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I know. Co., Ltd. Held a haircut event for the first time at “Harenohi Otona Kodomo Shokudo”.

Co., Ltd. I know.
A haircut event was held for the first time at Harenohi Otona Kodomo Shokudo. A wide range of generations from babies to the elderly participate, and it has been decided that this event will be held every other month!
Palette (location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; representative: Maiko Sugawara; hereinafter referred to as Palette) is a visiting beauty service that provides haircuts and nails at nursing care facilities and hospitals, and KID’s HAIR RUT’s (location: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture) is a kids cut specialty store. Representative: Hirotaka Kodera) held its first on-site haircut event on June 7th (Friday) in collaboration with the voluntary organization Harenohi Otona Kodomo Shokudo (Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Saeko Suzuki). .
[Image 1:×1241.jpg] At “Harenohi Adult Children’s Cafeteria,” medical professionals play a central role in providing accommodation support and a children’s cafeteria for children who are not good at group behavior or communication.
The event was held this time in line with Palette’s idea of ​​“we want people to refresh their minds and enjoy meeting new selves through haircuts.”
Participants ranged from a wide range of generations, including those who are reluctant or find it difficult to go to a beauty salon for various reasons.On the day of the event, five groups of customers, including 0-year-old babies and elderly people, participated. We had a variety of options available, including hair color and bleaching. From now on, we aim to hold regular sessions once every two months, and the next session is scheduled for Friday, August 2nd.
We believe that becoming the person you want to be through a haircut will energize everyone, regardless of age or gender. Palette will continue to work closely with our customers’ wishes and help everyone feel positive and cheerful.
[Event implementation summary]
・Date and time: June 7, 2024 (Friday) 9:00-13:00
・Meeting location: Harenohi Adult Children’s Restaurant (4-22-20-301 Ayase, Adachi-ku, Tokyo)
・Contents: Haircut, hair color
・Number of participants: 5 people
[Image 2:×945.jpg] We will carefully listen to your wishes and proceed with the treatment while checking the image!
[Image 3:×945.jpg] Cut your baby’s hair while reading a picture book!
[Image 4:×945.jpg] Transform into your favorite color!
[Image 5:×945.jpg] We will try to match the image while also using mesh caps!
[Image 6:×945.jpg] Even elderly people were able to participate!
■Isho Support is a service that provides a place for children who have difficulty commuting to school for various reasons and supports them. At Harenohi Adult Children’s Cafeteria, we provide lodging support twice a week and provide adult children’s cafeteria once a month. Medical professionals play a central role in providing sensory play, learning support, and exercise therapy for children who are not attending school or who have developmental imbalances.
[Image 7:×1108.jpg] Support through sensory play, learning support, and exercise therapy ■Challenging your favorite hair style: You can’t go outside because of your bad legs, the stairs and shampoo tables at the store are difficult, you’re worried about causing trouble, you can’t communicate your wishes to the hairdresser. There are various reasons why you can’t go to the beauty salon, such as feeling nervous. At Palette, everyone can try their favorite hairstyles as a form of
self-expression, and share their ideas, such as, “I felt like I wanted to show someone the changes in my appearance!” and “I was able to proactively talk to people through changes in my appearance.” I hope to create an opportunity to change the way we interact with others and our inner lives.
[Image 8:×768.jpg] ■Experiences of trying hard and things going well will give you strength. Saeko Suzuki, representative of the voluntary organization Harenohi Otona Kodomo Shokudo
[Image 9:×945.jpg] ・How I started providing support for my place of residence
The number of elementary and junior high school children who are unable to attend school due to difficulty and are choosing adaptive instruction classrooms or free schools is increasing year by year. While there are many children who are now able to resume school at a location other than school, there are also many children who are unable to make any choice and are spending their time at home. In particular, there are few places available for children in the lower grades of elementary school, and some have no choice but to spend their time at home.
As a nurse, I am involved in supporting children on a daily basis, and I felt that the current situation was not improving, which is why I started Isho-Sho Support. When children are absent from school for a long period of time, the hurdles for them to leave their homes become higher, so I feel it is necessary to provide them with a place where they can feel safe and adapt as quickly as possible.
I would like to make it commonplace for such children to have a place where they can use the facility free of charge and with peace of mind, where “medical professionals provide support in the community.” We also believe that if there is a place in the community where parents can easily consult with medical professionals and learn knowledge, they will be able to support their children without feeling alone in their child’s refusal to go to school.
[Image 10:×718.jpg] ・After the haircut event
I think there are many children who are reluctant to go to the hair salon, such as those who want to hide their faces by growing out their bangs or those who are reluctant to have their hair cut. As part of this event, let’s all try changing our hairstyles! I had a lot of fun cutting and coloring with this advice. Experiences of trying hard and going well are very powerful for children. All the staff members were kind to me, and I was able to carry out the procedure in a very safe manner.
[Image 11:×945.jpg] [Representative comment]
I know Co., Ltd. Representative Director Maiko Sugawara
As a hairdresser, I was looking for ways to do more for people who find it difficult to go to a beauty salon, and based on a similar concept, I decided to hold this event for the first time at Harenohi Otona Kodomo Shokudo. I received it. I would be happy if the participants could make some positive changes by changing their hairstyle or color and discovering a new side of themselves. We also offer a menu other than haircuts, such as coloring and perms, to help you get closer to the image you envision. We will carefully listen to your desired hairstyle and make treatment suggestions based on your feelings of “I want to try it!” and “I want to look like this!”, so I will be very happy if you can relax and use it without worrying. is.
We would like to continue to take on challenges in order to spread what we can do to as many people as possible.
[Image 12:×3900.jpg] KID’s HAIR RUT’s Manager Hirotaka Kodera
I am very happy that people from a wide range of generations participated this time. Many customers are very nervous when meeting a beautician for the first time, but thanks to the kind support from the on-site staff, I think the participants were able to proceed with the treatment while feeling relaxed. I think. I am also a qualified care worker, so I would be happy if children who need care, babies who are getting their hair cut for the first time, and elderly people can use my service with confidence.
In addition to haircuts, we also flexibly handle hair coloring, perms, bleaching, and more. We look forward to your participation next time!
[Image 13:×813.jpg] [Company information]
・Voluntary organization Harenohi Adult Children’s Restaurant We provide placement support, learning support, and a children’s cafeteria for children in the first grade of elementary school to third grade of high school who have developmental imbalances and who have difficulty adapting to groups. As part of the voluntary organization Harenohi Adult Children’s Shokudo, medical professionals (nurses, rehabilitation therapists, etc.) play a central role in implementing these activities as volunteers.
・Children’s cafeteria: 3rd Saturday of every month 11:00-14:00 (children free, adults 300 yen)
・Location support: Every Wednesday and Friday 9:30-12:30 (for 1st year elementary school to 3rd year high school students)
・Official website
[Image 14:×1108.jpg] ・I know Co., Ltd.
As a visiting beauty service palette, we visit nursing facilities, hospitals, private homes, etc. in areas such as Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, and Chiba to provide services such as haircuts, nails, makeup, and massages. .
・Location: Ginza Otake Business 2F, 1-22-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ・Telephone: 03-6689-0059
・Official website
・Official Instagram @paletto_houmon
[Image 15:×2600.jpg] ・KID’s HAIR RUT’s
She runs a beauty salon that specializes in kids haircuts while leveraging her experience as a caregiver and visiting hairdresser. As a father of three children, he provides haircut services tailored to the growth of children. Received the 2023 Baby Brush Award.
・Location: 2-12-21 Bunzo, Minami-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture ・Telephone: 048-767-7505
・Official Instagram @kid.s_hair_rut.s
[Image 16:×1063.jpg]

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