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Home » 100studio will hold a special stage greeting for the original theatrical animation “Several Minutes of Cheer ” produced by 100 studio.

100studio will hold a special stage greeting for the original theatrical animation “Several Minutes of Cheer ” produced by 100 studio.

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100studio will hold a special stage greeting for the original theatrical animation “Several Minutes of Cheer” produced by 100 studio.
The original theatrical animation “Several Minutes of Yell”, produced by the digital animation studio “100studio” and the video production team “Hurray!”, is currently being shown as a huge hit. Today, June 28th (Friday), there will be a stage greeting in Ishikawa Prefecture, where the film is set, by Frederick’s Kenji Mihara (Vo.Gt.) and Ryuji Akagashira (Gt.) who will sing the theme song with Director Poprika. It was held.
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] This work is set in Kanazawa City and Hakui City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and is a vivid depiction of the joys and pains of manufacturing, with video and music as two axes.
On June 28th, we will be holding a special stage greeting titled “Cheer to Ishikawa” at Aeon Cinema Kanazawa Forus in Ishikawa Prefecture. Director Populika and Frederick’s Kenji Mihara and Ryuji Akagashira, who sang the movie’s theme song “CYAN”, took to the stage to greet the audience.
Director Poprika, who is from Ishikawa Prefecture, talked about her passion for this work, saying, “I can proudly say that I bet my life on this work.I want to continue making things.” Mr. Akato of Frederick said, “I was able to be involved in a wonderful movie,” and Mr. Mihara encouraged the people of Ishikawa, “This is a work that will serve as a talisman for all those who make things. Please come to the theater.” Sent.
About donating a portion of distribution income
This work is sponsored by Ishikawa Prefecture. In response to the 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake, Ishikawa Prefecture and the production committee held discussions regarding reconstruction support, and decided to donate a portion of the distribution proceeds as relief funds through the Ishikawa Prefecture counter.
We will continue to closely monitor the recovery situation and consider ways to support the project in collaboration with Ishikawa Prefecture.
All of our staff members would like to pray for the earliest possible recovery of the disaster-stricken areas.
Outline of “A Few Minutes of Yell”
A few minutes of ale (Read: Sufunkan’s ale)
[Image 2:×972.jpg] [Public information]
Friday, June 14, 2024
Director: Popurika / Deputy Director: Ohajiki / Art Director: Magotsuki Screenplay: Toki Hanada / Singing music production: VIVI / Sound director: Noriyoshi Onuma
Music: Tomoyuki Kitsune/Theme song: Frederick “CYAN”
Production: Hurray!×100studio/Distribution: Bandai Namco Film Works 【cast】
Beyond Asaya: Natsuki Hanae
Yu Orishige: Mariya Ise / Singing artist: Kei Sugawara
Daisuke Tonosaki: Yuma Uchida
Emi Nakagawa: Fuka Izumi
To everyone who aspires to manufacturing in this era
Kanata Asaya, a high school boy who is immersed in making MVs (music videos), is moved by a street live performance he sees one day and strongly wants to make a MV for the song. However, the person singing was Yu Orishige, a female teacher who had given up on pursuing a career in music.
This film, which vividly depicts the joys and pains of manufacturing based on the encounter between two people, is written by Toki Hanada, who worked on “Love Live!” and “A Place Further Than the
Universe,” and is in charge of character design and direction. Almost all of the videos were created by “Hurray!”, a video production team consisting of “Popurika”, “Ohajiki”, and “Magotsuki”.
The long-awaited first theatrical animation by the team that is currently attracting the most attention, including the MV for Yorushika and the ending video for the TV anime “Kawaii wa Nai Shikimori-san”, uses the free 3DCG software “Blender” as its main tool. The unique and delicate image-making has also attracted attention.
The song sung by Yu Orishige in the movie is produced by VIVI, who is also active as a Vocaloid P, and the singer who was selected as one of Spotify’s next-generation artists “RADAR: Early Noise 2022” that is expected to be active is the one who is in charge of producing the song. Songwriter Kei Sugawara is in charge of the song, and Yu Orishige sings the feelings put into the song with a neutral and emotional voice.
I want people who watch it to look forward and laugh.
Please to you,
“A few minutes of cheer.”
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Official X: @yellmovie_2024 (recommended hashtag: number yell) What is “100studio”?
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“100 Studio” was launched in May 2021 as a “studio that supports creators” with the aim of “enriching people’s hearts through animation.” We opened 100studio Tokyo (Nishiogikubo) in April 2022, 100studio Taiwan (Taiwan) in July of the same year, 100studio Fukuoka (Fukuoka) in April 2023, and 100studio Osaka (Osaka) in February 2024. We believe that attractive works can be created by connecting production and production and leveraging the individuality of the creator, and we will continue to create animation works for the world. In addition, in keeping with our founding philosophy of “supporting talented creators regardless of geography,” we are preparing to open multiple locations in the future, including local and overseas studios.
Business content: Planning and production of general animation videos such as TV, theaters, distribution, games, music videos, etc. Studio Representative: Kotaro Horiguchi
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About HIKE Co., Ltd.
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As an entertainment company that handles all kinds of content centered on IP, such as anime, manga, games, and stage plays, we will rapidly take on new challenges one after another and provide the value of IP not only domestically but globally.
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