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Home » Netmarble Corp. A luxurious event will be held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the service launch of “Only I Level Up: ARISE”!

Netmarble Corp. A luxurious event will be held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the service launch of “Only I Level Up: ARISE”!

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A luxurious event will be held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of “Only I Level Up: ARISE” service!
Netmarble is holding a number of in-game events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the service’s latest action RPG for smartphones and PCs, “Only I Level Up: ARISE” (abbreviation: Ore Ara, developer: Netmarble Neo). We would like to inform you that we are here.
[Image:×628.jpg] ◆Many luxurious events are being held to commemorate the 50th day of release! “Only I Level Up: ARISE” will hold the following events to commemorate the 50th day of service.
●50th day celebration! 14th Login Bonus (Period: June 27th to July 31st) During the event period, if you log in to the game for 14 days, you will receive rewards such as “-Hyate Hibiki’s exclusive weapon – SSR Bravery and Unparalleled”, “(Hyate Hibiki Skin) [Event] Beach Passion Skin Box”, and “Select Pickup Summon Ticket” You can receive ●50th anniversary! Collection event (held period: June 27th to July 11th) You can use the three types of 50-day commemorative coins that can be obtained by clearing gates, blockade missions, and instance dungeons to exchange them for “SSR Hayate Hibiki” and “SSR Brave Mute (Hayate Hibiki exclusive weapon)”. Masu. You can also exchange up to 50 “Select Pickup Summon Tickets”.
You can also enjoy the following events until July 10th.
●Exciting treasure hunt event
During the event period, you can use the “[Treasure Hunt] Event Ticket” that you receive by logging in to the game to find rewards hidden on the treasure hunt board, such as “Rune Fragments”, “Skill Rune Premium Box”, “Hero Rune You can earn rewards such as “Box”. ●“Virtual Proof: Yukari Fujisaki” Pickup Summon Event
You can proceed with the pickup summon of “Yukari Fujisaki” by tapping the summon icon at the top of the lobby screen.
Please check the official forum for event details.
・Official forum: Current events
On the official forum of “Only I Level Up: ARISE”, we have published the roadmap for the second half of 2024. In the future, we plan to implement new hunters such as “S-class hunter Kiyoomi Goto” and “S-class hunter Ryu” as well as guild functions.
In addition, in the new content “Workshop of Light”, the performance of some blessings that can be obtained in “Burning Highway” and “Burning Plaza”, the appearance probability of [Legendary] grade blessings, and the drop rate of reward artifacts have been improved. We are also making adjustments.
“Only I Level Up: ARISE” has been decided to be distributed on Steam. You can receive detailed information about this work by adding “Only I Level Up: ARISE” to your Steam wishlist.
・“Only I Level Up: ARISE” Official Steam Page
For more information on “Only I Level Up: ARISE”, we will also provide the latest information on official channels such as Official X, YouTube, and Official TikToke. Please follow us.
·Official site
・Official forum
・Official X
・Official YouTube
・Official TikTok
◆What is “Only I Level Up: ARISE”◆
“Only I Level Up: ARISE”, developed by Netmarble Neo, is an action RPG based on the original webtoon series “Only I Level Up”, which boasts over 14.2 billion PVs worldwide. Players become hunters who must protect humanity from hordes of extradimensional enemies and extract their shadows to create a shadow army. You can then experience “leveling up” through new skills, stylish actions, and play mechanics that allow you to control various hunters and their abilities. ・App download
[App Store]
[Google Play] [Netmarble Launcher] (PC)
◆Only I leveled up: About ARISE◆
Only I Level Up: ARISE
[Genre] Action RPG
[Provided by] Netmarble Corp.
[Developer] Netmarble Neo Inc.
[Compatible devices] iOS / Android / PC *Cross-play compatible [Price] Basic free (in-app purchases available)
[Service start date] First half of 2024 (planned)
◆About Netmarble Corp.◆
Founded in South Korea in 2000, Netmarble is a leading developer and publisher of top-selling mobile games around the world. Netmarble is committed to enhancing the gaming experience and delighting customers around the world through collaborations with strong franchises and acclaimed IP holders.
Netmarble, the parent company of Kabam and SpinX Games, and a major shareholder of Jam City and HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment), has released titles such as “Only I Level Up: ARISE”, “Seven Knights Pocket”, and “Tower of God: The company has a diverse portfolio, including “NEW WORLD”, “Lineage 2 Revolution”, “Marvel Future Fight”, “Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds”, and “The Seven Deadly Sins: The Battle of Light and Darkness”. For more information, please visit
In Japan, Netmarble’s Japanese subsidiary, Netmarble Japan Co., Ltd., provides services such as mobile games for smartphones. For more information, please visit
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