC CONFERENCE 2024.” We believe that by sharing success stories and specific images of how generative AI and DX can contribute to improving the efficiency of professional work, we can contribute to the growth of your office. We also hope that this conference will be a place where participants can exchange expertise and experience and discover new business opportunities.
Up until now, our company has been providing services centered around the next-generation information distribution service for
professionals, “L-MagaZine,” but by utilizing AI technology, we have also launched “L-ONE,” a unified communication system for
professionals. We have also started new services such as “L-Chat,” a specialized information AI learning system for professionals, and are actively promoting the use of AI.
I would like everyone to open up the future with proactive AI utilization and DX. We look forward to your active participation. ■Video distribution system for professionals “L-Magazine”
[Image 3:×700.png ]
L-MagaZine is a next-generation information distribution system for professionals that combines “video for distribution to customers and prospects” and “LINE/chatwork distribution system” provided by iDOOR. Professionals and professionals such as tax accountants, accountants, and judicial scriveners can distribute specialized information in videos by simply registering their clients, potential customers, and other users on official LINE or Chatwork. There is no need for busy professionals to create their own videos for
distribution; anyone can easily distribute them.
Service site URL:
-Example of delivery video-
[Video 5:]
[Video 6:] ◼︎Unified communication system for professionals “L-ONE”
[Image 4:×370.png ]
L-ONE is a communication sharing management system that visualizes the email, LINE official, and chat work response status of everyone in the office, and prevents omissions and delays in replies that tend to depend on the person in charge. There is no need to change your current email address, LINE official account, or chat work account, and you can use it as a communication sharing system specialized for sharing management within the office.
Service site URL:
◼︎L-Chat, a specialized information AI learning system for professionals
[Image 5:×370.png ]
This is an AI learning system that can be used to accumulate knowledge in-house by having ChatGPT learn specialized information used by professional offices, frequently asked questions from clients, information on legal revisions, etc. You can efficiently learn about daily customer service and the latest laws and regulations, and immediately use it as your own company’s own AI tool. Learning can be completed by simply uploading Excel data, and it can also be easily linked to Q&A portal sites, LINE, and homepages.
Service site URL:
■Professional DX Media: DOOR’S
[Image 6:×120.png ]
DOOR’S is an interview media site that opens the door to success for small and medium-sized business owners and the professionals who support them, such as accountants, tax accountants, social and labor consultants, and judicial scriveners. This media will publish information such as interview articles and tips from experts such as tax accountant corporations and certified public accounting firms. We aim to be a media that can be used to gather information such as what measures other professional offices and industry peers are
implementing and what the current trends are regarding DX.
■About iDOOR Co., Ltd.
[Image 7:×500.jpg] Company name: iDOOR Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director and CEO Yuma Okada
Address: 1215 Takigen Building, 1-24-1 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Business content: Planning, development, and provision of various tools/solutions including the video distribution system “L-MagaZine” URL:
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