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COUNTER Co., Ltd. Notice of start of reservation for “Generated AI interview article creation agency” serv ice

Announcement of start of reservation for “Generated AI interview article creation agency” service
From July 1, 2024 (Monday), we will start taking advance reservations for the generative AI interview article creation agency service. ……
COUNTER Inc. (hereinafter referred to as COUNTER) and Leograph Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Leograph) have jointly developed a service called “Generated AI Interview Article Creation Agency” and are pleased to announce that reservations will begin. This service uses generation AI and a speaker identification program to generate interview articles at high speed just by inputting audio.
[Image:×844.jpg] Background of service provision
Recently, the number of article creation services that utilize generation AI has increased rapidly, and companies have begun to utilize generation AI for content production. As a result, we are seeing more generated AI content in search results.
We have incorporated the know-how of generating AI interview articles as a new function into POPLOG, which we operate, and are now offering it as a service for producing interview articles.
Since Google tends to highly value the originality of article content, we believe that our service will contribute to improving the E-EAT of corporate websites.
Service release time
Advance offer
Starting from Monday, July 1, 2024
book offer
Starts from Thursday, August 1, 2024
About the “Generated AI interview article creation agency” service Specifically, it is an interview article production service that utilizes POPLOG*1, a generative AI writing tool operated by our company.
Just by loading the interview audio into the system, it will identify the speaker and generate interview manuscripts sorted by speaker. This service uses POPLOG to automate and deliver the planning, interview response, filming, and writing tasks involved in interview article production.
*1: Generative AI writing tool jointly developed with COUNTER Co., Ltd. and Leograpgh Co., Ltd.
There are two plans for each.
1. POPLOG tool usage plan
This plan is only for account use of the generative AI writing tool POPLOG. You can create a set number of interview articles within a month (only available to companies that meet the usage conditions at a hearing after making an inquiry).
2. Generated AI article production plan
We will create the interview plan, cover the interview, shoot, write, and deliver the article content. It is possible to create articles at a lower cost than creating regular interview article content. ▼Click here for service inquiries
About the alliance
COUNTER Co., Ltd. would like to collaborate with digital marketing support companies. If you are a company with the following solutions, please feel free to contact us.
1. Web advertising operation
3. SNS operation
4. Content/video production
5. Marketing education services
▼Click here for inquiries
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Established: January 2024
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