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Home » Advertising in Nihon Keizai Shimbun has been a big hit! To commemorate the publication of the advertisement f or “Management Strategy of Crane Game Specialty Store Everyday ~ Reasons why BAD Place is profitable ~” written by T akehisa Inoue, it has

Advertising in Nihon Keizai Shimbun has been a big hit! To commemorate the publication of the advertisement f or “Management Strategy of Crane Game Specialty Store Everyday ~ Reasons why BAD Place is profitable ~” written by T akehisa Inoue, it has

Curry Research Institute Co., Ltd.
[Advertising in Nihon Keizai Shimbun has been a big hit! ] To commemorate the publication of the advertisement for “Management Strategy of Crane Game Specialty Store Everyday ~ Reasons why BAD Place is profitable ~” written by Takehisa Inoue, it has been decided to add a free commentary seminar!
Great response! This is Takehisa Inoue’s 25th book and his first documentary about corporate management. A book about how to manage a game center that went from a location where no one would look at it to become the number one in the world in the Guinness Book of Records and a popular store that the media comes to interview almost every day. ……
Curry Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/Representative: Takehisa Inoue), an information dissemination organization that leads the curry industry, is a publisher of business books such as Inoue Strategic PR Consulting Office, whose representative, Takehisa Inoue, has written many business books. Attracting customers will change dramatically! We published “Management Strategy of Crane Game Specialty Store Everyday – Why Even BAD Place Makes Money” (Gokigen Business Publishing), and an extensive advertisement was placed in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.
To commemorate this occasion, the author, Takehisa Inoue, held a free seminar on June 29th (Saturday) to explain his book, but due to a large number of applicants, an additional seminar was held on July 1st. It will be held.
Please join us if you would like to learn more about the contents of the book directly from the author.
Course title: “Management strategy of crane game specialty store Everyday – Reasons why BAD Place is profitable”
        Free explanation seminar
Theme: What is strategic public relations used by rapidly growing companies around the world? Learn about…!
        What is strategic public relations that allows even a small company to make a leap forward at low cost? Learn about…!
Contents: New book “Attracting customers will change dramatically!” Management strategy of crane game specialty store Everyday ~ Also at BAD Place
To commemorate the publication of “Why Make Money”, we will hold a seminar that will explain the contents of the book in an
easy-to-understand manner.
      “Strategic public relations” is a popular method that has been successfully used in recent years by companies active not only in Europe, America and Japan, but also all over the world.
This is a new management method. This cutting-edge theory will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner using examples. consultant Takehisa Inoue (Inoue Strategic PR Consulting Office), a skilled consultant who has a position filled up to three years in advance,                                            is.
I will teach you carefully.
Date: July 1st (Monday) 10:00-11:00
Time: 1 hour
Format: Online
Fee: Free
Capacity: 10 people
Target: President only; public relations officer or person in charge of public relations for listed companies
   ※Please refrain from applying if you are from another company in the same industry.
    *After applying, we will contact you based on the lottery. Application: Please apply from the official website of Inoue Strategic PR Consulting Office.
     →Please indicate that you would like to attend the free seminar on July 1st.
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[Image 9:×17.jpg] “Attracting customers will change dramatically! Management strategy of crane game specialty store Everyday ~ Reasons why BAD Place is profitable ~”
[Image 18:×875.jpg] Author: About Takehisa Inoue
A consultant who teaches “strategic public relations,” a method that incorporates public relations (PR) into the core of business and strategically promotes business growth. After working at a trading company, he worked as a producer at the Yokohama Curry Museum. Appointed as the representative in 2002, he helped revive the museum in just one year, which was suffering from a decline in visitor numbers, and promoted it based on his unique theory of holding over 100 events a year and distributing releases 2-3 times a week. (PR) and achieved great success. After retiring from his position in 2006, he began teaching strategic public relations methods through lectures and consulting, mainly to large companies and government agencies. He has provided guidance to a wide range of companies, from central government offices and local governments to universities, large companies, various industry organizations, and small and medium-sized enterprises, and has given lectures on public relations (PR) more than 100 times a year to more than 1,000 companies. He is also known as a leading authority on curry research, and is well versed in all aspects of curry, including its culture, history, nutrition, regional characteristics, and ready-to-eat curry. Established the General Research Institute and serves as its representative director. It is also famous for creating a curry boom, including soup curry, French curry, white curry, curry hotpot, keema curry, butter chicken curry, and local retort curry. Appears on TV, newspapers, and magazines about 100 times each year, including TV Tokyo’s “Solomon Style”, NHK’s “Good Morning Japan”, Fuji TV’s “Waratei Itomo”, and TBS’s “Matsuko’s Unknown World” (2 appearances). In recent years, he has also focused on teaching the next generation, establishing “Curry University” and training the next generation of professionals who will lead the curry industry. Born in 1968.
[Image 4:×884.jpg]
[Image 9:×17.jpg] About published books The facilities designed by Toyo Co., Ltd., including Everyday, will be transformed into popular stores with long lines. Toyo has used an unusual store opening strategy to expand into locations that other companies would not reach. As a result, stores that seemed unrenewable have quickly become popular hubs. In this book, the author’s deep research and long-term interviews carefully explain the management methods of the East, which have been shrouded in veil until now.
[Image 6:×353.jpg] ↑Everyday Gyoda store was a great success in a remote area with poor transportation access and was said to be a barren place for business.
[Image 7:×354.jpg] ↑ Everyday Tokyo Main Store (Yashio) is a place where the locals whisper that the store has been abandoned by the god of business. This book is a must-have for anyone involved in revitalization projects, such as town revitalization producers. What kind of strategy was behind the success? Get behind the scenes of Everyday’s rise, and it will give you clues to explore the unknown possibilities of the business.
[Image 18:×875.jpg] Purchase from Amazon
[Image 9:×17.jpg] Key points of this book Key points of this book
(1) Everyday has made a difference in the game center industry, which is in decline. specialized in crane games
Increasing growth based on strategy. What’s more, we opened one store after another in remote areas where people couldn’t go, and achieved great success.
Overturning industry common sense.
(2) A collapsed pachinko parlor in the middle of a field, the site of a commercial facility that is failing no matter what they try, and a series of companies closing down.
   SC vacant store. These were regenerated by Everyday and revived as a thriving store. His skill is exactly
   You could say it was miraculous.
(3) A thorough report that goes behind the scenes and depicts a number of revolutionary events that will remain in the history of game centers. of that success
   You will know the secrets and know how to step into unknown areas of business.
(4) How was Everyday born and how has it grown? The answer is hidden in this one book
There is. This is a must-read book to delve into the ins and outs of the business model and understand the strength and authenticity of Everyday.
(5) In addition, we will take a look behind the scenes at the “BAD Place Strategy” and “Strategic Public Relations Management,” which are the pillars of unconventional management. Will anyone come?
   We will introduce many surprising methods such as many measures to create queues in places where there are none, secret strategies to attract customers with almost no sales promotion expenses, etc. Learn more and take a new step in your business.
(6) A new challenge for Everyday that goes beyond conventional wisdom is revealed here. management consultant
This book is filled with the truth about public relations and management as seen from Takehisa Inoue’s perspective. Experience the miracle of every day,
Let’s expand your business possibilities.
[Image 10:×431.jpg] ↑Everyday is a game center and has been featured on so many TV programs! Why is it possible to succeed in a barren land that is said to be unsuitable for business? The secret is that the media come to interview us one after another and we are introduced on TV,
newspapers, and the web. This method is called “strategic public relations.” They are rapidly coming up with projects that the media wants to cover.
[Image 11:×660.jpg] ↑”Pass Catcher” who prays for the success of examinees. A huge hit with examinees and their parents!
[Image 12:×203.jpg] ↑“Bicycle Power Generation Catcher” where you can generate electricity on your bicycle and win prizes. A huge hit due to the power saving boom and soaring prices!
[Image 13:×538.jpg] ↑“Mottainai Catcher” mainly sells expired items as prizes. A huge hit due to the food waste and SDGs trends!
[Image 14:×277.jpg] ↑“Curry Catcher” where you can get valuable curry that is difficult to obtain. Carefully selected by curry conductor experts from all over the country, it is a huge hit!
[Image 15:×616.jpg] ↑“Freshly Baked Every Day Catcher”, which sells freshly baked bread from a social welfare corporation, has been a huge hit and has been awarded by Saitama Prefecture as a social contribution project!
[Image 20:×891.jpg] ↑Strategic public relations is a method that is often featured in the media. Toyo Co., Ltd., which runs Everyday, is a company that practices strategic public relations! He has the ability to easily publish on media such as TV and the web. (*Photo is from “Practical Public Relations”, a best-selling book that explains “strategic public relations”)
[Image 21:×13.jpg] Takehisa Inoue’s [Book Summary] Book title: “Attracting customers will change dramatically! Management Strategy of Crane Game Specialty Store Everyday ~ Reasons why BAD Place is profitable ~ Author: Takehisa Inoue (Inoue Strategic PR Consulting Office) Size: A4 variant ISBN978-488335-512-9 Issued by: Gokigen Business Publishing Sales: Internet and bookstores ●Click here to purchase books on Amazon → →
[Image 18:×875.jpg]
[Image 21:×13.jpg] ◆We will also introduce related books. 〇What is Takehisa Inoue’s book “Practical Public Relations: From Organization Building, Planning to Strategy Execution” (Japan Management Association Management Center), which is selling well enough to be reprinted?
[Image 20:×891.jpg] “Strategic public relations” linked to the management strategies necessary for management in a new era. This is a practical manual. “Strategic public relations” is a management method that increases awareness of a company’s name and product/service name, increases sales profits, and ultimately builds a corporate brand by being reported on TV, newspapers, and internet media on a daily basis. one of. Unlike the traditional style of formulating a public relations strategy when a completed product or service is released into the market, incorporating public relations elements into the product and service development stage increases the effectiveness of public relations and increases customer recognition, expectations, and trust. A new PR strategy that maximizes It is said that most companies that appear frequently in the media use this method of strategic public relations. Successful venture companies in the United States and other countries use it as a matter of course, and it has been introduced in Japan where it is used by advanced companies. In this book, the author, who is a leading expert on “strategic public relations,” explains practical methods for introducing strategic public relations into companies. Recommended for these people! ● Targeted for managers who want to innovate their management through public relations ● Public relations officers and public relations managers who want to improve the public relations capabilities of their public relations department ・ Want to strengthen or transform an existing public relations department ・ Become the person in charge of creating a public relations department from scratch ・ Management The reason for this is that 1) strategic public relations, the latest management method used in Europe and the United States, has become widespread in Japan. This book has become popular among managers and public relations managers as a practical bible. 2) This was a long-awaited book because until now, there were almost no books on how to put strategic public relations into practice. 3) The process of
introducing strategic public relations is written in detail and in an easy-to-understand manner. Therefore, if you have this book, you can implement it, and some companies have successfully put it into practice. It is called the “Bible” as a guide for people who are serious about public relations. ■Click here to purchase! !
[Image 21:×13.jpg] What is Inoue Strategic PR Consulting Office?
[Image 22:×190.jpg] This is a consulting firm led by Takehisa Inoue, who is known as a top public relations consultant and a leading expert in the practical implementation of strategic public relations. It has the following characteristics: 1) PR Takehisa Inoue, a leading public relations expert, will provide direct guidance. 2) Great track record of success with over 1,000 companies in all fields including manufacturing, service, BtoB, and BtoC 3) Consistent marketing support not only for PR but also for product development and sales 4) Low budget compared to PR agency companies Achieve your own PR with 5) Original method for training public relations personnel and detailed follow-up
[Image 23:×839.jpg] We provide consulting on everything necessary for public relations, from selecting and instructing PR personnel, to providing guidance on actual work, in-house awareness campaigns, and crisis management PR. Public relations PR is a job that anyone can do, but there are certain qualifications that are suitable and unsuitable, and it is important to identify these. In addition, if an accident occurs with a product, poor response can make the situation worse, so the importance of crisis management public relations has increased in recent years. Of course, the current state of PR and the necessary events differ from company to company, so we listen carefully and provide step-by-step guidance based on the situation of the client company. When in doubt, we will think together and find a solution. If PR works well, a company’s performance will definitely improve. Would you like to work with me to enliven your company using PR?
[Image 24:×318.jpg] Please consult with us once. ■Click here for details.

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