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Home » Metaverse Japan General Incorporated Association Establishes a new company “AI for U Co., Ltd.” that creat es AI applications specializing in generative AI

Metaverse Japan General Incorporated Association Establishes a new company “AI for U Co., Ltd.” that creat es AI applications specializing in generative AI

[Metaverse Japan General Incorporated Association] Establishes a new company “AI for U Co., Ltd.” that creates AI applications specializing in generative AI

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Press release: June 28, 2024
Establishment of a new company “AI for U Co., Ltd.” that creates AI applications specializing in generative AI
* The rapid evolution of generative AI technology is bringing new possibilities and challenges to business and society. In this transformation, AI for
U Co., Ltd. aims to become a game changer that will transform future companies and society by developing AI products specializing in generative AI, AI application development, consulting, and human resource development businesses in the Japanese market. *
Unleashing the potential of society and businesses with AI. Let’s create the future together.
AI for U Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AI for U) is a game changer that accelerates innovative changes in the AI ​​era. Generative
By fully utilizing AI and prompt engineering, we will maximize the potential of society and businesses and create a new future. What we offer is a strategic approach to realizing AI transformation. We support companies and local governments in resolving issues through consultation, AI technology development, and product development. Furthermore, we are focusing on developing AI human resources. Unique Gen based on global standards
Through the AI ​​education program, we will train 10,000 prompt engineering experts and create new value for the entire industry. Our mission is to utilize innovative GenAI technology to solve challenges faced by businesses and society.
And we will provide Japan with a new normal. We will continue to learn, teach, and create on the front lines to pave the way for the future.
1. * Developing new markets by developing unique AI products: * AI for
U will develop innovative AI products that utilize generative AI and explore new markets. These products provide powerful tools for customers to integrate AI into the processes and value chains of their services and products, increasing their market competitiveness. A.I. for U’s products are deeply rooted in customers’ business models and significantly improve performance and efficiency.
2. *Japan’s first human resource development based on global methods:** AI for U trains the next generation of AI professionals through industry-leading education programs. This program uses the world standard Prompt
Engineering Guide [
] for the first time in Japan (according to our research in May 2024), and supports practical technical acquisition. Focusing on prompt engineering skills, it provides online teaching materials and issues certifications, and is designed to help participants acquire practical skills required in the market (easy AI method). Our goal is to train 10,000 AI experts and build a human resource base that can play an active role in every layer of society.
3. * Use AI to solve corporate and social issues and improve Japan’s vitality: *
AI for
U provides strategic and actionable AI solutions to the complex challenges faced by businesses and governments. Through comprehensive services ranging from AI implementation support to AI utilization consulting and corporate advisory, we derive specific improvement measures tailored to client needs.

* AI for U will create Japan’s future by maximizing the potential of generative AI, accelerating corporate growth, and contributing to solving social issues. *
*Message from management:*
*Shunho Hayashi, Co-Founder, AI for U Co., Ltd.*
“We are committed to using the power of technology to solve problems facing society and businesses and create new value. This launch is just the first step toward our long-term vision. We are committed to contributing to society as a whole while continuing to innovate.” * Message from client: *
*Masatsugu Shidate*
* DIP Co., Ltd. Representative Director, COO (Chief Operating Officer), CHO (Chief Human Resources Officer), and General Manager of AI Agent Business Headquarters*
“The dramatic advances in generative AI technology will bring revolutionary changes to all areas of society. dip is confident that the advent of this era of generative AI will be an opportunity to create new business. , we are taking on the challenge of the AI ​​agent business, a new business that utilizes generative AI that dip is working on, and we are implementing the company-wide in-house AI utilization project “dip
Through the activities of “AI Force,” I feel that a new era has arrived. This time AI for
The establishment of U will accelerate the transformation brought about by this generative AI. As a partner, we are very much looking forward to their advanced generative AI technology and the human resource development initiatives backed by that technology.
I sincerely look forward to AI for U’s continued success and great contributions to society. ”

*Eichi Hashimoto*
* Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd. Senior Managing Executive Officer, CDXO and General Manager of Digital Innovation Partners
Head of Operation Transformation*
“The evolution of AI technology continues to accelerate, and the range of applications is expanding due to multimodality. We are now in a time when all companies must begin to review their management and business models. In order to make full use of AI and achieve transformation, Many employees need to understand AI and acquire the practical ability to use it effectively.
for U not only provides consulting and product development using AI, but also focuses on training human resources for companies. AI for We hope that U will essentially bring out the potential of individuals and businesses and help create Japan’s future. We also want to learn and grow together. ”

* AI for U advisor: *
Masahiko Inami
Professor, Advanced Science and Technology Research Center, University of Tokyo Professor, Department of Systems Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
Director Executive Officer Senior Vice President CMO
Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd.
Shinko Nagata
Representative Director of MetaverseJapan General Incorporated Association / Director and Executive Director of Shibuya Mirai Design General Incorporated Association
Eric Tadashi Matsunaga
Aoyama Gakuin University Dean of the Faculty of Global and Social Coexistence Dean Professor
Emi Tamaki
Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of the Ryukyus, Founder and President of H2L Co., Ltd.
* AI for U is recruiting members: *
* We are looking for people who can expand our business together. Please apply from the website. *
・Full stack engineer
・AI engineer
·Corporate Planning
・Student internship
* Company Profile:*
・Established: April 1, 2024
・General Incorporated Association Generative AI Japan (Representative Director Hiroaki Miyata) Participating organizations
・Capital: 10 million yen
・Location: 2-15-19 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
・Representative Director: Kunimi Mabuchi
・Business details:
Product development business: Product development using generative AI AI consulting business: AI introduction support, AI utilization consulting, advisory
Prompt development business: Provision of general-purpose prompts, custom prompt development
AI education business: Training for companies, provision of online teaching materials, provision of certifications

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