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CLOViZ Co., Ltd. Notice of establishment of CLOViZ Co., Ltd.

[CLOViZ Co., Ltd.] Notice of establishment of CLOViZ Co., Ltd.
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Press release: June 30, 2024
Notice of establishment of CLOViZ Co., Ltd.
*~Eliminating the barrier between “learning” and “playing” with AI technology~* * We are pleased to announce that CLOViZ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Sotaro Masaki,
hereinafter referred to as “CLOViZ”) was established in May 2024. * * ■ Background of establishment *
CLOViZ was born from the desire to create an experience in which “while playing, I was learning.”

The company name CLOViZ incorporates CLOVER (♧), which means circle of knowledge, and iːz, the phonetic symbol for ease, which represents ease. This represents our philosophy of merging “learning” and “playing.”

Our company’s founding stemmed from discussions about the future of artificial intelligence and education between young researchers from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. In particular, the original idea of ​​applying incomplete information game theory to education was the driving force behind our founding.

We focus on the educational potential of games and utilize our proprietary AI technology to provide new learning experiences that go beyond the framework of traditional education. You can continue learning because it’s fun, and by continuing to do so, you can achieve learning that is optimized for each individual. Through dialogue with AI, we will create an environment where you can learn over and over again without hesitation.

CLOViZ aims to be more than just a learning tool. Our goal is to create an experience where anyone can acquire high-quality knowledge and skills while having fun, anytime, anywhere. Along with this mission, we will pursue new ways of learning and playing, and contribute to the future of education.

* ■ Representative and member introduction*
Members who are well-versed in various fields of AI and business will gather to take on projects that leverage their diverse experience and expertise.

*Representative Director and CEO: Sotaro Masaki*
Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Law. On Nippon Television Broadcasting Network, “Nizi
Producing new IP and business development such as “Project” business and stage/music live business. In addition, face-to-face education business is being operated in more than 20 locations nationwide.

* COO: Taiki Kiji*
Joined a foreign consulting firm as a new graduate and supported the promotion of large-scale system development. After that, he worked as the youngest business manager at a domestic startup business company and led the launch of multiple products.

*Director: Hiroshi Goto*
Department of Technology Management Strategy, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo / TBS “Todaioh” (2021.4~) / Mr. Tokyo University 2023 Grand Prix /
Has won 3 events at JOPT

*Tech Lead / AI Engineer: Toshiki Obata*
Belongs to Tsuruoka Laboratory, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo / Engaged in research on game AI and natural language algorithms / Former president of the University of Tokyo Poker Group

* Business development lead: Kanji Endo *
University of Tsukuba, College of Information Studies, Department of Information and Media Innovation / Research on poker strategies, mainly MIX games, and publish a lot of information via notes / Active as a full-time poker player overseas

*Business development: Ryuki Ota*
Affiliated with the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Hosei University / Engaged in research in mathematical finance and machine learning / Experienced in winning overseas tournaments

*Business development: Kazuki Takao*
Belongs to the Faculty of Business Administration, Hosei University / Majors in Statistics and Econometrics / Has won multiple domestic tournaments / Belongs to the University of Tokyo Poker Group

* Engineer: Ryotaro Himono*
Affiliated with the University of Tokyo’s College of Arts and Sciences / Vice-chairman of the University of Tokyo’s Poker Group / Planned to enter the Faculty of Engineering

*Engineer: Souta Kamimi*
Member of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo / Current Chairman of the University of Tokyo Poker Group / Active as an engineer at multiple companies

* Engineer: Naoya Hanzawa*
Belongs to the University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering / Belongs to the University of Tokyo Poker Group / Active in overseas tournaments

* ■Business details*
Development and management of learning products Focusing on the educational potential of mental sports such as poker, we are working on developing innovative poker learning products based on the concept of “learning while having fun.” Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we provide an experience optimized for each individual learner. You can acquire knowledge and skills naturally, just as if you were playing.
Coaching ServicesIn order to further deepen what you have learned digitally and acquire practical skills, we offer online coaching services and event opportunities. Our experienced instructors provide detailed instruction tailored to each student. We will delve deeper into tips for putting knowledge to practical use and applied learning content.

* ■ Company profile *
Name: CLOViZ Co., Ltd.
Location: 6F, DF Building, 2-2-8 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: May 7, 2024
Representative Director: Sotaro Masaki

* ■ Contact information regarding this matter *
CLOViZ Co., Ltd.

* ■Recruitment information*
CLOViZ is creating an innovative educational platform that utilizes AI and imperfect information game theory to realize the vision of “When you’re playing, you’re learning.” If you are interested in the intersection of technology and education, are creative and willing to take on challenges, and want to transform the learning experience for people around the world, we encourage you to apply.

-List of job openings-
Front-end engineer: Open position:
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