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Home » Livedoor Co., Ltd. A new feature “Shonan Tabe Mare” will be released on July 4th in the gourmet SNS servic e “Livedoor Gourmet”!

Livedoor Co., Ltd. A new feature “Shonan Tabe Mare” will be released on July 4th in the gourmet SNS servic e “Livedoor Gourmet”!

Livedoor Co., Ltd.
A new feature “Shonan Tabe Mare” will be released on July 4th in the gourmet SNS service “Livedoor Gourmet”!
~Regional revitalization project to revitalize Shonan together with local people~
Livedoor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and COO: Naoto Miyamoto) operates a gourmet SNS service “Livedoor Gourmet” that is operated by Shonan Bellmare Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shonan Bellmare”, head office). As a collaborative project with Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Hiroshi Sakamoto, we will release a feature for Shonan Bellmare fans and supporters within the Livedoor Gourmet app on July 4, 2024 (Thursday). I would like to inform you that.
[Image 1:×400.jpg] ■Shonan Eating Mare Overview
This project started on May 1, 2024 as a collaboration between our company and Shonan Bellmare, with the aim of “inviting supporters to eat at restaurants in their hometown and liven up the entire region.” As part of this effort, we solicited project names from our supporters and decided on “Shonan Tabe Mare”!
You can participate in “Shonan Tabe Mare” by entering and setting the special code in the “Livedoor Gourmet” app. In addition to the regular Livedoor Gourmet point redemption, those who eat and drink at stores affiliated with “Shonan Tabe Mare” can also enjoy benefits linked to Shonan Bellmare games.
This project will provide supporters with great deals at local restaurants and new ways to enjoy eating out in conjunction with soccer. For restaurants, by using Livedoor Gourmet’s complete success fee system, we offer the opportunity to acquire new customers and encourage regular customers in a fully automatic and hassle-free manner.
In addition, by having the J.League soccer team cooperate with us as an intermediate point, we aim to provide fan services and contribute to the local community through the soccer team, creating a positive cycle for all three parties.
■How to participate in “Shonan Eating Mare”
Click here for details: ・Supporters
●How to participate
After installing Livedoor Gourmet, enter the promo code “SHONAN GET3” for “Shonan Tabe Mare”
*”Tabe Mare” member stores will be reflected on the Livedoor Gourmet app on July 4th (Thursday).
●Participation benefits
・When you eat at a Shonan Tabe Mare member restaurant, you will earn points based on the meal price.
・If Shonan Bellmare wins the match, the “Victory Sale” will be activated for 72 hours after the match, and the point return rate you can receive will be doubled.
*Accumulated points can be used at 570,000 locations nationwide, including convenience stores, cafes, and delivery services. We plan to expand the number of points that can be used to support the
strengthening of the team.
・Restaurants in the Shonan area
If you are a restaurant that would like to support this project, please contact us.
Inquiry URL:
●“Shonan Tabe Mare” member stores (as of June 28)
We are gradually entering into franchise contracts with restaurants that support “Shonan Tabe Mare.” In the future, we will strengthen our efforts with more Shonan Bellmare fans and supporters and Shonan Bellmare supporting restaurants, aiming for 100 stores to participate in “Shonan Tabe Mare”.
■“Shonan Tabe Mare” release commemorative campaign will be held! To commemorate the release of “Shonan Tabe Mare”, we are planning to hold a campaign where those who register with Livedoor Gourmet and eat at a “Shonan Tabe Mare” member restaurant will win luxurious prizes through a lottery.
Details about the campaign can be found on the Livedoor Gourmet official website
( and Shonan Bellmare official website ( It will be announced.
Please expect by all means!
■Special fans commemorating the release of “Shonan Tabe Mare” will be distributed!
To commemorate the release of “Shonan Tabe Mare”, 1,000 “original fans” will be distributed at Shonan Bellmare’s home games and events held by Shonan Bellmare. This includes 150 fans, 5 of which are autographed by each Bellmare player!
We will randomly distribute one ticket per person, so please invite your family and friends to come and join us!
*The home games and events to be distributed will be announced on Livedoor Gourmet Official X and various Shonan Bellmare media as soon as they are decided.
Livedoor Gourmet Official X: Shonan Bellmare official website: Shonan Bellmare Official X: ■What is Livedoor Gourmet?
Livedoor Gourmet is a gourmet SNS service where foodies share truly delicious restaurants. Users can enjoy discovering delicious restaurants and post reviews, and points will be distributed according to their scores on gourmet SNS. Currently, there are a cumulative total of 620,000 reviews posted by the foodie community. This is a new restaurant development service that allows users to quickly find restaurants with good value for money by using AI to analyze reviews and recommend restaurants that match individual tastes and
preferences. In addition, points redeemed from food and drink purchases at Livedoor Gourmet member stores, digital benefits, membership cards, etc. can be centrally managed, making continued visits more enjoyable.
[Image 2:×829.png ]
■Livedoor Co., Ltd. Company Profile (
[Image 3:×99.png ]
What users want to see, know, and express
Continue to create the best internet services that meet the needs of Company name: Livedoor Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-9-1 Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 7, 2022
Representative Director, Chairman and CEO: Ken Uryu
Representative Director, President and COO: Naoto Miyamoto
Business content: Media business
List of media we manage:
-“Livedoor News” (
– “Livedoor Blog” ( – “Kstyle”
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-Operating other related businesses
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