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Countermeasures against high temperatures Protect yourself from heat and dryness with ski pongs this summer!

Akplanta Co., Ltd.
[Countermeasures against high temperatures] Protect yourself from heat and dryness with ski pongs this summer!
On June 25, the Japan Meteorological Agency announced the three-month forecast for July to September.
Due to the effects of the La Niña phenomenon, temperatures are expected to be higher than normal throughout the country during this period.
In mid-June, central Tokyo is already showing signs of being extremely hot, with maximum temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, a midsummer day, and even higher temperatures reaching over 35 degrees Celsius in some areas.
Is there a perfect way to protect summer vegetables from high temperatures and dryness?
[Image 1:×540.jpg] Vegetable cultivation under high temperatures is more likely to cause plant loss and death. “Skeepon” is a biostimulant material that utilizes the action of acetic acid (the main component of vinegar). By increasing the resistance of plants to dryness and high temperatures, it is possible to maintain yield and quality. You can save water. Example of effect
At Akplanta, we have repeatedly conducted demonstration experiments to check the growth status of crops using skipons. For staple summer crops such as tomatoes and other fruit vegetables, broccoli, cabbage and other leafy vegetables, and corn, despite the high temperatures and dry conditions, results include higher yields and sizes than conventional cultivation, and suppression of plant loss and death. is appearing.
Crops using ski pongs have increased yield in demonstration tests that can withstand heat and dryness
A new way to deal with high temperatures! ! How to apply Skipon – Tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes – | Akplanta Co., Ltd.
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Growth during drought is on a whole other level! ~Broccoli Edition~ | Akplanta Co., Ltd.
[Image 3:×228.jpg] About Akplanta Co., Ltd.
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In 2017, when founder/CEO Kim Jong-myung was a researcher at RIKEN, he published in the academic journal “Nature Plants” the biostimulant material “Skipon”, which utilizes the effect of acetic acid to increase the desiccation tolerance of plants. is an agri-bio startup that has developed “.
Against the backdrop of climate change and increasing demand for reduced pesticides and chemical fertilizers, we are conducting demonstration experiments in 14 countries overseas, including the United States and Uganda, to use Ski Pong as a countermeasure against high temperatures and dryness.
Domestically, we are working with JA Fuji Izu (Shizuoka Prefecture), Gunma, Aichi, and Wakayama Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Stations, as well as farmers, agricultural groups, and companies across the country.
He has won many awards, including the 6th Agritech Grand Prix Grand Prix Award, the 1st JA Accelerator Excellence Award, the AgriFood SBIR Pitch 2023 Business Concept Award, and the Nikkei Award for the “Super DX Summit Impact Pitch” sponsored by Nihon Keizai Shimbun.
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