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Home » Balance Tech Kyoto Co., Ltd. “Crossing borders and fusion with tradition “pa moja ×GETA LABO”” The cu tting-edge brand of single-toothed geta is “walking together” with a sportswear brand with the theme of African chee rfulness. Start the challenge t

Balance Tech Kyoto Co., Ltd. “Crossing borders and fusion with tradition “pa moja ×GETA LABO”” The cu tting-edge brand of single-toothed geta is “walking together” with a sportswear brand with the theme of African chee rfulness. Start the challenge t

Balance Tech Kyoto Co., Ltd.
“Crossing borders and fusion with tradition “pa moja ×GETA LABO”” The cutting-edge brand of single-toothed geta has started the challenge of “walking together” with a sportswear brand with the theme of African cheerfulness to open up a new future.
We will install “cheerfulness and a spirit of challenge that comes from knowing different cultures” and create a culture of taking on challenges while maintaining good mental and physical health. Africa and Japan will mutually create an environment where each person can “try” including sports.
Based on the philosophy of “creating future possibilities through foot revolution,” we manufacture and sell single-tooth geta that have been rebuilt for modern times, and develop and provide methods to build a strong core from the feet up and extend healthy lifespans. Balance Tech Kyoto Co., Ltd. (Location: Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, Representative Director: Kazuaki Shimada, Brand Name: GETA LABO) aims to create people’s ideal selves based on the theme of “living cheerfully/walking together” in Africa. The sportswear brand pa moja (location: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Aya Tanahara) brings a spirit of challenge that makes you want to take off together towards the future. We have started our efforts.
Starting with the sale of original single-toothed geta made from African cloth, we plan to expand into a variety of fields including sports.
With the vision of “In an era of 100-year lifespans, we will create a society where people can stay healthy forever and challenge their potential through tradition.” We believe that the future will change by wearing shoes, and through support for the health of each person and community and social contribution activities. We will continue to work hard to inherit and develop the traditional culture of Kyoto and Japan, and continue to take on challenges every day with a global perspective, “together” with like-minded colleagues, including those from overseas.
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■Reason for the birth of pa moja
It was born out of the desire to “increase the number of Japanese people who aim for their ideals.”
Sayaka Tanahara, representative of pa moja, worked as a physical education teacher in Tanzania on the African continent as a JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteer. In Africa, I saw a world of cheerful people wearing brightly colored clothes and enjoying fashion without worrying about what anyone else saw. Even when life was difficult, everyone helped each other and lived together, so there was a lot of laughter, and the number of smiling faces was more than double that of Japan.
I started the brand because I thought that if I could bring this African culture to Japan, more Japanese people would be able to live brighter and freer lives.
PA MOJA develops vivid sportswear inspired by Africa, with the theme of “Live cheerfully/Walk together.” With sportswear designed with optimism and cheerfulness, we will remove the limitations of your mind and take a step towards your ideal self. We aim to be a brand that is like a big African family.
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■Why sportswear?
It all started when I fell in love with myself in front of the mirror. While working in Tanzania, she made a dress using kitenge, an African cloth. When I wore the same clothes in Japan, it was so cold that I put on a sportswear jacket and stood in front of a mirror. At that moment, the keywords “sportswear×Africa” ​​came to mind. We decided on sportswear because we thought, “If we make sportswear like this, we can convey the way of life we ​​learned in Africa to everyone in Japan!”
[Image 3:×400.png ]
              pa moja logo mark
The design features a silhouette of an elephant taking a step next to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
■pa moja Representative Director Aya Tanahara Comments
It all started when we met at an event.
I sympathized with GETA LABO’s philosophy of “creating a society where people can stay healthy forever and challenge their potential”, and at the same time,
When I saw the staff checking the data during their free time at the event, I was impressed by how much fun they had and how they couldn’t help but do research.
Because we operate under the philosophy of “Creating athletes full of challenge from the cheerfulness of Africa”,
I think there is some overlap between sports and health, which are also the fields of activity of GETA LABO.
By incorporating Africa’s cheerfulness and different culture, you can expand the world you live in and remove the limitations of your mind. In this way, we will create a culture of taking on challenges while maintaining physical and mental health. I think that not only is it “cheerfulness x sports,” but also that the fusion of traditional Japanese geta can attract interest from around the world.
Part of our activities is to continue communicating various challenges and igniting fire in the people watching. Pamoja means “together” in Swahili. With the theme of “Let’s take a step forward together. Let’s move forward together,” we strive to be a brand like a big African family.
I’m so excited about meeting GETA LABO and the challenges ahead that I can almost hear my heart beating!
I am filled with gratitude for being able to work with you on this exciting project!
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After living in China (Tianjin) for three and a half years when I was an elementary school student, I began to feel attracted to foreign countries. After immersing himself in baseball for 12 years, after graduating from university, he worked as a physical education teacher and baseball coach in Tanzania, Africa, as part of the JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. He started his business at the age of 23 because he was forced to return home due to the new coronavirus and wanted to “still be connected to Africa.” Established pa moja, a brand that brings the brightness of Africa to sportswear.
We produce and sell flashy sportswear that expresses the brightness and way of life of Africa.
When I saw African people living happy and cheerful lives even when life was difficult, I received the message, “Isn’t it okay to be more selfish?” This African way of life became his roots and he chose to live as a “challenger”.
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Click here to learn more about Mr. Tanahara
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■“GETA LABO” single-tooth geta, a fusion of “sports science” and “traditional technology”
Based on the concept of “the future changes by wearing it,” we manufacture and sell “GETA LABO” single-tooth geta and develop methods based on evidence obtained through repeated research with experts in various fields.・We are providing.
Ipponha geta, a traditional footwear with a history of over 1000 years, is supported to the maximum potential hidden in the body by collaborating with experts in various fields such as athletes, university research institutes, and craftsmen. We are proposing this as “GETA LABO”, a brand of balanced geta with a new sensation. Our products have been used to train top athletes such as J-League soccer teams, professional basketball teams, and professional baseball players. It has also been introduced in various fields such as the entertainment industry, the beauty industry, and even education and welfare.
We hope that people who want to further support their motor functions, as well as those who want to incorporate Ipponha Geta as a familiar item in their daily lives, will contribute to supporting the health of many people from the ground up. .
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■“Let’s take a step together / Walk together” A new initiative of GETA LABO starting with pa moja
In a new initiative we are starting with pa moja, we will be launching the PREMIUM CARE Pa moja model, an original pair of single-toothed geta with brightness and power that incorporates African fabrics into the dress, on July 15th ( It will be on sale from Monday). We are also considering reaching out to people beyond national borders, taking advantage of our interactions with athletes and others with African roots.
In order to deliver “cheerfulness and a spirit of challenge that comes from knowing different cultures,” we will eventually reach more people by incorporating cultures from all over the world, rather than focusing on African fabrics. I’m coming.
“Through our “manufacturing” in Kyoto, we want to deliver the “possibilities” and “inspiration” of single-toothed geta brought to you by “sports science” and “traditional techniques” to as many people as possible!” Our company has. We value relational capital in the various interactions that come from sports, and are not only suitable for athletes and people who want to further improve their athletic abilities, but also for those who have never worn Ipponha geta before. We believe that by being able to exercise while wearing shoes, we can contribute to solving various social issues.
The fusion of “sports science” and “traditional techniques” and the new installation of African “cheerfulness” will lead to local activities, interaction with children, and environmental conservation both here in my hometown of Kyoto and in Africa. Our company will participate in various activities such as social activities and helping solve social issues, and will do our best to create a better future. The importance of traditional industries, the wearing of nostalgic geta can create various connections within the local community, and the idea is being used in a wide range of fields, including the growth of children who have a lot of future potential, including athletes, and approaches to healthy life expectancy for the elderly. By working together, we will spread the wonders of Kyoto and African “sports” and “traditional techniques” from Japan to the world.
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■Comment from Kazuaki Shimada, Representative Director of Balance Tech Kyoto Co., Ltd. (GETA LABO)
Based on the philosophy of “creating future possibilities through revolution at our feet,” we are moving forward every day to fulfill our mission of nurturing people’s potential and health and creating the future.
Now, with the mission of “increasing the number of confident challengers around the world,” pa moja is delivering a spirit of challenge that makes you want to embrace confidence and fly together towards your ideal self through its vivid products. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to co-create with you.
Through the smiles, unity, and spirit of challenge of people in Africa, Aya is thinking about creating a society where people can live brighter and more freely in Japan, and is trying to connect people beyond culture and tradition and create new value. I was impressed by their thoughts and decided to take on the challenge “together.” Through this collaboration, I hope that Africa’s culture of “living cheerfully/walking together” will ignite the Japanese spirit of Yamato, and encourage even one more person to raise their aspirations and challenge their own potential. By deepening mutual interaction, interest in a wide variety of themes such as “tradition,” “culture,” “sports,” “health,” “education,” and “environment” will emerge, and by connecting these keywords, We will work to create new possibilities that never existed before.
■Product overview
●Product name:
PREMIUM CARE -pa moja model-
●Size range:
・M size (15.0-23.5cm)
・L size (24.0-28.0cm)
●Sales method:
Sales are scheduled to begin on July 15th (Monday) at the pa moja official online store.
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[Image 15:×960.jpg] ■Brand overview
●Brand name: pa moja
●HP (Shop URL):
●TEL: 090-6329-8577 *Please refrain from making sales calls as this is a customer-only number.
●Business hours: 9:00-18:00
●Regular holidays: Irregular holidays
●Representative person: Aya Tanahara
1-31 Yamada Higashi, Suita City, Osaka 565-0821
■Company overview
●Company name: Balance Tech Kyoto Co., Ltd. (Brand name: GETA LABO) ●HP:
●Online shop:
1. STORES store:
2. Tsukutuku store:
●Representative Director: Kazuaki Shimada
Mars Riviere 1F, 4-465-5 Shinmachi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture ●Established: April 2023
●X (old Twitter):
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