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Home » Japan Shogi Federation Shogi Japan Series JT Professional Official Match – Yo Inaba 8-dan defeats Takumi Ito and wins the opening match – June 29th (Saturday) First round first game results

Japan Shogi Federation Shogi Japan Series JT Professional Official Match – Yo Inaba 8-dan defeats Takumi Ito and wins the opening match – June 29th (Saturday) First round first game results

Japan Shogi Federation
Official Shogi Japan Series JT Professional Match: Yo Inaba, 8th Dan, defeats Takumi Ito to win the opening match. June 29th (Saturday) First round first game results
Yo Inaba, 8-dan, defeated Takumi Ito with 144 moves to advance to the second round.
The next match is scheduled to be against Takuya Nagase 9-dan in the first round of the second round.
[Implementation overview]
Title: “Shogi Japan Series JT Pro Official Match” First round, first game Date: Saturday, June 29, 2024
Location: Yume Messe Miyagi Exhibition Halls A and B (Address: 3-1-7 Minato, Miyagino-ku, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture)
[“JT Pro Official Match” Results]
Pairing: Takumi Ito Eio (first move) vs. Yo Inaba 8th Dan (second move) Result: Inaba 8-dan wins with 144 moves
[Today’s highlights of “JT Pro Official Match”]
Inaba 8-dan holds the opening match for the first day
The swing pieces are played by attendees who are selected by lottery, and Ayumu is decided to take the first move against Ito Eio with four pieces.
The second player, Inaba 8-dan, adopted a three-way rook called Hayashida. On the other hand, Eio Ito, the first player, made an early move with ▲4 and 5 steps, an unprecedented development. Immediately after, Eio Ito regretted the 31st move, ▲6 Hexagon. ▲If it were 7 hexagons, it would have been difficult to avoid being cut by the rook. Despite being at a rook pace, Eio Ito was unable to provide a decisive move and the battle continued in the middle, but Inaba 8-dan cut off the horse on his 120th move and went on to win the opening round. Eio Ito was unable to win his first match after winning the title.
Eio Ito: “The JT Pro Official Tournament is a shogi tournament that I’ve admired since I was a child, so I’m very happy to be able to participate in it.When I play in public, I get to see a lot of people, so it makes me feel good.”Inaba, 8-dan He is a talented player who can see and move quickly.I think he will need to be very decisive in a short shogi match, but I will do my best to show him a good shogi game.
Inaba, 8-dan: “JT professional official matches are public matches that are very rewarding for me as a shogi player, so I want to play as many games as possible. Eio Ito has studied the early stages in depth, so I want to make sure I don’t fall behind there. He also showed great tenacity in the final stages. It’s all down to Meiri as a shogi player to be able to compete against such a strong opponent in this official JT professional match.”
[Comment from winning player Inaba 8-dan]
Hayashida may be rare as he is the last player. I was nervous because my ball was 7-1. After all, it’s the last move, so it’s a bit different.
I thought the closing hand position would be difficult, but with △7 Rokuhi to △6 Rokuhi, the opening ball is empty and I think it’s a little easier to play. All I have to do is use the Keika I got. However, I lost to Ito Eio in the final stages, so I proceeded with caution. I’m relieved that we won in the end. I can play one more game next time, so that makes me the happiest.
I was relieved that Inaba 8-dan’s swinging rook, which I had predicted the day before, came true (lol). The reason I was able to close the situation early on when Eio Ito started was because of the advice of my senior players, and I think I was able to get it in a good spot. During the impression match, Eio Ito said, “Was the 31st move ▲7 Nankaku?” If that was the case, then it must have been a difficult game of shogi. I think I misunderstood the 38th move, △6 six fly, and the corner of the first move, and went to swing rook pace. It’s tough until you win, but it’s easy to see what moves you can make on the draw. Even with Eio Ito, it was extremely difficult to make a comeback, but as expected, they held on desperately and made it into a heated battle. Inaba 8-dan was able to close out the match from △8 Shika to △7 Hachima on the 118th move. I think it was a great victory. Seiji Tobe Shichidan Dandan
[Concession map] Takumi Ito Eio (first move) vs. Yo Inaba 8-dan (second move)
[Image:×362.png ]
[Chess score] Takumi Ito Eio (first move) vs. Yo Inaba 8th Dan (second move) ▲26 steps △34 steps ▲76 steps △35 steps ▲6 eight balls △3 two flies ▲7 eight balls △4 four steps ▲46 steps △6 two balls ▲4 eight silvers △7 two silvers
▲25 steps △3 triangles ▲45 steps △same steps ▲3 triangles △same Katsura ▲2 four steps △same step ▲same fly △7 one ball ▲4 four steps △4 two flies ▲21 tobi △32 silver ▲11 dragon △4 four fly ▲1 three dragons △46 steps ▲6 Hexagon △7 Four Fly ▲5 Eight Gold Right △1 Eight Steps ▲2 Four Steps △7 Six Fly
▲8 eight balls △6 six flies ▲same walk △4 pentacles ▲1 eight balls △3 square hits
▲5 Rokuko △1 Octagon Sei ▲2 Sanpo Sei △Same angle ▲Same Dragon △Same silver ▲4 squares △4 seven steps ▲same silver △46 steps ▲same silver △4 nine steps ▲7 Eight Silvers △46 Hi-Sei ▲4 Three-His △4 Four Dragons ▲Same Hi-Sei △3 Two Silvers
▲5 Mikanari △4 Sanppo ▲Doujinka △Doujin Gin ▲Double Dragon △3 Nigin ▲4 Kowloon △5 Four horses ▲23 steps △2 steps ▲76 steps △4 Two incense ▲46 steps △7 six horses ▲6 seven gold △4 three horses ▲4 eight dragons △8 two balls
▲96 steps △94 steps ▲56 steps △64 steps ▲7 Seven silver steps △47 steps ▲7 Eight Dragons △1 Eight Steps ▲36 Steps △4 Eight Steps ▲Same Dragon △19 Steps ▲35 steps △29 and ▲7 Hakkin △2 Go Katsura ▲3 Hachiryu △1 Seven Katsura ▲2 Kowloon △4 Hexagonal ▲1 Kowloon △27 Chenggui ▲76 steps △3 Hexagonal ▲1 two dragons △4 six horses ▲1 four steps △5 seven steps ▲1 three steps △5 eight steps
▲22 steps △Same step ▲Same and △57 and ▲Same gold △Same horse ▲32 and △5 Six Horses ▲2 One Dragon △8 Shika ▲2 Seven Dragons △7 Eight Horses ▲ Same ball △8 Shichikosei ▲ Same ball △7 Gokatsura ▲7 Eight balls △5 Four horses
▲7 five steps △8 seven gold ▲6 seven balls △2 seven horses ▲42 and △5 six steps ▲7 Rokudama △7 Seven Gold ▲Same Katsura △4 Nine Horses ▲6 Seven Kaori △7 Eight Silver
▲7 Shikatsura △Same walk ▲Same walk △6 Seven horses ▲7 Gotama △5 Gohi The second player won with 144 moves until
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