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Yugawara Chiyodasou Information on “Summer Meal”

Noguchi Tourism Management Co., Ltd.
[Yugawara Chiyodasou] Information on “Summer Meal”
~2024 Yugawara Chiyodaso Summer Meal~
Noguchi Kanko Resort Management Co., Ltd. Yugawara Chiyodaso, a hot spring inn (637 Miyakami, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
Prefecture/General Manager Satoshi Tanaka)
At Yugawara Chiyodaso, the hot spring inn, dinner has been changed to a summer meal.
We have prepared a large number of summer-like items to create a sense of excitement.
[Image 1: &s3=19483-1149-2CBC04A1D4A1D234B12CCFFF87BEA4E 92171D-3900X2600.jpg] 2024 summer meal
Ichinoju’s appetizers have 7 dishes themed around Yugawara and surrounding areas such as memorial museums, popular facilities, scenery, temples, entertainment, history, nature, etc., and Ninoju’s appetizers include locally made sashimi, skin-beautifying effects, and more. We have prepared 5 dishes containing plenty of nutrients that improve blood flow throughout the body and improve stiffness.
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] Tendon image
Sankai tempura is available in 5 pieces. Freshly fried! Piping hot! In will deliver.
We also recommend eating it as a “Tendon” using the “Tendon sauce” (available at the self-menu table).

[Image 3:×333.jpg] Yugawara Yoshihama Coast
The rainy season has finally arrived, and the rainy days continue, but how are you all doing?
We will open Yugawara Yoshihama Beach again this year.
Yoshihama Beach opening period: July 13th (Saturday) to August 31st (Saturday), 2020
Yoshihama Beach boasts the highest water quality rating of “AA”, and has been evaluated for overall beach safety, and has been designated as a “JLA Certified Beach” by the Japan Life Saving Association as a beach that meets certain standards. Certified.
We look forward to welcome you.
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