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E-learning “Supokare” new content “Utilization of records” for staff at support facilities for people wi th disabilities

NPO Human Resources Development Organization
E-learning “Supokare” new content “Utilization of records” for staff at support facilities for people with disabilities
~Information about content distributed in July of e-learning “Supokare” for welfare service facilities with disabilities~ ……
NPO Human Resources Development Organization (Chairman: Masao Mizutani, Headquarters: Tokyo), which operates e-learning “Supporters College (Supokare):” for support workers working at welfare service facilities for people with disabilities. Shinjuku Ward) has created new training content.

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Overview The e-learning “Supporters College (Sapokare)” for support workers working in welfare service facilities for people with disabilities will be distributed in July. )”is. There are a wide variety of records in welfare support facilities, including those related to users such as daily support records and individual support plans, those related to business management such as business diaries and staff meeting minutes, and those related to billing management such as utilization records. It can be said that the Normally, it would be desirable to review these records regularly, but the current situation is that we are so busy with our daily work that we are not able to make full use of the records. This time, with the theme of “utilization of records,” we will consider understanding the entire “records” of welfare facilities and the interlocking of records. Please take a look. Lecture: Tetsuya Shiyamauchi Social Welfare Corporation Musashino-kai Lian Bunkyo General Facility Director From new content
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] ◆Part 1: “Record Utilization” We will explain what records are in the support process at welfare facilities, their basic system, and provide an easy-to-understand explanation of the purpose of records and key points for their use.

[Image 3:×1080.jpg] ◆Second “Utilization of Individual Support Plans and Records” Lectures will be given on the relationship between individual support plans and support records, the importance of linking service usage plans and individual support plans, and key points for utilizing records. .

[Image 4:×1080.jpg] ◆3rd Session: “Assessment and Utilization of Records” We will look back on what assessment is and give a lecture on the importance of records in the process of understanding users’ thoughts and
surrounding situations. We will also explain the use of conceptual model frames (iceberg model, ABC analysis, etc.). →Click here for “Utilization of records” from the production staff When users use a business office, we conduct an initial interview and record intake records. leave behind. If a contract is reached, a contract will be required, and assessments, individual support plans, and monitoring will be required. Daily support records are also recorded in daily and monthly reports, and staff meetings and committee meetings are also held to share information. If you think about it in this way, I think it will lead to the management committee and board of directors, as well as the annual business report, next year’s business plan, and the company’s medium- to long-term plans. If you consider that the record of your first meeting with a user will lead to a corporation’s future plans, you can reaffirm its importance. We hope that you will take a look at it and use it as a reference for your daily support and work. →Click here for “Using records”
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[Summary of Supporters College] “Supporters College (Supporters College)” is an online training service (e-learning) for all employees working at support facilities for people with disabilities, from newcomers to facility managers and management. Planned human resource development at facilities supporting people with disabilities, centered on weekly “15-minute web lectures” and “Live seminars” where employees from various corporations and facilities learn from each other through connections via an internet conference system. , and aim to improve the “job satisfaction” and “support ability” of people working at support facilities for people with disabilities nationwide. How to use The weekly web lectures can be taken by as many people as you like for an annual tuition fee of 165,000 yen (tax included). Unlike general e-learning, there is no tuition fee per person. Any number of people at the same facility can take the course, so all employees, regardless of employment status (full-time or part-time), can take the course and view it from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. In addition, you can use up to 5 facilities at no additional charge, so you can provide educational opportunities to your employees regardless of the size of your company, such as financial size or number of employees. *For 6 offices and above, there will be an additional 11,000 yen (tax included) per office per year. *When signing a contract, an initial registration fee of 11,000 yen (tax included) will be charged.
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→Click here for “Supporters College” the NPO Human Resources Development Organization The NPO Human Resources Development Organization provides support to staff working at support facilities for people with disabilities while they are in the field of support. By providing opportunities to enhance the knowledge and skills required in the field and deepen the mission of welfare for people with disabilities, we will foster a sense of job satisfaction and pride in each and every employee, and contribute to the industry as a whole. We aim to improve our services and social status. We also aim to help companies hire people with disabilities. We would like to ask for your understanding and support of the purpose of “Supporters College (Supporters College),” and we would like to invite as many corporations and facilities as possible to participate. [Company Profile] Organization name: NPO Human Resources Development Organization Address: 4th floor, Yuki Building, 2-4 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0825 Representative: Masao Mizutani, Chairman Established: May 2000 Month (certified by Tokyo)Tel: 03-5206-7831Fax: 03-5206-7883
[Image 8:×106.jpg] URL: Business content: Welfare service third-party evaluation business, social network business, live learning business (e-learning for disabled welfare service facilities) Qualification: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Welfare Services Evaluation Promotion Organization “Welfare Service Third-Party Evaluation Agency” (Organization 02-005) ●Supporters College URL: and operation cooperation/Learning Square Co., Ltd. (https://learning2.
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[Contact information regarding this matter] Company name: NPO Human Resources Development Organization TEL: 03-5206-7831Email:

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