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“Dark color is delicious!” “Sapporo Dark Lemon Sour” new TV commercial to be released from July 1st

Sapporo Holdings
“Dark color is delicious!” “Sapporo Dark Lemon Sour” new TV commercial to be released from July 1st
Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd., a group company of Sapporo Holdings Co., Ltd., will air a new TV commercial for “Sapporo Koime no Lemon Sour” titled “Koi Kara, Delicious!” nationwide from July 1st.
[Image 1:×830.jpg] This brand is characterized by its “strong” flavor that feels like it has been squeezed tightly, and has been well received for its high cost performance due to the strong sour taste of lemon.
The new commercial depicts a scene from the daily life of a “dark” partner played by Ken Yasuda and Noriko Iriyama, enjoying a
deep-seasoned fried chicken called “dark Kara” and a strong lemon sour. Masu. The song uses Hiroshi En’s “Musouka,” so please pay attention to the arrangement that matches the worldview of the commercial.
We will continue to propose new appeals of alcoholic beverages and meet customers’ needs for alcoholic beverages with meals.We will continue to promote the “Sapporo Koime” brand lemon with both RTD (Note 1) and RTS (Note 2). We will continue to offer our customers the unique value of a rich flavor.
(Note 1) Abbreviation for Ready to Drink. A low-alcohol drink that can be drunk straight from the bottle.
(Note 2) Abbreviation for Ready to Serve. An alcoholic beverage that can be enjoyed simply by dipping it with ice or soda.
■CM Overview 1. Title: Dark Lemon Sour Dark color, delicious! Edition 15 seconds 2. Start of broadcast July 1, 2024 *The main part of the commercial will be released on the brand site from 0:00 on July 1, 2024. 3.Contents              It’s delicious! “Dark lemon sour.” This time, we will promote the compatibility between the deeply seasoned fried chicken and the “strong lemon sour” with the title “Dark fried chicken is delicious!” “Dark Kara, Dark Kara,” Mr. Yasuda hums as he comes to the table with fried chicken. Mr. Iriyama enjoys fried chicken with “strong lemon sour.” To the tune of a parody song of “Musouka” that chants “koime, koime” over and over again, a manga frame was used to depict the two eating at a fast pace, and their reactions to the deliciousness were expressed through their own illustrations. 4.CM characters Ken Yasuda, Noriko Iriyama
○CM character
[Image 2: &3=12361-2607-a881CABDF136B52E018C60101035 652F79-252X380.png] [Ken Yasuda]
Born on December 8, 1973. Born in Hokkaido.
Member of the theater unit “TEAM NACS”. Active mainly in movies, television, and stage. As an actor who can play everything from tough roles to unique roles, he has appeared in a number of popular works. Main appearances include the movies “My Love Irene” (’18), “What the hell am I fighting against?” (’21), “From Lageli with Love” (’22), and the drama “Shitamachi Rocket” series (’15/’18), “Servant” (’22), “PICU Pediatric Intensive Care Unit” (’22), “18/40 ~ Dreams and Love for Two People ~” (’23), Examples include “Ooku” (’24). The movie “Eternal Sakura” in which she appeared is currently being released.
[Image 3:×555.jpg] [Noriko Iriyama]
Born on August 1, 1985. Born in Saitama Prefecture.
She started modeling as soon as she entered university, and made her full-fledged debut as an actress in 2006. Since then, he has appeared in various dramas, movies, and plays.
Main appearances include the movies “Happy Flight” (’08), “SP Ambition Hen/Kakumei Hen” (’10), “My Little Monster” (’18), “Tenjo no Hana” (’22), Dramas “You Are My Pet” (’17), “Ale” (’20), “Yuki Onna to Eating Crab” (’22), “Ranman”, “My Lawyer Takes Care” (’23), “In-Hospital Police” ” (’24).
In addition, he is scheduled to appear on NHK BS Premium 4K “Mother’s Waiting Village” broadcast on Friday, August 16, 2024 and Friday, August 23, 2024 from 20:15 to 21:44.
She is also scheduled to appear in a series of dramas starting in the fall. ○Sapporo Dark Lemon Sour Brand Site
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