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Biol Organics Co., Ltd. Whiten your skin with organic products. *¹

To all those involved in the media
Bioll Organics Co., Ltd.
Organic whitening. *¹
Travis Japan becomes the brand ambassador of organic cosmetics brand bior organics!
Travis Japan, who has expanded his activities from dancing, singing, acting to variety shows, and is now so popular that there is no day when he does not see him on TV, has been appointed as the brand ambassador of bior organics, which has become a hot topic for its functional organic airless cushion foundation. .
A new visual of the [Medicated whitening THE VC WHITE All-in Concentrate Lotion], which will be released nationwide on July 5th (Friday), has been released.
[Image 1:×1831.jpg] Organic cosmetics brand bior organics (6-13-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yumi Kudo) carries 7 SKUs of skin care products, including medicated whitening THE VC WHITE All-in Concentrate Lotion, all of which have received organic certification from Ecocert Cosmos. Released nationwide on Friday, July 5th. A web video introducing Travis Japan’s lineup including the lip serum released in May will be released sequentially from 13:00 on Saturday, June 29th.
In the video, the members of Travis Japan share a new product from bior organics with a feeling of gratitude and a hint of romance, with the setting of “Having a holiday lunch with a female employee who has been indebted to me.” A passionate performance of what to say when giving a present. Please look forward to which members will present which products and what exciting words.
[Image 2:×1280.jpg] Video release lineup
The video can be viewed on the bior organics official website: [].
It will also be distributed on Instagram/X (formerly Twitter): bior organics official account [@bior_organics].
Released sequentially from 13:00 on Saturday, June 29th
◇ WEB video #Show-ShortVer.-
◇ Short video #Show me
#1: Organic certified medicated whitening THE VC WHITE All-in Concentrate Lotion    CAST: Kaito Miyachika
#2: Organic certified cleansing soap VCEX Damask rose & neroli scent/Lavender & neroli scent
   CAST: Genta Matsuda
#3: Certified Organic Skin Base Marine Science Booster
   CAST: Kaito Nakamura
#4: Organic certified Asapak Hydro-C all-in-one serum pack
   CAST: Kaito Matsukura
#5: Organic certified Asapak Moist Treccino C all-in-one serum pack    CAST; Kanya Yoshizawa
#6: Certified Organic Triple Cell Sleeping Serum
    CAST: Nyoeru Kawashima
#7: Certified Organic Over Lip Serum/Organic Color Lip Serum CAST: Tatsuya Shichigosankake
Released on Sunday, June 30th at 8am
◇ WEB video #Show me-LongVer.-
[Image 3:×2691.jpg] [BIOR ORGANICS] New products released on Friday, July 5th
-Medicated whitening THE VC WHITE All-in Concentrate Lotion- As the catchphrase says, “Brighten your skin with organic products,” this lotion is certified organic by Ecocert Cosmos and certified as a quasi-drug.It suppresses melanin production, prevents spots and freckles, and prevents rough skin. , it also takes care of acne. In addition, it is 100% naturally derived and additive-free*², making it compatible with facial beauty devices. The active whitening
ingredient, vitamin C derivative *³, penetrates deep into the stratum corneum. Contains original white cherry blossom x fermented rice extract*⁴ raw materials, ceramide*⁵, and olive squalane*⁶ to condition the skin. The refill type sustainable container is an original design of bior organics.
[Image 4:×2925.jpg] Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 5,500 yen including tax (4,950 yen refill, 550 yen bottle)
-Cleansing Soap VCEX Damask Rose & Neroli Scent/Lavender & Neroli Scent- It comes out as a soft foam, so you don’t need to wash your face twice. A cleansing soap based on the concept of “washing with beauty serum.”
[Image 5:×1243.png ]
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 4,950 yen including tax -Skin Base Marine Science Booster-
After washing your face, try this first. A booster of the blessings of the sea that is used first to moisturize and prepare the foundation of your skin.
[Image 6:×1055.png ]
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 4,950 yen including tax (4,400 yen refill, 550 yen bottle)
-Asa Pack All-in-One Serum Pack Hydro C/Moist Trecino C-
On busy mornings, this is all you need to complete your skin care routine. A toner pad that makes your makeup last longer.
[Image 7:×940.png ]
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 3,960 yen including tax -Triple Cell Sleeping Serum-
A beauty serum that soothes me after a hard day. Before going to bed, first relax with a scent. Plant-derived triple stem cell ingredients*⁷ condition your skin while you sleep.
[Image 8:×2138.png ]
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 4,950 yen including tax -Organic certified over lip serum/Organic color lip serum-
A luxurious lip serum. Color lip serum is colored only with
“flowers*⁸” and “minerals*⁹”.
[Image 9:×2455.jpg] Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 2,970 yen including tax *¹ Ecocert Cosmos organic certified quasi-drug lotion that suppresses melanin production and prevents age spots and freckles *² Free of preservatives, petroleum-derived ingredients, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic fragrances, silicone, alcohol, and mineral oil * ³L-Ascorbic acid 2-glucoside *⁴ Rice fermented liquid (moisturizing, skin conditioning), Sakura leaf extract (moisturizing, skin
conditioning, firmness) *⁵ N-stearoylphytosphingosine (moisturizing, skin conditioning, firmness) *⁶ Squalane (moisturizing)・Softness) *⁷ Eryngium maritimum callus culture solution (firmness, moisturizing, skin conditioning), Chrismum maritimum callus culture solution (moisturizing, skin conditioning), Apple fruit cultured cell extract (firmness, moisturizing, skin conditioning) *⁸ Safflower red *⁹Iron oxide
Release campaign
(For details, please visit bior organics official website: Advance reservation: July 2nd (Tuesday) – July 4th (Thursday) Medicinal whitening THE VC WHITE All-in Concentrate Lotion
A: Skin Base Marine Science Booster
B: Asapak all-in-one serum pack Hydro C or Moist Trecino C
C: Cleansing soap VCEX Damask rose & neroli scent or lavender & neroli scent D: Triple Cell Sleeping Serum
The above special kits are available at a special price of 9,900 yen including tax for A, C, and D, and 8,800 yen including tax for B. Everyone who makes a purchase will receive an original bior organics novelty item for each kit. The number of gifts is limited. note that. ◇ bior organics official EC site: July 2nd (Tuesday) 18:00~ / July 4th (Thursday) 20:00~
◇ Cosme Kitchen WEB STORE: July 3rd (Wednesday) 10am~
◇ Biople WEB STORE: July 3rd (Wednesday) 10am-
◇ Isetan Shinjuku Store B2F Beauty Apothecary: July 3rd (Wednesday) / July 4th (Thursday)
Nationwide release: July 5th (Friday)
We will give a bior organics original novelty to everyone who purchases the eligible products (skin care products newly released in July and lip serum released in May) for a total of 7,700 yen or more including tax. The number of gifts is limited. note that.
◇ Cosme Kitchen 67 stores nationwide
◇ Biople 29 stores nationwide
◇ Isetan Shinjuku Store B2F Beauty Apothecary
◇Each EC site
Please experience the “evolution” of bior organics.
[Image 10:×314.png ]
Bioll Organics Co., Ltd.
https://biororganics. com/
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