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Home » BANSEI INSIDE LLC Plant Catalyst (R)︎ The number of construction companies and handling companies exceeds 100, expanding collaboration with housing experts

BANSEI INSIDE LLC Plant Catalyst (R)︎ The number of construction companies and handling companies exceeds 100, expanding collaboration with housing experts

[Plant Catalyst(R)︎] The number of construction companies and handling companies exceeds 100, and collaboration with housing experts is expanding
~ Health and imagination!・An innovation for a healthy society that will amaze the world by protecting the body from oxidation.
From Healthy Homes to Aging Care Houses (R)︎ (Anti-Aging Homes) Achieving indoor air quality that makes your body happy and a space that rejuvenates your body by “protecting your body from oxidation and reducing indoor chemicals”
BANSEI INSIDE LLC (Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama City; Representative: Shinji Miyagawa), which operates the sole distributor of plant catalysts for BANSEI plant-extracted functional materials (100% plant materials, origin: Japan), is addressing social issues related to indoor air quality in homes. In order to solve the problem, we have been developing the project mainly in the Kanto region, with the aim of creating a home that protects the body from oxidation, using the knowledge, insight and experience of housing experts who can consult on plant catalyst implementation, but in the Hokuriku region.・As of the end of June 2022, there were over 100 companies in the Chubu, Kansai, and Kyushu regions that can provide plant catalyst
implementation and consultation.
Why plant catalysts are needed
[Measures against indoor chemical substances]
Concerning the “new construction odor” that occurs during new construction or after remodeling or renovating used properties, we have verified whether or not there is an odor after construction due to plant catalyst construction, which is mainly made from plant materials, and found that it is odorless. We obtained evidence of the test results in December 2023, but since then we have continued to conduct repeated incidents and research. There are several companies that handle vinyl cloth, so we repeatedly test all of our products. In addition, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Consumer Affairs Agency, as well as other prefectures and
municipalities across the country, are promoting awareness and enlightenment, such as “Let’s review the chemical substances in our homes.” There has been an increase in inquiries regarding plant catalyst installation due to increased awareness of the potential harm caused by plant catalysts.
[Image 1:×766.png ]
[Measures to protect the body from oxidation]
Nowadays, after the spread of infectious diseases, awareness and knowledge about health has increased. Just by living and breathing, we can protect the body from oxidation, decompose and detoxify chemical substances floating in the indoor air, and make it possible to “always feel good”. We will support the creation of an environment where you can live in.
Even in TV commercials, health foods and supplements use statements such as “your cells are rusty” and skin care products include “rinsing away oxidized stains”, while informational programs use statements such as “sore throat” caused in part by people wearing masks for a long time.・The topics of “oxidation, aging, and rust in the body” have become such hot topics that a special feature on the aging of the throat has been created with doctors included.
Our company’s slogan is “Sumimaruto Aging Care,” and we take measures to improve indoor air quality to protect the body from oxidation, which cannot be done on the go, as well as oral care, bath powder, bed mattresses, bedding, synthetic fibers (curtains and interior decoration), etc. We are proposing a lifestyle centered on products that have been shown to reduce oxidative effects on the body and reduce oxidative effects on the body, and we are working on proposals that allow you to imagine how you can protect your body from oxidation in your home and life. .
[Image 2:×696.png ]
[Mechanism of plant catalysts]
A product containing plant catalyst function is applied to ceilings, walls, floors, etc., and the chemical and oxidizing substances floating in the indoor air are decomposed and rendered harmless by the plant reducing power of the plant catalyst, and the decomposed and rendered harmless air is left with a negative impact. This is the mechanism by which electrons are charged.
Humans are constantly breathing and fighting against the active oxygen they produce. We are concerned about the effects of oxidation not only on the indoor air but also on the body, so in order to take care of it as much as possible, we use products other than building materials to maximize the oxidation and oxidative stress on the body in our homes. We are working on research and demonstration experiments with product manufacturers to reduce this.
[Building materials containing plant catalysts]
⒈ Wallpaper (vinyl cloth) surface construction products ⒉ Interior paint ⒊Floor coating/⒋Restoration to original condition (dedicated dye coating agent) ⒌Diatomaceous earth, ⒍Stucco, ⒎Japanese paper (under research and development)
[Image 3:×1190.png ]
Power to protect against rust (reducing power of plants) and power to rust (oxidizing power due to synthetic chemicals, etc.)
Based on our management philosophy of “Improving the awareness of reducing the body and how to deal with the synthetic chemicals around us,” we aim to add the added value of plant materials and plant ingredients to the rich and convenient society we live in today, which is surrounded by chemicals. By reducing the use of all chemical products in “clothing, food, and shelter,” we can deliver a rich lifestyle where health is the top priority while protecting the body’s oxidation, and we can leave an ethical culture and a beautiful earth to the next generation of children. I’m working on it. We collaborate with various experts and professionals to develop products that are safe and secure in living spaces (homes and offices) and convey the message that they are harmless and have no harmful effects on the body, but we have come to realize that the effects of oxidation on the human body. We are working to imagine new value and coexist
symbiotically through the fusion of chemical products and plant reducing power.

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