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8.39 billion yen raised for the start of Ishikari Renewable Energy Data Center’s first project

8.39 billion yen raised for the start of Ishikari Renewable Energy Data Center’s first project

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Press release: June 28, 2024
8.39 billion yen raised for the start of Ishikari Renewable Energy Data Center’s first project
*~Accelerating the opening of a data center running on 100% renewable energy in Ishikari~*
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June 2024 28th
Ishikari Renewable Energy Data Center LLC No. 1
Ishikari Renewable Energy Data Center No. 1 will be constructed in April 2026 following the decision to receive a subsidy from the Information and Communications Network Industry Association (CIAJ) based on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ “FY2021 Supplementary Digital Infrastructure Development Fund Subsidy Project.” We have been making preparations for the opening of our business in Ishikari, Hokkaido. Tokyu Land Corporation, Flower Co., Ltd.
Communications and Agility Asset Advisors Co., Ltd. will play a leading role, and Ken Asai Architectural Research Institute Co., Ltd. will lead the construction of a renewable energy local production for local consumption type data center in Ishikari, Hokkaido, which will actively introduce on-site PPA.
Details of funding
This funding was raised from domestic investors through Ishikari Renewable Energy Data Center No. 1 LLC, utilizing the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act.
The main purpose of the financing is to provide domestic investors with a new opportunity to enter the data center business and promote efforts toward the construction of the second and third buildings (total of 300MW including the first building). I will do it. We raised funds for this project with the goal of contributing to the region so that Ishikari, Hokkaido, can play a role as a renewable energy data center park representing Asia. Through the promotion of this project, we aim to realize Hokkaido’s vision of becoming a “Hokkaido Data Center Park.”
Priority business areas
With this funding, we will build Hokkaido’s first 100% local renewable energy data center, encourage major domestic and international data center operators to expand into Hokkaido, and promote Hokkaido’s digital transformation. Additionally, in response to the expanding demand for data centers due to the rapid spread of AI, we will provide Hokkaido’s renewable energy to AI businesses through on-site and off-site PPAs.

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Ishikari Renewable Energy Data Center No. 1
Ishikari Renewable Energy Data Center No. 1 including on-site PPA – Business structure
Structure details (illegal/in-kind GK-TK scheme)
– Ishikari Renewable Energy Data Center No. 1 Overview
Total floor area: 11,093 square meters (planned)
Power receiving capacity: 15MW
Number of racks: 1140 racks
■Comment from Ishikari City

I am very pleased that the data center construction plan by Ishikari Renewable Energy Data Center No. 1 LLC is progressing. This data center is a project in line with the national policy of relocating data centers to local areas for the purpose of risk diversification, and has great social significance as it also matches the concept of local production of renewable energy that the city is aiming for. We recognize that this is an initiative.

The expansion of this data center is expected to significantly develop the local economy, including the promotion of DX that solves regional issues and the creation of GX industries through expanded use of renewable energy. We also believe that this project will have a variety of ripple effects, including further accumulation of data centers and promotion of related infrastructure development. The city will continue to support the success of this project in cooperation with related businesses.
Mayor of Ishikari Tatsuyuki Kato
■Comment from the Industrial Promotion Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Hokkaido

With the start of business for the first Ishikari Renewable Energy Data Center, Tokyu Land Corporation and Flower Co., Ltd. have been selected as a new investment model for data centers.
We sincerely welcome the participation of many business operators and investors, including Communications, as well as their announcement of future plans for 300MW.

The development of a data center that utilizes 100% renewable energy in the Ishikari region is truly an advanced initiative for the region that is rooted in the region, and the Hokkaido Government is currently working to accelerate the development of a core base for digital infrastructure. Of course, it will greatly contribute to the promotion of DX and AI utilization, decarbonization, and the development of the digital industry in Japan as a whole.
The Hokkaido Government prays for the steady progress of the project and will do our best to support it.
Shiro Yasuhiko, Director of Industrial Promotion Bureau, Hokkaido Economic Department
■Contact information regarding this release
Agility Asset Advisors Co., Ltd.
Corporate Planning Headquarters Business Planning Group Takahara/Ishii TEL 03-3552-8878 FAX 03-3552-8868

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