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Big reveal Is the real estate industry white? Or black?

[Big reveal] Is the real estate industry white? Or black?

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Press release: June 29, 2024
[Big reveal] Is the real estate industry white? Or black?
* “Is the real estate industry white or black?” Weekend seminar thoroughly examined by professionals *
It will be held. An industry executive who knows the ins and outs of the real estate industry will thoroughly explain the current state and future of the real estate industry.

■Seminar overview
Date: Friday, June 30, 2024 from 19:00
Location: SA Co., Ltd. Head Office (6th floor, Kioicho Head Office Building, 3-12 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku)
Lecturer: Kenji Shigetomo (distributor TV/MC)
Agency TV without permission [Independent / Side job /]
This is an innovative program that delves into the depths of the agency business, with President Shigetomo, a master of the franchise industry, acting as MC. In this program, we reveal the hidden truth of the agency business and the mechanics of making money, the secrets of profits, and management know-how, while also discovering “treasure agencies that viewers would want to join themselves”. To go. In order to share the same perspective as the viewers, there is no prior research or analysis. We are looking for agencies to spread the word “Employment Clean Planner” while conveying the appeal of the agency industry through a variety of projects and aiming to become the number one agency introduction channel in Japan.

[Program MC introduction]
Kenshi (Representative Director of Store Information Service Co., Ltd.). Based on our management philosophy of “making everyone involved with our store happy” and “contributing to the local community,” we aim to be a company that creates services specialized for store properties and contributes to society through our core business. . Currently being serialized in the franchise magazine Business Chance. *About details about this release*

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