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Home » Central Publishing Co., Ltd. Medical information magazine Monthly “Central” July 2024 issue Opening interv iew Tsuguya Fukui Chairman, Postgraduate Clinical Training Evaluation Organization / Central OPINION Tatsumi Ando Chairm an, Tokyo Metropolitan

Central Publishing Co., Ltd. Medical information magazine Monthly “Central” July 2024 issue Opening interv iew Tsuguya Fukui Chairman, Postgraduate Clinical Training Evaluation Organization / Central OPINION Tatsumi Ando Chairm an, Tokyo Metropolitan

Central Publishing Co., Ltd.
Medical information magazine Monthly “Central” July 2024 issue Opening interview Tsuguya Fukui Chairman of Postgraduate Clinical Training Evaluation Organization/Central OPINION Tatsumi Ando Chairman of Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital Organization and others
~Notice of publication of the latest issue of the monthly “Intensive”, a compass for hospital managers~
The monthly magazine “Central” published by Central Publishing Co., Ltd. is an annual subscription magazine that disseminates a wide range of information on medicine, politics, economics, etc. for hospital managers, medical professionals, and executives of medical-related companies.
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[Image 2:×2725.jpg] Opening interview
Tsuguya Fukui, Chairman of the NPO Postgraduate Clinical Training Evaluation Organization, Director of Tokyo Medical University Ibaraki Medical Center Hospital
Committed to improving and improving the quality of medical care in Japan – Third-party evaluation of clinical training hospitals becomes an “obligation to make efforts” – Art in Hospital
・Asaka Hospital – Thoughts for a cohesive society in art
Report of the 78th “Meeting for Thinking about the Future of Medical Care in Japan”
What is the current state and challenges of Japan’s medical system as seen by researchers who carried out university reform?
Roger Goodman Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford, President of St. Anthony’s College Intensive Opinion
Tatsumi Ando Chairman, Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital Organization, Local Independent Administrative Agency
What are the results of the two years since the Tokyo metropolitan hospital became independent? Improved management by leveraging economies of scale CONTENTS
・The current location of a “declining nation” reflected in the slush money scandal
・Can stable supply of generic drugs be achieved within 5 years? ・Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Watching Shaking Pension No. 3 System Abolition Theory ・Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Personnel Watch: The
behind-the-scenes details of the personnel affairs of the Children and Families Agency executives that you can’t take your eyes off of now. ・Political world search Prime Minister Kishida, a heavy drinker, refrains from deep conspiracy of slurping
・Rarity value of child psychiatrists
・The adult guardianship system was born with the introduction of the long-term care insurance system.
Unconfirmed information
・Is it appropriate to relax the requirements for taking the care manager exam? ・What does the future hold for the rapidly increasing number of physical therapists?
New series
・Rules for insurance medical treatment: Aiming to provide safe and high-quality medical care
・Me and Medicine Tsuyoshi Watanabe President/Director of New Heart Watanabe International Hospital, Tokyo Medical Association Medical Corporation
・A bag of legal wisdom that can be used in management Kiyonari Inoue, Director, Inoue Law Office, lawyer
・Seeing the doctor as a patient
Kaori Yamamoto Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist/Part 2
Asako Tsukazaki Journalist
・Rokuro Hama’s Clinical Side Effect Notes Representative,
Pharmaceutical Vigilance Center (Medicine Check)
・Our recommendation Byakune/Ristorante Kubotsu
・Global Perspective on Japanese Medicine Toshiki Mano Professor, Chuo University Graduate School, Specially Appointed Professor, Tama University Graduate School, Physician
・My overseas study experience Hidehiro Mizusawa, Special Assistant to the President, Honorary President, National Center for Psychiatry and Neurology
・Patient’s Feelings Doctor’s Heart Rika Kayama Psychiatrist, Mukawa Town National Health Insurance Hobetsu Clinic Deputy Director ・Fuyuri Tachiki’s “Star Fortune Diagnosis”
・Book review
・The latest information on the “dark side of mental health care” Mitsunobu Sato Journalist
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] What is the monthly medical information magazine “Intensive”? We are proud of our readership, which specializes in medical professionals such as hospital managers, directors, and hospital directors, as well as doctors, and provide information on domestic and international politics, economics, society, and hospital management strategies, welfare administration, and trends in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. This is a comprehensive medical information magazine that covers even cultural information. Because it is a direct sales method using a regular subscription, it cannot be purchased at general bookstores.
[Media overview]
Media name: Medical Confidential
List price: Annual subscription fee 18,000 yen (1,500 yen per book including tax)
Size: B5 size
Release date: End of every month
[Application for regular subscription]
About Central Publishing Co., Ltd.
○Publication of medical information magazine “Central”
Publishes the monthly magazine “Medical Confidential” (launched in April 2008). Provide useful information to medical professionals and managers of medical-related companies, and disseminate information from medical institutions, etc. others,
・Publication planning, production, and consulting
・Advertisement planning, advertising agency business
・Consulting regarding health and medical information and management ・Holding and management of symposiums and seminars, etc.
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In 2018, we started Japan-UK medical exchanges with the University of Cambridge, UK. As the “University Cambridge Japan Consulting Supervisor”, he provides educational programs and study abroad support. Cambridge office opened on August 26, 2022.
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