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Leos Capital Works Co., Ltd. Notice of start of direct sales of “Hifumi Microscope Pro”

[Leos Capital Works Co., Ltd.] Notice of start of direct sales of “Hifumi Microscope Pro”

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Press release: June 28, 2024
Notice of start of direct sales of “Hifumi Microscope Pro”
Rheos Capital Works Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Fujino Eijin (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) will begin direct sales of “Hifumi Microscope Pro”, which is set up and operated by the Company, from June 28th (Friday).
“Hifumi Microscope Pro” is an actively managed publicly offered investment trust that primarily invests in domestic small-cap stocks through the “LEOS Japan Small Cap Mother Fund,” which the Company has been managing since November 17, 2011. It was set up and started operation on March 19th.
This fund is the first fund in the new fund series “pro”, and we carefully observe small but active growing companies to closely watch the exciting changes, and provide our customers with the excitement of investing in growing companies. We are working hard to ensure delivery. Total net assets as of June 20, 2024 are 14.3 billion yen.

We will continue to strive to support our customers’ asset building over the long term by improving the performance of the Hifumi series, including the Hifumi Microscope Pro, and providing high-quality services.

Details of “Hifumi Microscope Pro”:

[image: download] d49166-96-ed7d87ce60dce266a8fe40d68f972e24.pdf

Rheos Capital Works Co., Ltd.
Rheos Capital Works is an asset management company founded in 2003 based on the management philosophy of “contributing to society through capital markets.” The Hifumi series of investment trusts managed and sold, including Hifumi Investment Trust, supports customers’ long-term asset formation through investment that protects and increases investment. In the investment advisory business, we entrust and manage the assets of domestic and international corporate pension funds and institutional investor clients.

-please note-
The contents of the news release are created based on information at the time of disclosure, and the accuracy and completeness of the contents are not guaranteed, and the contents are subject to change without notice. Unlike deposits and insurance contracts, investment trusts are subject to fluctuations in interest rates, market prices, etc.*
A loss of principal may occur. *
Risks and costs differ for each investment trust, so please read carefully the contents of the investment trust explanatory document (prospectus), supplementary prospectus, etc. before purchasing. ■Risks/costs of publicly offered investment trusts managed by our company Price fluctuation risk
When domestic and foreign stocks and public and corporate bonds are essentially the main investment targets, stock prices generally fluctuate reflecting the activities and performance of individual companies, market and economic conditions, etc. There is a risk of incurring losses due to fluctuations in the creditworthiness of the financial institution and changes in market interest rates.
liquidity risk
When attempting to sell or acquire securities, etc., if there is insufficient supply or demand in the market, or due to trading regulations, transactions cannot be conducted with sufficient liquidity, or transactions may be forced under unfavorable conditions. or transactions may become impossible. As a result, it may not be possible to sell or acquire the securities at the expected price, and in this case, there is a risk of unexpected losses.

credit risk
In the event that the management or financial condition of the issuer of securities, etc. or the business partner to whom securities are lent, etc. deteriorates or is expected to deteriorate, or if there is a deterioration in external evaluations regarding these, etc., the securities concerned. There is a risk that the prices of such products may decline or they may lose their value, or that debts may be defaulted due to delays in interest payments or redemption payments. If such a serious crisis occurs in a company in which you have invested, there is a risk of large losses. In addition, if the issuer of the bond in which we have substantially invested defaults or is expected to occur, bond prices may decline and there is a risk of incurring losses.

Exchange rate fluctuation risk
If assets denominated in foreign currencies are included, losses may occur due to exchange rate fluctuations between the relevant currency and the yen. In addition, when performing currency hedging on some assets, if the interest rate in yen is lower than the interest rate in the currency in which the currency hedge is being performed, hedging costs equivalent to this interest rate difference will be incurred.

Country risk (risk related to emerging markets)
There is a risk that the prices of securities, etc. may fluctuate significantly, reflecting various factors such as the political and economic situation of the country/region in question, the performance of the company issuing the stock, and market supply and demand. When investing in emerging markets, political and economic uncertainties, underdeveloped market infrastructure such as payment systems, underdeveloped information disclosure systems and legal systems by supervisory authorities, large fluctuations in exchange rates, foreign countries, etc. The price fluctuations of securities, etc. may become large depending on the situation such as regulations on remittances. In addition, public and corporate bonds in emerging countries are subject to greater price fluctuations than those in developed countries, and may carry a higher risk of default.
Therefore, * the customer’s (beneficiary’s) investment principal is not guaranteed and may suffer losses due to a decline in the base price, which may fall below the investment principal. *
For more information, please see “Investment Risk” in the investment trust manual (prospectus).

■About costs to be borne by the customer
♦Costs to be borne directly by the customer
・Purchase fee upper limit
3.30% (3.00% excluding tax) *There are no purchase fees for investment trusts that we sell directly, but customers will be responsible for remittance fees for “spot purchases.”
*For investment trusts that can be purchased through a sales company, the purchase fee will be determined by each sales company, so please contact each sales company.
・There is no fee for redemption (cancellation) and no amount of trust property retained.
♦Costs indirectly borne by customers
・Trust fee: Upper limit: 1.6280% per annum (1.4800% excluding tax) based on the total net assets of the trust property
・Audit fee Amount obtained by multiplying the total net assets of the trust property by an annual rate of 0.0055% (0.005% excluding tax) ・Other expenses
Brokerage commissions (consumption tax associated with them) incurred when buying and selling included securities, costs required for futures trading, options trading, etc., costs required for storage of foreign currency-denominated assets, taxes, and miscellaneous matters required for handling trust affairs. Expenses and interest on advances made by the trustee company.
These costs fluctuate depending on operational status, etc., and we are unable to display rates, maximum amounts, etc. in advance. ♦Note
-The risks and expense items listed above are based on general investment trusts. Regarding the rate of expenses, we have listed the highest rate for each expense to be borne among all publicly offered investment trusts managed by Rheos Capital Works. *
The risks and costs associated with investment trusts vary depending on each investment trust, so please read the investment trust explanatory document (prospectus issued), supplementary prospectus, etc. carefully before investing. *
To request or apply for an investment trust manual (prospectus), please contact each sales company.
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