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Home » 7/27-28 “Drone Engineer Conference 2024 in KAGA” held

7/27-28 “Drone Engineer Conference 2024 in KAGA” held

7/27-28 “Drone Engineer Conference 2024 in KAGA” held

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Press release: June 29, 2024
7/27-28 “Drone Engineer Conference 2024 in KAGA” held
*The “Drone Engineer Conference”, a heated meeting of drone engineers, will be held in Kaga City again this year. *
Continuing from last year, training courses, basic courses,
symposiums, and social gatherings will be held in parallel over two days at the Kaga City Innovation Center. Of course, you can also participate from outside Kaga City. Certain qualifications are required to participate, so please check the details!

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* ■Date & Place■*
Date and time: July 27, 2024 (Sat) 13:00 to July 28, 2024 (Sun) 17:00 Main location: Kaga City Innovation Center Demonstration venue: Former Kaga City Miki Elementary School ruins

* ■Program overview (scheduled: please see the participant pamphlet for details)■*
– * -Concurrent course 1.- *
– * “Engineer Training Course (CC Programming Edition)” * Learn the basics of simulator and flight controller programming, and learn the basics of being a drone engineer.
* “Entrance to becoming a drone engineer” *
This is a basic course to acquire the basic knowledge necessary to become a drone engineer, such as the structure of drones and communication mechanisms.
– * -Simultaneous parallel course 2.- *
– * “Engineer Training Course (FC Programming Edition)” *

Students will learn applied topics such as programming for simulators and flight controllers, with the aim of developing control technology originating from Japan that can be used around the world. Applicable to those who have attended an engineer training course in the past.
– * “Drone Hard Disassembly New Book” *
This is a basic course that explains the basic structure of a drone while actually looking at the hardware.
– * -KAGA Drone Night!- *

We will hold a social gathering for engineers interested in drones and people involved in the drone business. Let’s talk while watching the drone inside and outside the venue. FPV drones can be flown within the venue.
* -Drone morning activity- *
On the morning of the second day, we will have a discussion while flying FPV drones inside and outside the venue.
* -Drone demonstration- *
A wide variety of drones will be flying at the outdoor venue. There will also be demonstrations of rover-type and walking-type drones in the nearby indoor venue.
– * -Drone trend talk & diving presentation- *
It will consist of presentations on drone trends, talk events by lecturers, and walk-in presentations.

* ■Invited people■*
・Kaga City resident (Residency card in Kaga City)
・-Limited Edition-e-Kaga Citizens
・DroneComplexKAGA Members (past participants)
・Corporate Partners

*Participation is limited to Kaga City residents, View details

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