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Forness Life Co., Ltd. Daiwa Securities Group and NEC Group collaborate to provide future disease risk prediction tests to Daiwa wrap account subscribers

[Forness Life Co., Ltd.] Daiwa Securities Group and NEC Group collaborate to provide future disease risk prediction tests to Daiwa wrap account subscribers

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Press release: June 28, 2024
Daiwa Securities Group and NEC Group collaborate to provide future disease risk prediction testing to Daiwa wrap account holders

Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and President: Akihiko Ogino, hereinafter referred to as “Daiwa Securities”) has a Daiwa wrap account contract, and offers customers who meet certain conditions the NEC group’s We will carry out an initiative to grant “Forness Visual”, a future disease risk prediction service provided by Forness Life Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and CEO: Naoto Egawa, hereinafter referred to as “Forness Life”) as a benefit.

In order to live a rich life in the era of 100-year lifespans, it is important to properly manage both “asset life expectancy” and “healthy life expectancy.” Daiwa Securities Group has supported customers in extending their asset life through a comprehensive lineup of products and services, including asset management and asset succession, as well as advanced consulting. In addition, in order to make effective use of the assets we have carefully built up, it is essential to take steps to extend our “healthy lifespan”, the period during which our daily lives are not restricted by health problems.

To support this initiative, Daiwa Securities has launched a new “Daiwa Wrap Account.”
We will start “Health Support Benefits”. Specifically, we will give you the benefit of “Fornes Visual,” a total healthcare service provided by NEC Group’s Forness Life that visualizes future disease risks and provides support including lifestyle improvement. By combining the services of both companies, we aim to build a system that allows our customers to live long, secure and fulfilling lives, and to maximize the value of their assets from both asset management and health management perspectives.

Furthermore, on October 12, 2023, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. (Representative Executive Officer and President: Akihiko Ogino) and NEC Corporation (Director, Representative Executive Officer and President)
CEO: Takayuki Morita) is building strategic partnerships. In the future, both companies will continue to discuss business co-creation that combines their respective strengths in order to pursue new possibilities that cannot be achieved alone.

[Daiwa Wrap Account Health Support Benefits Overview]
Benefit name Daiwa wrap account health support benefit
Benefit details Customers who apply for the benefit will be provided with one opportunity to use Forness Visuals.
Application period (planned): Mid-August 2024 to Thursday, July 31, 2025 Benefits granted (planned) From November 2024 onwards
How to apply You must apply using the web form exclusively for Daiwa Securities. Application target ・Daiwa Fund Wrap Premium
(Daiwa Fund Wrap with premium special contract)
・Wrap that connects you with peace of mind
(Daiwa Fund Wrap with special contract for peace of mind)
・Daiwa Advance Wrap
・Daiwa SMA Private Asset Allocation Service
・Daiwa Platinum Wealth Wrap
Individual customers with contracts (including those with new contracts) Please check the Daiwa Securities website for details regarding Daiwa wrap accounts.
Notes: *If you cancel a wrap account listed as “eligible for application” during the period from applying for benefits to receiving benefits, you will be excluded from receiving benefits. *
・In order to receive benefits, you must apply using the Daiwa Securities exclusive web form as described in “How to apply” (rewards are not automatically granted to customers with eligible wrap account contracts). Please note that if you apply directly from the Forness Visuals website, the cost of the consultation will be borne by you. ・To use Forness Visual, you will need to install a dedicated smartphone app. ・The Forness Visual test will be performed at a medical institution affiliated with Forness Life. Some areas do not have affiliated medical institutions, so please check the Forness Visuals website for details.
*The above is a “Daiwa wrap account”
This is an excerpt from the service overview of “Health Support Benefits”. For details, please contact the handling counter or your nearest Daiwa Securities after the start date of application acceptance.
Please contact our main office/branch.

[What is Fourness Visual]

This is a service*3 that uses the world’s first*2 technology to measure approximately 7,000 types of proteins from a small amount of blood*1 to visualize “future disease risk” and “current body condition.” The test does not require any dietary restrictions in advance and only requires a small amount of blood to be sampled, so it is characterized by being less of a burden on the body.

[Contents of future disease risk prediction]
・ Risk of developing dementia within 20 years/within 5 years*4 ・Risk of developing myocardial infarction/stroke within 4 years ・Risk of developing lung cancer within 5 years
・Risk of developing chronic renal failure within 4 years

[Contents of current body condition]
・Glucose tolerance
・Cardiopulmonary endurance (maximum oxygen uptake)
・Influence of alcohol
・Liver fat
·Visceral fat
・Resting metabolic rate

In addition, based on the test results, you can receive a lifestyle improvement menu tailored to each individual through an interview with a concierge who is a qualified public health nurse.
Please check the dedicated website for details on Forness Visual Inspection.

*1: Approximately 5mL of blood is collected.
*2: Utilizes the world’s first technology from US company SomaLogic that analyzes approximately 7,000 types of proteins at once. doing.
*3: Forness visual test is provided through a doctor at a medical institution. *4: The risk of developing dementia within 5 years is presented only to people aged 65 and over.

■ Regarding transaction fees and risks
*About fees and other expenses*

The fee that customers pay using Daiwa Fund Wrap Online (Fund Wrap Online Fee) is a maximum of 1.1% (annual rate, tax included) of the market value of the contracted assets. The fee that customers pay under Daiwa Fund Wrap is a maximum of 1.54% (annual rate, tax included) of the market value of the contracted assets. The
compensation for “Daiwa Platinum Wealth Wrap” is a maximum of 1.65% (annual rate, tax included) of the amount of contract assets specified in the discretionary investment contract.

Daiwa Advance Wrap compensation is based on the amount of contract assets specified in the discretionary investment contract at a fixed rate (success fee type: upper limit of 0.825% (annual rate, tax included), fixed fee type: upper limit of 1.375% (annual rate, tax included)). Masu. Fees from Daiwa SMA (including both “Daiwa SMA” and “Daiwa SMA Private Asset Allocation Service”; the same shall apply hereinafter) are based on the amount of contracted assets specified in the discretionary investment contract at a fixed rate (contingency fee type: The upper limit is 2.2% (annual rate, tax included), fixed compensation type: upper limit is 3.3% (annual rate, tax included)). In the case of success fee type, up to 22% (tax included) of the investment result will be added.

When investing in investment trusts, you will incur indirect costs such as investment management costs (trust fees) and audit fees. In the case of Daiwa Fund Wrap Online, the operation management fee (trust fee) is approximately 0.11% to 0.34% (annual rate, tax included) of the total net assets (varies depending on the inclusion status, etc.). For other services, we are unable to provide rates and upper limits in advance as they vary depending on asset allocation ratios, inclusion status, etc. Expenses such as audit fees vary depending on the operating status of the investment trust to be included, so it is not possible to indicate the rate or upper limit in advance.
– For more information, please check the investment trust manual (prospectus issued) and documents issued before contract conclusion for each product.

* Risks related to investment *

A discretionary investment contract is one in which one party is entrusted by the other party with all or part of the investment decision based on an analysis of the value of financial products, etc., and also makes investments for the other party based on the investment decision. This is a contract that provides that the necessary authority is delegated to the

“Daiwa Fund Wrap Online,” “Daiwa Fund Wrap,” “Daiwa Platinum Wealth Wrap,” “Daiwa Advance Wrap,” and “Daiwa SMA” are services that invest in and manage securities with price fluctuations based on
discretionary investment contracts. Therefore, the amount of contract assets (investment principal) is not guaranteed, and may fall below the investment principal due to changes in interest rates, exchange rates, and the credit status of issuers of stocks and bonds. there is. – All profits and losses from investment belong to the customer, the investor.

*Points to note when investing*

When we propose operation to a customer, we will provide you with a pre-contract document in advance, so please read it carefully before applying. In addition, when applying, please provide the details of the contract in the “Discretionary Investment Contract (also a document issued at the time of contract conclusion)”, “Service Description Manual”, “Account Terms and Conditions”, “Service Terms and Conditions”, etc. for each service. please confirm.

■ Trade name, etc. Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. Financial instruments business operator Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 108 ■ Member associations
Japan Securities Dealers Association, Japan Investment Advisers Association, Financial Futures Association, Type II Financial Instruments Association, Japan STO Association

that’s all

■Customer inquiries
NEC Second Financial Solutions Division

If you have any questions about Forness Visuals’ services, please contact us at the email address below.
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