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D2Frontier We suddenly stopped receiving inquiries from the web. Survey results of common causes for companies called

[D2Frontier] We suddenly stopped receiving inquiries from the web. Survey results of common causes for companies called

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Press release: June 29, 2024
All of a sudden, there were no inquiries from the web. Survey results of common causes for companies called
*Nowadays, inquiries from the web are also a means of gaining profit and have become important. The results of a survey on the causes and countermeasures for the phenomenon of “suddenly no inquiries from the web”, a common marketing-related consultation. *
This can happen in real life, but sometimes the inquiry from the web suddenly disappears due to various reasons.
As this is one of the most common inquiries we receive, we will be posting the details of our investigation and examples of solutions. 1. Analysis results of the causes of a decrease in inquiries We often receive complaints that the number of inquiries from incoming users through natural searches other than web advertising has suddenly begun to decrease.
Below are the possible causes in this case.
– Seasonal factors (20%)
– Market shrinkage, stagnation (8%)
– Competitive changes (34%)
– Influenced by search ranking (27%)
– Others (10%)
*Round down to the nearest whole number.

Other reasons include a decrease in website updates and incorrect use of noindex, etc., which caused the website to no longer appear in search results.

2. Effect of search ranking
Among the causes, more than half of them were affected by search rankings, with changes in competition (34%) and search rankings (27%). In particular, we could see a noticeable impact on companies that were able to acquire mainly through SEO.

Factors that can be considered as “changes in competition” include competitors putting effort into SEO measures and updating articles they have published so far, or adjusting their site structure to match the latest SEO.
It is a common phenomenon in highly competitive products that you lose out in SEO measures and your content’s display ranking goes down and the number of inquiries naturally decreases.

The “influence of search rankings” includes the “changes in competition” mentioned above, but the SEO of search sites such as Google, which have not updated their own content and left it as it is, has been updated and the SEO measures that have been taken so far are It may have stopped working.
Therefore, even if the competition does not change, the display ranking may naturally drop.

3. Basic countermeasures that are effective
There are various ways to deal with the causes listed in 1.
Here are some examples of countermeasures.

First, regarding “seasonal factors,” we can improve inquiries by analyzing the number of inquiries throughout the year, waiting until the season when inquiries increase, and increasing content at appropriate times using the data obtained from the analysis. . Please note that for products that have physical stores, etc., seasonal inquiries may not necessarily be the same in physical stores and online.
Analyze both real and online situations and take appropriate actions according to the situation.

Regarding “market shrinkage or stagnation”, various factors can be considered, such as a decline in demand for the product or a decline in user interest. , the cause of the slump varies greatly.
Therefore, a common countermeasure is analysis to find out the reasons why the market has shrunk or slumped.
It is necessary to conduct an analysis to find out why the market has shrunk or slumped and take appropriate countermeasures.

There are various ways to deal with the “influence of search rankings”, which is the most common cause of a decline in inquiries from the web, and the following are possible.
– Review of advertising site structure
– Delete low quality articles
– High quality article updates
– Add content
– Improvement of business structure (content posting system) In the next section, we will introduce details of actual
countermeasures taken against the “effects of search rankings.”

3.1 Countermeasure examples
We would like to introduce an example of a countermeasure taken by a client of ours who was suffering from a decrease in inquiries due to a change in display ranking.

First, we checked the content of the articles published by the client. The content was comparable to that of other companies that were ranked higher than our client’s, and there were no problems with the quality of the articles.
However, when checking the table of contents at the beginning of the article, and checking inside the article, there were problems with the site structure, such as internal links, links to reference sources, and frequently read articles.

Since the cause has been identified, we have included internal links and links to reference sources in articles that we have created so far and articles that are scheduled to be published in the future. We also discussed whether it would be possible to display a table of contents at the beginning of an article, frequently read articles, and articles that have been read together, but it turned out that it would be impossible to add this due to the structure of the site when it was created. This time I had to see it off.

As a result, we only took measures to increase the number of links within articles, but articles that had previously been displayed in 6th place for the target word were now consistently displayed in 3rd place or higher, and users’ The number of inquiries has also changed beyond previous levels.

4. It is impossible to maintain a business on the web unless you continue to improve by updating content etc.
From the examples above, it is very important to maintain a high ranking in search rankings in order to increase inquiries from the web, and at the same time, in order to maintain a business on the web, it is necessary to constantly check for changes and take measures accordingly. It’s very difficult work.
If you neglect updates, you will end up in a situation where “While other companies and new entrants are active, no updates = *relative decline*” and you will lose trust from users.

In addition, as in the example above, there may be situations where you could not have increased the number of inquiries even though you should have been able to do so because you did not think ahead when creating the website, so it is important to keep an eye on the future.

At our company, we provide site construction that emphasizes updating after the site is created, as in the case studies taken up in this survey.
We provide a website system that allows you to easily edit and expand your website, even if you don’t know anything about programming.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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[Survey overview]
Survey period: March 2020 to May 2024
Research institution: In-house research
Survey target: Our clients and related companies
Number of valid responses: 42 companies
Survey method: Aggregation within the period using in-house data *About details about this release*

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