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Home » “High-mobility drone dock” concept released for disaster response (video included)

“High-mobility drone dock” concept released for disaster response (video included)

“High-mobility drone dock” concept released for disaster response (video included)

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Press release: June 30, 2024
“High-mobility drone dock” concept released for disaster response (video included)
*Digital College KAGA has completed the initial development design of a “high-mobility drone dock” that enables rapid response to disasters. We will release a concept video and solicit a wide range of opinions from everyone involved. *
[* Pursuing high mobility during disaster response]*
At Drone Complex KAGA, we analyzed the series of earthquakes that occurred at the beginning of this year and the subsequent response situation, and came to the conclusion that in order to take advantage of the mobility of drones, it is effective to install them on highly mobile vehicles. did.
In addition, in anticipation of the increasing severity of disasters expected in the future and the speeding up of initial activities in response, we have begun the development of a motorcycle-mounted high-mobility drone dock, and have now completed the initial design. I created a concept video.

Design overview

* [Background] *
In recent years, with climate change and an increase in natural disasters, there is an increasing need for speedy and efficient disaster response. The challenge with traditional methods is that activities are delayed in areas that are difficult to access or where it is difficult to gather information. On the other hand, highly maneuverable vehicles such as helicopters and motorcycles are required to enter disaster-affected areas where there are landslides and roads that have collapsed. Combining these high maneuverability with the high maneuverability of drones will be a very effective solution. Details about the high-mobility drone dock will be announced at the “Drone Engineer Conference” to be held from July 27th to 28th. Overview of the Drone Engineer Conference

* [Features of high-mobility drone dock] *
* ・High mobility x high mobility*
: High mobility x high mobility can be achieved by combining a bike and a drone. Furthermore, by combining it with helicopters etc., high mobility x high mobility x high mobility is achieved.
・*Assumed to be an off-road motorcycle*
: Off-road motorcycles can move quickly even in dangerous places after a disaster, and if the surrounding situation can be monitored with a drone, the high mobility of motorcycles can be further utilized. ・* Rapid deployment*
:The design is such that the drone can be deployed immediately upon arrival at the scene to gather information and grasp the situation from above. Communication equipment and batteries can be mounted on the bike side.
・*Wide coverage*: The flight range of the drone has expanded, allowing it to cover areas that cannot be accessed by motorcycle.
・*Improvement of data collection ability*
: High-precision images and video data from the sky can be acquired and shared in real time even from remote locations using communication equipment installed on the bike.

* [Characteristics of design study (partial)] *
* ・Versatility and ease of removal*
: Designed to be installed on various types of bikes and easy to remove. Incorporating the opinions of experts in the motorcycle industry, we have created a shape that is dustproof, waterproof, and does not interfere with the operation of the motorcycle.
・*Vibration countermeasures*: The design is such that vibrations and large shaking when riding a motorcycle do not affect the drone or equipment, and waterproofness in rainy weather is also taken into consideration.
・* Lighter weight and ease of operation *
: We have adopted a mechanism that allows you to manually adjust the IMU and fix the drone during takeoff and landing with a single touch, and we have reduced the number of parts to reduce weight.
・*Equipped with communication/battery equipment*: It can store the batteries, communication equipment, base computer, etc. necessary for drone operation, and can be deployed immediately.
・*Availability and versatility*: The box itself is removable and can also be used when mounting the bike on a vehicle. Additionally, the box alone can be installed on ships and vehicles.
・*Operation redundancy*: Reflecting the opinions of disaster response experts, the design allows for multiple units to be operated and has redundancy.

Fast deployment drone platform
Drone operation immediately after arrival
Mechanism to fly a drone stably

The base side is also equipped with various mechanisms.
Can also be operated after being removed
Can also be applied to other uses

* [Future demonstration experiment] *
Details about this high-mobility drone dock will be announced at the “Drone Engineer Conference” to be held from July 27th to 28th. It is also expected to be applied to a variety of everyday fields, including security, surveillance, and logistics, while also envisioning disasters. We will continue to improve our technology, and we will be reaching out to a wide range of partners to participate in prototype production and demonstration experiments.
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