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Home » Only 39.3% of women apply sun protection to their hair! Shampoo provides UV protection to protect beautiful hair Survey on sunburn on hair

Only 39.3% of women apply sun protection to their hair! Shampoo provides UV protection to protect beautiful hair Survey on sunburn on hair

Only 39.3% of women apply sun protection to their hair! Shampoo provides UV protection to protect beautiful hair [Survey on sunburn on hair]

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Press release: June 30, 2024
Only 39.3% of women apply sun protection to their hair! Shampoo provides UV protection to protect beautiful hair [Survey on sunburn on hair]
The sun is getting stronger and more and more days are starting to feel like summer. Summer is the season when people are worried about sunburn. Are you fully protected against sunburn? Something that is surprisingly often overlooked is sun protection for your hair. Did you know that your hair is also affected by UV rays, which can cause fading and damage?
This time, Hagukumi Plus Co., Ltd. (Head office location: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Shohei Yamamura), which is well-known for its clay cream shampoo “cocone”, conducted a survey of 300 women regarding “tanning of hair” Did.
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Survey overview
* Questionnaire about hair and tanning *
Survey target: Women
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey period: May 31, 2024 to June 3, 2024
Survey area: Nationwide
Number of valid responses: 300 people
Research institution: Lancers
Survey results summary
– According to a survey of 300 women, 60.7% did not use sunscreen. – The number one reason for not taking sun protection for your hair was “it’s a hassle” and the second reason was “I don’t know what to do.”
– 42.7% of people have experienced sunburn on their hair.
Even though they know they will get sunburned…60.7% of women do not use sunscreen on their hair
When 300 women were asked, “Do you know that your hair can be tanned?”* 92% of women answered “I know.”*
However, when asked, “Do you use sunscreen products for your hair?”, 39.3% of respondents answered “I do.” *
Approximately 61% of women said they did not use sunscreen for their hair*. When asked why they don’t use sunscreen, 26% of women said it’s a hassle, and 23.3% said they don’t know what to do. Out of a total of 148 people, 131 answered, “I know that my hair can get sunburned.” Even though many women know that their hair can get sunburned, they either don’t know what to do about it, or feel that taking care of their hair from the sun is a hassle.
On the other hand, the items used by those who answered “I use sunscreen items” were “hat” with 83 votes, “parasol” with 73 votes, “sunscreen spray” with 47 votes, and “sunscreen function” with 47 votes. “Hair Milk, Hair Oil, Balm” received 14 votes.
* Many people seem to protect their hair from sunburn by wearing a hat or a parasol*.
42.7% of people feel sun damage to their hair
photo by PIXTA
* 42.7% of respondents answered “yes” to the question “Have you ever felt that your hair was tanned?”
I would like to share with you a specific story about how I
experienced sunburn on my hair.
・My hair became frizzy after playing in the pool for a day in the summer. – Your hair becomes dry and dry, and the color of your hair turns brown. ・When I was standing in a long line waiting to enter an outdoor concert on a sunny day, my hair lost moisture and became dry and unmanageable.
* It seems that your hair often gets sunburned when you are outside for a long time, during summer leisure activities, at events, etc.* It is known that when your hair is exposed to a lot of UV rays, it has the following specific effects:
cuticle peels off
・Even after washing and treating my hair at night, it felt squishy and lost its smoothness.
One type of damage caused by UV rays is the peeling of the cuticle that covers the hair.
The cuticle acts like a barrier to protect your hair. It is thanks to the cuticle that healthy, beautiful hair looks shiny and shiny. However, when the cuticle falls off, the surface of the hair becomes rough and loses its smoothness and shine. Furthermore, the inside of the hair is exposed, making it more susceptible to damage from the core. Unfortunately, once the cuticle has fallen off, it cannot be restored.
Ingredients inside the hair are washed away
・The day after playing at the beach for a day, my hair became dry and dry, making my fingers feel stiff.
・My hair was originally brown, but when I got sunburned, it turned blonde, which my boss pointed out.
When the cuticle on the hair surface peels off due to the effects of ultraviolet rays, important nutrients and moisture inside the hair are lost. The main component of hair is the protein keratin. In addition, beautiful hair is created by maintaining a balance of lipids and moisture.
When the cuticle is peeled off and this balance is disrupted, the hair becomes dry to the touch, breakage, and split ends.
Hair also contains melanin, a pigment that protects hair from UV rays. Excessive UV rays accelerate the decomposition of melanin pigment. This can cause your black hair to turn brown or cause your hair color to fade.
hair is wavy
Recent research has shown that UV rays can also cause hair to become frizzy. When exposed to UV rays, the cuticle that protects the surface of your hair falls off, and the bonds that connect the proteins inside your hair break. The hair is then distorted and the bonds are regenerated, creating frizz.
In other words, when your hair becomes distorted after being exposed to UV rays, the irregular waves become unintentionally fixed. This seems to be similar to how you get a perm at a beauty salon. Have you taken care of your hair’s sun damage? Was it effective? We asked women who had experienced sunburn on their hair, “What precautions did you take after getting sunburned?”
*The first place was “thorough treatment” with 52 people*. There is a big difference compared to other measures and treatments.
Instead of getting a hair cut or going to a beauty salon for treatments, many women seem to be trying to take care of themselves at home.
However, only 13 people* actually felt the effects.
Sunburned hair will never come back! Prevention is the key to maintaining beautiful hair
photo by PIXTA
Hair does not have the same repair function as skin, so once it is damaged, it will not return to its original state. *
This is because the cuticle does not have a self-repair function like the body’s cells.
Therefore, once it falls off, there is no way to revive it.
There are limits to how much care you can take after getting sunburned, so daily care is the most important thing to protect your beautiful hair.
That’s why* Take care and take measures to prevent damage to your hair. * Spend the summer keeping in mind three points to protect your beautiful hair. 1. UV protection when going out
The amount of UV rays you receive when you go out for a day is surprisingly high. Be sure to wear a parasol and hat to block the strong summer sun.
There are also many sunscreens that can be used directly on your hair and scalp. Find the perfect item for your hair type and occasion, such as mist type, oil type, cream type, etc.
2. Moisture and hydration are important
Just like your skin, it is important to keep your hair moisturized and moisturized.
Items that provide UV protection and moisturizing care are convenient. Moisturize and properly moisturize your hair that has become dry due to sun exposure.
3. Dry your hair immediately after washing
After washing your hair, it is important to dry it as quickly as possible using a towel or hair dryer instead of leaving it alone. If you leave your hair wet, the cuticle will remain open and the moisture will be taken away from your hair, making it dry.

Also, be careful not to leave your hair wet when you go out, as UV rays can more easily penetrate into your hair.
Wet hair is also a breeding ground for bacteria. After washing your hair, wipe it dry with a towel and carefully dry it with a hair dryer from roots to ends.
A new shampoo that protects your hair from UV damage is now available from the natural hair care brand cocone!
The survey found that many women experience sunburn and damage to their hair. Once hair is damaged, it is difficult to restore it. If you don’t know what to do to protect yourself from sunburn, or think it’s a pain to take precautions, the first thing you should do is review your shampoo*
Would you like to try it?
New product from natural hair care brand “cocone”* “cocone clay cream shampoo repair”*
is a shampoo specially developed to protect hair from damage caused by UV rays and heat.
Based on the concept of “intensely repairing damaged hair to make it supple and soft”* Specializing in damage repair*
. Contains 8 types of natural oils derived from plants, including tamanu oil, also known as “natural sunscreen,” to protect your hair from UV rays, heat, and dryness.
Cocone Clay Cream Shampoo’s all-in-one 8-in-one shampoo leaves your hair moisturized, smooth, and soft. With daily shampoo*
It provides UV care*, so you can save time and save time.
Let’s have a fun summer by taking proper sun protection with “cocone Clay Cream Shampoo Repair”!
Product introduction
Product name: cocone clay cream shampoo repair
Price: Regular purchase 3,780 yen (tax included)
Sales location: Official website **
■Official Instagram page:

Company Profile
Company name: Hagukumi Plus Co., Ltd.
Location: 7th floor, High Hills, 1-5-6 Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Representative: Representative Director Shohei Yamamura
Business overview: Sales of health foods and cosmetics and related products URL: **

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