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Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. Announcement of the results of the 1st Comic Earth Star Manga Awards

Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd.
-Result Announcement-Announcement of the 1st Comic Earth Star Manga Award Judging Results
This project is a manga award sponsored by [Comic Earth Star]. Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will hold the “1st Comic Earth Star Manga Award” on the comic label [Comic Earth Star] published by the company, and the screening results will be posted on the special website below. The announcement was made at noon today at (
[Image 1:×720.jpg] The following works were selected to receive awards.
Original category
[Image 2:×646.jpg] Title of work: “TS Cyborg Hero Rin” │ Winner: PN Yasunari Ito Honorable Mention (100,000 yen) and Editor-in-Chief Award (50,000 yen) 2 titles won!
《Editorial department selection review》
Although the artistry is still overwhelmingly high at this point, this work shows many areas where further growth is expected. It’s good to have a clear sense of the frames in each spread, and to have a clear idea of ​​which frames you want to highlight. More than the content of his work, he was highly praised for his intuitive technique for showing pictures that he wanted readers to pay attention to. Regarding the structure of the story, the somewhat opportunistic setting and development and the long flashback explanation at the beginning are a bit confusing, but perhaps because the 5W1H is clearly depicted, it is not difficult to read, and I was able to read it at a good pace until the end. I would like to award him the title of editor-in-chief without any complaint, as he is a writer who has a solid foundation to become a serial writer!
name department
[Image 3:×646.jpg] Title of work: “In the world of palms” │ Winner: Mr. PN Eisei Won 2 titles: Encouragement Award (50,000 yen) and Sales Department Award (30,000 yen)!
《Editorial department selection review》
Natsume, a popular elementary school streamer, and Keita, a classmate who has no place at home. These two people, who are like light and shadow, begin to interact through stop-motion animation. Although it was a shame that it took so many pages to set the stage, it was a fascinating introduction. The two’s efforts to drastically change Keita’s depressing real world on the small screen of video streaming turned out to be a wonderful youth drama. Not only that, but the story depicts a casual mission to “project an internet video onto the TV screen at home” that leads to a big incident…The extraordinary production that juxtaposes with everyday life is also effective, and the continuation to the next episode is effective. It was made to be interesting. Not only do you get an idea of ​​what the story is about as you read on, but I think it would be even more enjoyable if the reader could have an idea of ​​how the story will end before they read it, and if you could include some direction that betrays that in a good way. So I’m looking forward to it.
[Image 4: &s3=101562-30753E9D0F542B84C62B84C af8737-900×221.jpg]
Title of work: “LEFT” │ Winner: PN Yuki Aiba
Expected award for being in charge!
《Editorial department selection review》
A straight-laced boy joins a boxing gym because he wants to experience the essence of martial arts. I was grabbed by the engaging
introduction. I’m glad that he has a consistent character even in his words and actions in order to reach the state of martial arts that his grandfather taught him. The charm of being able to use only the left jab, which is a weakness, becomes a strength, so the key scene where he defeats his opponent with a left punch in a double-page spread, what kind of technique did he use, and the weakness of the left jab? How did they turn this into a strength? I wish they could include a monologue from the main character or commentary from the audience to really show off the story.
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