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Grand opening in July 2024 Mochimune, Shizuoka prefecture, workcation accommodation facility “PORTO”

sunU Co., Ltd.
[Grand opening in July 2024] Mochimune, Shizuoka prefecture, workcation accommodation facility “PORTO”
~ PORTO, supported by sunU Inc., opens a workcation-only accommodation facility that is operated with minimal staff ~
“PORTO Shizuoka Mochimune”, supported by sunU Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yu Ito), will have its grand opening in July 2024. This is a long-stay workday accommodation facility with a coworking cafe that provides the perfect environment for remote workers. We utilize IoT devices, including unmanned check-in and check-out, to ensure efficient operations that can be operated with a minimum of human resources.
[Image 1:×395.jpg] Features
1. Ultra-high-speed internet connection [Wi-Fi] We have installed optical 10G internet, so you can use the ultra-high-speed internet line as is. We also have wired LAN (10G or 2.5G) available in private rooms. Telework and online meetings can be done smoothly, and large amounts of data can be sent and received in a short time. 2. Comfortable working environment A desk with a width of 180 cm and a depth of 60 cm and an external monitor are installed as standard, and some rooms have a sit-stand desk.
We have installed sound-insulating rubber on the walls between neighboring rooms to help you work stress-free. The coworking space offers a simple and calm environment where you can get your work done. The owner of PORTO (Yukio Sasaki) has created a comfortable
environment for remote workers from the ground up, making full use of the knowledge and experience he gained from running ADDress home subscription bases.
[Image 2:×720.jpg] 3. Approximately 90 minutes from Tokyo Station The Mochimune area where PORTO is located is a small port town located 2 stations and 7 minutes by train from the center of Shizuoka City. We are conveniently located approximately 90 minutes by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station. 4. Attractive surrounding environment Within a 5-minute walk, there is the sea where you can experience SUP, a day-trip hot spring, a West Coast Brewing brewery, and a craft beer bar, so you can enjoy Mochimune by walking without using a car during or after work. can. There are many restaurants, and you can choose one to suit your mood, including Donburi House, which is run directly by the fishermen’s association and where you can enjoy the famous fresh whitebait, as well as a seafood izakaya, an old-style Italian restaurant, and a specialty morning ramen.
There are also supermarkets and convenience stores, so you can stay comfortably even during your long stay.
[Image 3:×762.png ]
5. Regional exchange We also collaborate with local co-working facilities. We are focusing on community exchange, and plan to hold barbecues and coffee events once a month.
6. Crowdfunding goal achieved The crowdfunding project “A new work style and work base project starting from Shizuoka Mochimune” ended its recruitment on June 26, 2024, with 53 people reaching the target amount of 300,000 yen. We received support of 496,000 yen from . Thank you very much to everyone who supported us and to everyone who helped spread the information by sharing. [URL]
[Image 4:×400.png ]
Guest room
[Table 2: ]
*Prices vary depending on the season. The above prices are standard prices. Facilities Coworking/cafe 15 seats Common area for guests only ・3 toilets ・2 shower rooms ・2 sinks・Washing machine, gas dryer ・Kitchen, dining room, refrigerator/freezer (700L) [PORTO overview] Name: PORTO (with Cafe PORTO) Address: 3-9-27 Mochimune, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka URL:
[Image 5:×720.jpg] About sunU Co., Ltd.
sunU Co., Ltd. provides innovative support for accommodation facilities. Our team, led by a 26-year-old female manager, makes full use of the latest technology and field experience to provide support at every stage of the facility, from hands-on support to web/SNS support and remediation of human resource shortages. We also offer a new approach to the industry with our unique services that utilize relaxation. “I want to leave behind a charming inn and help the workers!” With that in mind, we will continue to support you with all our might! ”
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[Company profile] Company name: sunU Co., Ltd. Location: Koto-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yu Ito Established: February 2, 2023 URL: Business content: Operational support for the inn business Consulting Planning and management of education, training, lectures, etc. related to customer service Information collection, information processing, and information provision for the tourism industry Business-based relaxation Management of relaxation salons
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