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Mizuho Lease Co., Ltd. Regarding the conclusion of the “Mizuho Positive Impact Finance” agreement between Mizuho Lease and Mizuho Bank

Mizuho Lease Co., Ltd.
Regarding conclusion of “Mizuho Positive Impact Finance” contract between Mizuho Lease and Mizuho Bank
Mizuho Lease Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Akira Nakamura, hereinafter referred to as “Mizuho Lease”) announced today that it has entered into a syndication agreement with Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
(President: Katsuhiko Kato, hereinafter referred to as “Mizuho Bank”) to acquire the “Mizuho Positive Impact” project through a syndication method. We have concluded a contract for “Finance” (*1, hereinafter referred to as “this product”).
This product utilizes an impact evaluation framework uniquely developed by Mizuho Research & Technologies Co., Ltd. (President: Masatoshi Yoshihara, hereinafter referred to as “Mizuho Research & Technologies”) based on the Positive Impact Finance Principles (*2). We comprehensively and quantitatively evaluate the social impact (positive and negative) of our customers. If the evaluation confirms that the project has the intention of creating a positive impact, a loan will be provided for the purpose of continuing support for the project.
This is a loan that utilizes the renewal type Mizuho Positive Impact Finance (*4), and is based on the suitability assessment of this product, which was arranged in March 2024, and takes into account the existing goal setting status and the period of this financing. The above confirms that Mizuho Leasing’s compliance with the Positive Impact Finance Principles and Impact Evaluation Framework remains unchanged.
Mizuho Lease aims to create value that can be shared with stakeholders through its business activities and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, based on the management philosophy of “Connecting needs and creating the future.” Additionally, in order to promote sustainability management, the company is focusing on renewable energy business and circular economy, and is actively utilizing sustainable finance, including this one.
-Mizuho- conducted a qualitative and quantitative review of the themes listed in the attached document, focusing on Mizuho Lease’s
materiality efforts, and evaluated the activities as having a particularly impactful impact on achieving the goals of the SDGs. In addition, Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. (JCR, *5) has confirmed that this evaluation conforms to the Principles of Positive Impact Finance, and has been established based on the Ministry of the Environment’s ESG Finance High-Level Panel Establishment Guidelines, Paragraph 2 (4). We have obtained a third-party opinion regarding consistency with the “Basic Concepts of Impact Finance” compiled by the Positive Impact Finance Task Force.
-Mizuho- believes that it is important to demonstrate the positive impact on the environment, society, and economy in our efforts to achieve the SDGs, and as a financial institution, we aim to create and evaluate positive impact through this product. We would like to support efforts towards this goal.
In addition, Mizuho Bank is working with Mizuho Research &
Technologies to conduct impact evaluations and engagement
(construction projects) using impact management (achieving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to positive impacts through regular monitoring and supporting control of negative impacts, etc.). We will continue to support our customers’ efforts by having open dialogues with them.
-Project overview: Commitment line-
Financing target: Mizuho Lease Co., Ltd.
Arranger: Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Contract conclusion date: June 28, 2024
*1: “Mizuho Positive Impact Finance”
Press release dated June 25, 2021: “Mizuho Positive Impact Finance” now available
About *2: Positive Impact Finance Principles
It is a common financial framework for achieving the SDGs, announced in 2017 by the Positive Impact Working Group, which is a bank and investment member of the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) (*3). It has a comprehensive content that evaluates the impact from both positive and negative aspects regarding the three aspects (environment, society, and economy). In addition, UNEP FI presents an impact radar consisting of 22 categories such as climate, water, energy, biodiversity, culture and tradition, etc. as a tool for identifying impacts.
*3: United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) A partnership between the United Nations Environment Program and the global financial sector established following the 1992 Earth Summit to promote sustainable finance.
*4: Renewable Mizuho Positive Impact Finance
Mizuho For second and subsequent financings for companies that have previously arranged positive impact finance, existing evaluations can be used only if it is determined that there have been no changes in the specified items since the initial arrangement.
*5: Website of Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.
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