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For small and medium-sized enterprises Start accepting grants and commercialization support of up to 80 million yen

[For small and medium-sized enterprises] Start accepting grants and commercialization support of up to 80 million yen

*View in browser* *Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion
Corporation, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation*
Press release: June 30, 2024
*Dear one*
[For small and medium-sized enterprises] Start accepting grants and commercialization support of up to 80 million yen
*Currently accepting applications until August 6th (Tuesday)* Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Corporation (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Nakanishi)
Mitsuru) will begin accepting applications for the “TOKYO Strategic Innovation Promotion Project,” which will provide grants of up to 80 million yen for research and development expenses to small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo. Application entries will be accepted until August 6th (Tuesday).
* [What is TOKYO Strategic Innovation Promotion Project]*
This project is a subsidy project that supports small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo to develop innovative technologies and products based on the “Innovation Map” based on their own core technologies (strengths) and by utilizing external knowledge and know-how. . Venture companies and start-up companies can also apply.

* [5 points] *
* 1. Grant up to 80 million yen*
Applications for both new development and improved development are possible. It is also possible to divide the development stage and pay the subsidy in installments according to the progress of each stage.

* 2. Covers a wide range of expenses*
This covers raw material costs, labor costs, industrial property rights application costs, advertising costs, etc.

* 3. Hands-on support during project implementation*
Collaboration coordinators with experience supporting product development and commercialization will provide accompanying support for technology development, intellectual property utilization, market development, etc.

* 4. After-sales follow-up after project completion (up to 1 year) * Depending on the progress of commercialization, specialized advisors will continue to support marketing, market development, etc.

* 5. Flexible response to environmental changes*
In order to respond to changes in the environment surrounding technology and product development, we have established a system that allows us to flexibly change development plans.

* [Requirements for this grant project] (Development content that can be applied for) *
* 1. Compatible with the development support themes listed in the “Innovation Map”*
The nine development support themes defined in the innovation map are as follows.
– Disaster prevention/mitigation/disaster recovery
– Infrastructure maintenance
– Ensuring safety and security
– Sports promotion/Sports for the disabled
– Support for childcare, elderly people, people with disabilities, etc. – Medical/Health
– Environment/Energy/Power saving
– Realization of an international tourism and financial city – Transportation/Logistics/Supply Chain
*2. Includes collaboration with other companies, universities, public research institutes, etc. (utilization of know-how, etc. through outsourcing, outsourcing, and joint research)*
*In-house development is not eligible.

*3. Research and development aiming for early commercialization (generating income through sales, etc.)*

* [TOKYO Strategic Innovation Promotion Project Overview] *
・Small and medium-sized enterprises (companies and sole
proprietorships) who conduct substantial business activities at their head office or branch office in Tokyo, etc.
・Individuals who are specifically planning to start a business in Tokyo

◆Subsidy period
From January 1, 2025 to December 31, 2027 (maximum 3 years)

◆Subsidy limit
80 million yen (minimum amount 15 million yen)

◆Subsidy rate
Within 2/3 of the expenses recognized as eligible for the subsidy

◆Subsidy eligible expenses
Raw materials/auxiliary materials costs,
machinery/equipment/tools/equipment costs, outsourcing/outsourcing costs, expert guidance costs, direct personnel costs,
Standards certification/registration fees, industrial property rights application/introduction fees, exhibition participation fees, advertising fees

-Subsidy will be issued after the project is completed or after confirmation of each development category (deferred payment). ・In order to confirm the development status, we may ask you to explain development-related information to the public corporation from time to time.

Please refer to the recruitment guidelines for detailed requirements.

* 【schedule】*

* [About the briefing session] *
We will hold an online briefing session.
*A URL to participate in the briefing session will be sent to those who have applied.

* ・Innovation Map Seminar (explaining the latest technology trends, measures, areas of interest, etc.) *
1st: July 19th (Friday) 9:30-10:30
2nd session: July 26th (Friday) 13:30-14:30
* ・Subsidy project briefing session (explanation of the subsidy project overview, how to fill out application documents, etc.) * 1st: July 26th (Friday) 15:00-16:30
2nd session: August 6th (Tuesday) 10:30-12:00

* [Click here for application entry] *
Please refer to the special page for application entry procedures and details of the subsidy project.

Special page

*The application entry period is * from Friday, June 28, 2024 to Tuesday, August 6, 2024.
*To use J Grants, you will need to have a “G Biz ID Prime” issued. Please prepare with plenty of time, as the review process will take a certain amount of time.

* [Business introduction video] *

* [Contact information] *
If you have any questions, please contact the person in charge.

Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Corporation, Planning and Management Department, Grants Division
In charge of TOKYO strategic innovation promotion project

Phone: 03-3251-7894・7895
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