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NSG Group A&D International Art & Design College Recruiting works for the 6th Edico Illustration Contest! !

NSG Group
[A&D International Art & Design College] Recruiting works for the 6th Edico Illustration Contest! !
Last year, we received over 680 entries from all over the country! ……
The NSG Group’s Kokusai Sogo Gakuen A&D International Art & Design College in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture is holding the 6th “Edico Illustration Contest 2024” following last year! We are currently recruiting works.
[Image 1:×1788.png ]
Last year, more than 680 entries were submitted from all over the country, and the winners received certificates and supplementary prizes, and the grand prize winner in the illustration category (for high school students) received a Wacom pen tablet.
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] Ediko is the official character of the International College of Art and Design, and is a girl who loves music, illustrations, and games. “Cute” is her favorite phrase. Itsuka Kisaragi, who graduated from the same school’s comic illustration department and currently works as an illustrator, was in charge of the design.
[Recruitment department]
1. Coloring section: For elementary school students, middle school and high school students
Coloring the designated “International College of Art & Design Official Character” coloring material
2. Illustration category: For junior high school students and high school students
Derivative illustration based on “International College of Art & Design Official Character”
3. Theme illustration category: For ages 22 and under
Derivative illustrations based on the “International College of Art & Design Official Characters” and in line with the theme.
Theme: Twinkle
[Image 3:×827.jpg ]
coloring line drawing
The following will be awarded for each category and target.
Grand Prize: 1 item/Certificate + Supplementary Prize
Excellence Award: 5 points/Certificate + Supplementary Prize Honorable mention: 10 points/Certificate + Edico goods
The following will be selected from among the applicants in the coloring/illustration category.
Koriyama Mayor’s Award: 1 item/book coupon worth 10,000 yen
School awards: 2 schools / certificates
Jury Award: 6 points/Special Message
[Recruitment period]
Must arrive between Friday, May 31, 2024 and Friday, November 29, 2024 【Application method】
1. Download the application form from the special page
2. Fill out the application form with your work, paste it on the back of your work, and mail it to the secretariat.
3. Application completed
*For other details, please check the special page below.
We also provide free illustration instruction for groups of elementary school to junior high school students.
[Image 4:×1754.jpg] Kokusai Sogo Gakuen Educational Corporation International College of Art & Design
Location: 2-4-1 Hohachicho, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture Representative name: Yuji Saito
[FSG College League Overview]
Kokusai Sogo Gakuen Educational Corporation FSG College League It consists of 71 departments in 5 schools: International Business Civil Service College, International College of Art & Design, International College of Information Technology, Automobile College, International College of Health, Nursing and Welfare, International College of Beauty & Food, and 1 subject (6 courses) of FSG High School.
Number of graduates from specialized courses: 21,861 (as of June 27, 2024)
[Image 5:×1350.jpg] [NSG Group Overview]
The NSG Group has a wide range of businesses, including education, medical, welfare, and nursing care, as well as health, sports, construction, real estate, food, agriculture, trading companies, advertising agencies, ICT, hotels, apparel, beauty, human resources services, and entertainment. This is a corporate group consisting of 110 companies that operate businesses. Aiming to make each region the “richest and happiest city in the world,” we work from a private perspective to create businesses that revitalize the region, with the keywords of “people,” “peace of mind,” “work,” and “attractiveness.” I’m here.

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