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Elsio Co., Ltd. Elsio representative, who develops “glasses that automatically focus,” was selected as a SoftBank Academia student.

[Elsio Co., Ltd.] Elsio representative, who develops “glasses that automatically focus,” was selected as a SoftBank Academia student.
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Press release: June 28, 2024
Elsio representative, who develops “automatic focusing glasses”, selected as SoftBank Academia student
*~Based on what we learned at academia, we will further focus on commercializing autofocus glasses at our company~*
* Elshio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative: Lee), which develops “autofocus glasses (glasses that automatically focus)” equipped with liquid crystal lenses.
Furi (hereinafter referred to as Elshio) is CEO Lee.
We would like to inform you that Kaori has been selected as a member of the 15th class (from April 2024) of SoftBank Academia, an organization that aims to discover and develop successors of the SoftBank Group and entrepreneurs who will lead the AI ​​group strategy. . Through his studies at the academy, Lee will further commercialize autofocus glasses and contribute to solving problems and improving the quality of life of presbyopes and eye disease patients. *
* ■What is SoftBank Academia?*
An institution opened in July 2010 with the purpose of discovering and nurturing SoftBank Group’s successors and entrepreneurs who will be responsible for the AI ​​group strategy. Mr. Masayoshi Son serves as the school’s principal, and approximately 300 SoftBank Academia students work hard and learn from each other through a variety of programs. The 15th term will start from April 2024.

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* ■Challenges faced by Elsio: The arrival of an aging society and the increase in the number of patients with eye diseases. Lots of challenges*
In Japan, the world’s most aging society, it is estimated that more than 70% of the population has presbyopia. When you become presbyopic, you can’t change the focus, so you have no choice but to use two or three reading glasses or bifocal glasses. However, it is a hassle to change glasses over and over again, and there are cases where presbyopia progresses if you continue to wear glasses with the wrong prescription. In addition, bifocal glasses have a narrow field of vision and pose a risk of falls, and there are concerns that they may accelerate the progression of dementia by continuing to obstruct vision.

In this way, * there is no fundamental countermeasure for selecting and replacing glasses associated with presbyopia and eye diseases, and the current situation is that many people are forced to live their daily lives with inconvenience *
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* ■ Solve the above issues with Elsio’s “autofocus glasses” * In order to solve these problems, Elsio has developed * “autofocus glasses (glasses that automatically focus)” whose power automatically changes according to the scene of daily life *
is being developed. Elsio’s autofocus glasses are thinner than other companies’ products* “Thinner, wider field of view, and allows for a wider range of dioptric power changes”*
It is characterized by a dot and can be used comfortably like regular glasses. People who suffer from presbyopia or eye diseases can now live with just one pair of Elshio autofocus glasses, freeing them from the problem of replacing glasses. Elsio’s lenses are also expected to be used for “vision adjustment” in the XR field, and we have received inquiries from many related companies.
(Autofocus glasses under development)

* ■We are recruiting development members! *
(Elsio Representative Director Lee Bye-ri)
Elsio is currently increasing its recruitment of members in order to more vigorously promote research and development on smart glasses equipped with liquid crystal lenses. especially,*
We are looking for people* who are good at liquid crystal device development, manufacturing collaboration, and software development. *Overseas people are also welcome*!

If you are even slightly interested, please feel free to contact us below. * Email address:*
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* [Elshio Co., Ltd. Company Profile] *
Company name: Elcyo Co., Ltd. (English name: Elcyo Co., Ltd.) Address: 2204, Kyoto University Katsura Venture Plaza South Building, 1-39 Goryo Ohara, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 615-8245
Capital: 8,980,000 yen
Establishment date: April 25, 2019
Number of employees: Approximately 13 people (including part-time, contract employees, and outsourced employees)
X (old Twitter):
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